Trump is Running for President So He Can Appoint More People He Will Eventually Call Losers

Among the first notable lies that Donald Trump told was that he would always make appointments in his administration from among “all the best people” that he pretended to have personal relationships with. As it turned out, his appointments were notoriously incompetent, unqualified, and utterly unfit for the jobs to which Trump appointed them.

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That assessment of Trump’s appointees is not just criticism from his political foes. Those are Trump’s own opinions of them. The long list of former Trump administration staffers that he has later trashed in the most brutal terms is a stark condemnation of his management skills, or lack thereof. Often he couldn’t recall even knowing the people at the highest levels of his team.

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On Tuesday Trump lashed out again at a former aide. This time it was his former Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney. Trump must have seen Mulvaney on television saying something less than total adulation, so he posted the following comment on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social

“Since leaving Washington, I haven’t heard much about Liddle’ Mick Mulvaney, perhaps the dumbest person, along with John Bolton, working at the White House. He was ‘Acting’ Chief of Staff because I never would have named him to the permanent position. Merely a ‘backbencher,’ who once gave a news conference that was legendarily bad, he is now with CBS Fake News, and should be grateful to the man who made him ‘famous.’ This guy was uncharismatic, a born loser. No wonder they have No Ratings!”

You have to wonder why Trump repeatedly hired “the dumbest” people to serve in his White House. Perhaps he just wanted to make sure that he was the smartest person in the room, and that’s an exceptionally low bar. Not that he was wrong about Mulvaney being dumb and a loser. After all, he worked for the dumbest loser who ever occupied the White House. And Trump wasn’t the only one who criticized CBS for hiring Mulvaney after his government job ended.

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Trump’s assertion that he only made Mulvaney an “Acting” Chief of Staff because he “never would have named him to the permanent position,” is a flat out lie. The reason Mulvaney was never officially named Chief of Staff is because Trump was afraid to seek his confirmation by the Senate.

Nevertheless, despite Trump’s be-liddling, Mulvaney was still Trump’s second longest serving Chief of Staff (one year, three months). His longest was Gen. John Kelly (one year, five months). His first chief, (Reince Priebus) and last (Mark Meadows), both served less than one year.

However, all of Trump’s chiefs have been dragged through the mud by Trump after they were summarily dumped. For instance, Trump said Gen. Kelly “was way over his head.” He called Meadows book “fake news.” And these are typical of the sort of the insults that Trump hurls at his former associates. He is a stridently vengeful person who is quick to hate anyone he deems insufficiently adoring. Some of his vile has been aimed at these former appointees…

  • John Bolton: “a disgruntled boring fool.”
  • James Mattis: “the world’s most overrated general.”
  • Jeff Sessions: “He’s not mentally qualified to be attorney general.”
  • Rex Tillerson: “was dumb as a rock.”
  • Bill Barr: “was a weak and pathetic RINO.”

To be sure, many of Trump’s former staffers also came to hold harshly negative opinions of him. And now Trump is asking voters to send him back to Washington where he can hire some more losers who think he’s an idiot. Of course, he is also running in order to avoid the legal consequences of his criminal activities. As for Mulvaney, he has previously characterized Trump in unflattering terms, even when he was trying to flatter him…

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