Fox News Voter Fraud Reporting Leaves Out Pertinant Data

For years Fox News has been fear mongering about voter fraud activities that are almost non-existent. Despite their fixation on the subject, they have failed to identify any significant violations in sufficient volume to impact election outcomes. Most of their examples involved registration irregularities that could never have resulted in unlawful votes.

Today Fox News reported on an actual case of attempted voter fraud. However, as usual, it was not a credible attempt that had any real prospects for success. The attempt was thwarted by routine checks and balances and the culprit was arrested. But Fox’s reporting was somewhat incomplete.

Fox News Voter Fraud

That’s right. As reported in the Las Vegas Sun, the culprit is a registered Republican. It was not merely an oversight for Fox to neglect to identify the party affiliation of this fraudulent voter. It is a part of their mission to associate such activity with Democrats. When they reported about ACORN (who were never found to have committed any crime) Fox meticulously noted their association with Democrats and progressive issues. But that attention to detail subsides when the crime is committed by a Republican. And the result of that bias is evident in the comments that can be found on Fox’s web site.

Fox probably regards this as an example of their successful editorial policies. They must be so proud that their audience exhibits such open hostility and racism, not to mention ignorance. And the ignorance is entirely credited to Fox. How can those poor, unsuspecting racists be expected to know that the objects of their insults are Republicans if Fox doesn’t tell them?

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post Prints Racist, Pro-Assassination Cartoon – Again

OK, so the New York Post is a puerile, dishonest, sensationalist rag. But how on earth could anyone have approved this cartoon for publication?

New York Post Racism

You might think that a cartoon depicting President Obama as the bug-eyed prey fleeing fearfully from a stallion-mounted Romney, who is armed to the teeth, would have given a major metropolitan newspaper editor pause. You would be wrong, particularly if the newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch, an ultra-conservative propagandist who will do anything to manipulate an election.

The racist overtones of that cartoon should have been noticeable to anyone who even glanced at it. It practically shouts recollections of slave owners chasing runaway slaves. And even setting aside that repulsive message, the cartoon presents a wholly unsavory theme of violence directed the President.

What could have possessed the editors of the New York Post to publish this offensive garbage? And why hasn’t it stirred more of reaction from the public? If this were an isolated incident it would be bad enough, but three years ago a similarly themed cartoon made it into the pages of the Post:

New York Post Stimulus

And by the way, it was the same cartoonist, Sean Delonas, who did both of these racist, pro-assassination, pictorial diatribes. It is just inconceivable that this sort of thing is considered appropriate and that a paper like the Post can get away with it. There ought to be consequences and, hopefully, the people of New York will impose them.