Trump’s Cult of Republican Voters is Dwindling, but GOP Politicians and Press Remain Spellbound

A year after Donald Trump was evicted from the White House, there are finally some distinct signs that his cadre of glassy-eyed cult followers are tiring of his whining and lie-riddled bombast. Which isn’t surprising because it would take a cast iron gut to tolerate any more of Trump’s self-pity and victimhood.

Donald Trump Messiah

As evidence of Trump’s weakening grip on his doting deplorables, a new poll by Quinnipiac University finds that the formerly fawning flock of Republican faithful are far less infatuated with Trump today than they have been in previous surveys. When asked if they agreed more with Trump or his former VP Mike Pence about whether Pence had the power to short-circuit the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election, an overwhelming majority (72%) of all voters chose Pence.

However, that wasn’t the worst part of the poll results from Trump’s imperial perspective. Included in the nearly three-quarters of voters rejecting Trump was a majority (52%) of Republican voters siding with Pence. Only 36% of GOPers said they agreed with Trump’s utterly unconstitutional attempt to overturn the election. And for good measure, Independents (72%) also took Pence’s side over Trump’s.

Notwithstanding Trump’s malignant narcissism, he is not nearly as beloved by others as he is by himself. He repeatedly, and hysterically, calls himself “your favorite president.” He’s either referring to Biden or Obama, or he’s talking only to Ivanka and Sean Hannity.

The Quinnipiac poll isn’t the only indicator of Trump’s softening support among the American people. A CNN poll earlier this week found that 49% of Republicans don’t want Trump to be the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee. And a Pew Research survey last week found that 67% of the respondents – including 41% of Republicans – said that Trump “bears some or a lot of responsibility for the violence and destruction committed by some of his supporters when they broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

Despite Trump’s rapid descent into the depths of disgrace, he continues to remain popular among his congressional GOP Party apparatchiks and the Trump-fluffing press. The most recent examples of that inbred devotion is how quickly they lined up to peddle the “Durham Nothingburger,” a fallacious legal filing that has been misconstrued to accuse Hillary Clinton and her campaign of spying on Trump.

Fox News shills are as enamored of their Dear Leader as ever. The network buried breaking stories about Trump’s longtime accounting firm disavowing him and a decade of his financial statements. They’ve spent days trying to create a domestic version of the Canadian trucker convoy in order to sabotage the American economy. They flagrantly promote Russian propaganda that conflicts with American foreign policy priorities.

The feverish zealotry with which Fox News, and the Republicans who make their home on its air, slobber over Trump is becoming more disassociated with the American people every day. While the people are withdrawing from the twice-impeached, pathologically lying, crime family boss, and former reality TV game show host, the wingnut press and the GOP elites are embracing him with ever greater fervor. That’s a story of diverging paths that can only have a catastrophic ending.

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