Saturday Night Live Tears Up Trump’s Ludicrous Lie that Everyone He Meets is Crying

The single most reliable characteristic of Donald Trump is that whenever he speaks is almost certainly lying. His lies generally involve insults aimed at his foes, distortions of his political “accomplishments,” examples of his blithering ignorance, and always hysterically exaggerated exaltations of himself.

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Last week Trump visited Fox News for a tongue-bathing session with Tucker Carlson. This was Carlson’s penance for expressing his true feelings about Trump in internal communications acquired by Dominion Voting Systems in their billion dollar defamation lawsuit against Fox News. In those private discussions Carlson told his Fox confederates that Trump is a “demonic Force” who he “hates passionately.”

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In lieu of digging up his rosary and reciting a thousand “Hail Trump’s,” Carlson pitched him a few soft (and well-tanned) balls and gazed adoringly while Trump rambled incoherently for an hour.

The entire interview was a rehashing of every bit of nonsense Trump has been disgorging for months and years. And it included one of his favorite venerations of himself: The fatuous fantasy that his cult disciples are frequently reduced to tears whenever they are in his putrid presence. Describing the scene when he appeared in a New York courtroom to be arraigned on 34 felony counts of fraud, Trump said that…

“When I went to the courthouse, which is also a prison in a sense, they signed me in and I’ll tell you, people were crying. People that work there, professionally work there. They have no problems putting in murderers, and they see everybody, it’s a tough, tough place. And they were crying. They were actually crying. They said, ‘I’m sorry.'”

First of all, a courtroom is not in any sense a prison. Although it isn’t surprising that Trump would feel trapped there. But more to the point, Trump’s wild assertion that court staffers were crying and apologizing – which was refuted by witnesses – is just plain preposterous. And among those who recognized that fact were the folks at Saturday Night Live. SNL’s “Weekend Update” segment featured “anchor” Colin Jost running a compilation of Trump’s prior claims that he makes people sob, and asking “Why is everyone in Trump’s stories always crying?” Jost followed that up by pointing out that…

“You’re bragging that when people see you they just burst into tears? Because it never sounds like excited crying like when teenagers see BTS. It sounds more like scared crying like when hostages see Jigsaw.”

It’s remarkable that Trump can say these things with a straight face, confidant that anyone would believe him. But it’s even more remarkable that there are people who actually do believe him. That’s the power, harm, and danger of cults. And clearly Carlson has joined the Trump Cult as he made no effort to ascertain the validity of Trump’s boasting. In fact, he is so thoroughly indoctrinated that he has even advocated a violent response to Trump’s having been indicted.

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