Fox News Buries Story on Accounting Firm Quitting Trump, Declaring 10 Years of Finances ‘Unreliable’

On Monday Donald Trump’s longtime accounting firm announced that they were discontinuing their association with Trump and disavowing his financial reporting for the past ten years as “unreliable.” This comes as Trump is under investigation by the New York Attorney General for lying about the value of his financial assets.

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The Mazars accounting firm’s unprecedented termination of Trump as a client, along with their notice that ten years of his financial reports “should not be relied on,” is a jaw dropping development. It foretells a financial fiasco for the deeply indebted former reality TV game show host. And it suggests that Mazars is cooperating with legal authorities to provide more incriminating information.

Despite the explosive magnitude of this story, Fox News has completely ignored it. There was no mention of it on any of their primetime programs Monday night. There is still no mention of it on their website. It’s almost as if Fox News is purposefully trying to make the story disappear because it reflects so disastrously on Dear Leader Trump. Ya think?

In place of the Mazars story that would ordinarily dominate the news cycle at a journalistically credible operation, Fox News is relentlessly plugging a story that has absolutely no substantive news value. That story concerns a filing by the flagrantly partisan special counsel, John Durham, that rambles on tediously about an attorney who reported suspicious Internet activity between Trump and Russian computer networks.

Fox News has been completely distorting the Durham Nothingburger to falsely claim that it proves that Hillary Clinton was spying on Trump. There is no truth to that whatsoever, and the filing doesn’t even make that allegation. But that didn’t stop Sean Hannity from fictionalizing the story. He ranted that…

“Here’s where this is even worse than Watergate. Not only did they hack into the opposing campaign and steal material like in the case of Watergate, but then they hacked into the office of the president of this great country, according to Durham’s blockbuster filing late Friday.”

To be clear, no one hacked into Trump’s campaign, and no one stole any materials. Nor did anyone hack into the office of the president, and Durham never alleged that they did. Nevertheless, Trump is furious that other news networks weren’t fooled by Durham’s fact-free deflection. And so is Fox News…

It’s ironic that Fox is so outraged by the media properly passing on the Durham probe fabrications, when they are so flagrantly ignoring the real story about Trump’s financial corruption. It’s just more proof that Fox has never been a news network. And it’s why their audience is so pitifully uninformed, or even worse, misinformed, about everything from the Biden economic boom, to the COVID pandemic, to the 2020 presidential election, and so much more. They are the “New Ignorati.” And that’s exactly how Fox News wants them.

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4 thoughts on “Fox News Buries Story on Accounting Firm Quitting Trump, Declaring 10 Years of Finances ‘Unreliable’

  1. No one hacked into Trump’s campaign & stole material from it… But, those in Trump’s campaign & ass-ociates DID hack into DNC servers & take materials from it without permission. After twisting it into a crap story, they excitedly waved it in the air, proud of their thievery & signature crapola we now know them for.
    So, Shammity got it bass-ackwards, as usual — right story…just switched parties.

    Thanks to FauxNotNews — you’re #1 (middle finger) — millions if Americans actually BELIEVE the biggest bullshit stories & outright lies on MSM! Whether it’s deadly pandemic & vaccines, economic assist from Biden Admin, with (R)s fighting against it, major voter supression in upcoming election by Rethugs… Or Trump getting caught with 15 boxes of illegally taken WH documents (maybe more!?) ~~>> Oh wait – FoxNotNews doesn’t report on real news, like well, real news.
    If they did, those millions of fools would not be so fooled as they have been & we might be able to have public discussion on probs currently facing our nation & work on making this a better place for us all to live! Wow!
    Who knew what true news could do? We knew not all who call themselves “news” are news at all.
    What Fox Spews is Not News!
    And it can, it will kill ya’!

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