Trump Floats the Stupidest Lie About Biden and Intel Documents: ‘Maybe He Was the Leaker’

Recent reports of the leaking of intelligence documents online have caused serious concerns over the security of classified information. And as with nearly every matter of concern in politics, Donald Trump can be counted on to make things, not just worse, but bizarre.

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The concerns over classified documents were elevated to unprecedented levels when it was revealed that Trump had stolen hundreds of such documents and hoarded them at his Palm Beach hotel/home. Even after multiple demands, and a subpoena, Trump refused to return the documents and lied about having them.

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The latest leaking scandal is completely unrelated to Trump’s document hoarding at Mar-a-Lago, but that doesn’t stop him from from drawing a preposterous parallel. On his pitifully failing Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump posted a comment that included an entirely baseless allegation directed at President Biden…

“The worst leaks of ‘Intelligence’ in U.S. history. Our Country has never been so embarrassed, and yet they come after ‘Trump’ on their old and tired Boxes Hoax. The Special “Prosecutor” should investigate Biden, maybe he was the leaker? Nothing would surprise me about this group!”

There is a massive quantity of malarkey in that brief outburst. First of all, there have been plenty of worse intelligence leaks in U.S. history. But given his notorious ignorance, we can’t expect Trump to have any knowledge of history. In Trump’s diseased mind, whatever he is obsessing over at the moment are always atrocities at “levels that have never been seen before.”

What’s more, Trump seems to think that law enforcement isn’t capable of simultaneously investigating this new leak and his own criminal theft and obstruction of justice – what he dismissively calls the “Boxes Hoax”. And it’s cute that the only words for which he uses quotes are “intelligence” and “Trump,” as if he’s using those words sarcastically.

However, the most ridiculous part of his comment was where he accuses President Biden of being the leaker. There is, of course, no hint of that having any connection to reality. It is merely a wild, and typically infantile, swing by Trump in a futile attempt to smear the President and deflect attention from his own crimes.

Furthermore, Trump’s accusation doesn’t even make sense. He begins by saying that “Our country has never been so embarrassed.” So why would Biden leak information that could only result in embarrassment to the nation generally, and to him personally? Trump doesn’t bother to explain his “logic,” or lack thereof.

For the record, authorities have already identified a suspect in the latest leaking episode. He is a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. And since the documents contain information that could harm the war effort in Ukraine, it’s more likely that the leaker was aligned politically with Trump and the pro-Putin faction of the Republican Party.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Trump’s charge comes the day after the Justice Department revealed that Trump is being investigated for possibly showing classified materials to random visitors to Mar-a-Lago…

“Multiple witnesses were asked whether former President Donald Trump showed them a map containing classified information that he took from the White House when he left office, as part of a U.S. Justice Department investigation.”

The potential that Trump proudly showed off the classified documents that he stole has always been suspected by intelligence experts. He never does anything that can’t produce an immediate benefit for his finances or his image. And as this latest comment proves, Trump never misses an opportunity to viciously and baselessly malign his enemies. But it also proves that he is spectacularly stupid in the way that he does that.

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