How Stupid is Trump? He’s Bragging that 49% of Republicans Don’t Want Him to Run in 2024 (CNN Poll)

With each new day and damning disclosure, it’s getting more difficult to decipher the dementia exhibited by Donald Trump. As the legal walls close in around him he is becoming noticeably distraught. His outbursts are more outlandish and fraught with fear, incoherent absurdities, and impotent demands.

Donald Trump, Mocking Disability

The past several days have been particularly bad for Trump. He was discovered to have flushed documents down the toilet that the law requires him to preserve. He was thrown under the bus by both Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell. A bogus filing by special counsel John Durham was appropriately ignored by the press. His longtime accounting firm announced that they were ceasing to work for him and that ten years of his financial reports were ‘unreliable.” And even his legal lackey Rudy Giuliani is reported to be fully cooperating with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection.

This avalanche of atrocious news may explain Trump’s curious behavior. On Tuesday morning his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, posted a tweet enthusiastically announcing: “CNN POLL: 51 Percent of Democrats Do NOT Want Joe Biden as the 2024 Nominee”

Let’s just set aside that Trump usually dismisses CNN as “fake news.” At first glance this CNN poll may seem like something that Trump would be thrilled to pass on to his Tweeple. It suggests soft support for Biden in the next presidential election. However, what Trump left out is that the same poll shows that 49% of Republicans don’t want Trump to be the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee. With the poll’s 3.3% margin of error, there is effectively no difference between the Democratic and Republican numbers. So what the heck is he bragging about?

Digging further into the poll finds even worse news for Trump. When the Democrats who said they would prefer a candidate other than Biden were asked why, 31% said it was because they didn’t want him to be reelected. When the same question was asked of the Republicans, 39% said it’s because they don’t want him back in the white House. So there are significantly more Republicans opposed to Trump running in 2024, than there are Democrats opposed to Biden.

Most of the rest of the respondents for both parties were divided among other concerns such as electability or age. It isn’t really surprising that Democrats might be open to candidates other than Biden. Democrats are a diverse community with an abundance of attractive political prospects. Unlike the GOP, they are not a party that is mired in blind idolatry and cult worship.

It’s also notable that, rather than linking to CNN as the source for the poll data, Trump’s tweet linked to the notorious Internet conspiracy crackpot, Gateway Pundit. That’s so that he could control what information was disseminated, how biased it would be presented, and how ignorant he would leave his followers.

That’s how Trump came to embrace a poll whose results proved precisely how unpopular he is within his own party. And it isn’t the first time he’s had this kind of mental meltdown. Just last week Trump boasted about a Pew Research survey that showed that 67% of the respondents – including 41% of Republicans – said that he “bears some or a lot of responsibility for the violence and destruction committed by some of his supporters when they broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

At this rate, Democrats could just sit back and wait for Trump to keep pointing out what a pitiful failure he is, and how much people can’t stand him. But they must not. Democrats still need to take the lead in educating the public and providing positive messaging for the upcoming campaigns in 2022 and 2024. It will take fierce determination and unyielding commitment to defeat the innate disadvantages built into the Electoral College, and to overcome the obstacles that the GOP has been building to suppress the vote. Democrats definitely have their work cut out for them. But it’s still nice of Trump to help them make their case.

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4 thoughts on “How Stupid is Trump? He’s Bragging that 49% of Republicans Don’t Want Him to Run in 2024 (CNN Poll)

  1. The real question is, “How stupid are Repubs, that 51% of them want him to run again in 2024?!?”
    1) God Forbid he should win! —
    What with all the cheats & end runs the Trumpy-GOP has been busy putting in place in multiple States, making sure they can’t lose even if they don’t win! How the hell eould they want Trump back in office after the horrible job he’s done, the damage to everything he has touched & the lies, secrecy, grifting & putting himself above the laws of this nation?!! He has torn the fabric of our nation to shreds!
    2) God Forbid he should lose! — He is the epitome of a POOR Loser! He is a liar, violent traitor & thief. Do those people really want a not-so-civil war in our streets, where they & their children would be among the many bloody bodies, as whole country goes to war, w/o real leadership & their sadistic leader watches it play out on TV, proud of the violence he has caused, as he did on 1/6/21!?!
    If he ran & somehow lost, even with the limitless cheating & fraudulent actions we now know Rethug Party has done & is doing? Are they willing to die & have their loved ones die, for this man who cares NOTHING for anyone but himself & having all power, just to abuse it? Their Party leaders are in it dor the ultimate power trip 100%!
    Again I ask:
    How stupid are these people??!!

  2. It would be so great if Hairplug Himmler would just go away. I am so sick of hearing from him. He is an absolute monster who has done nothing but damage to this country, and he is not finished yet.

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