Jim Jordan Tells Fox News that He’ll Explore Defunding the Police Due to the Trump Indictment

In the aftermath of the announcement by the Manhattan District Attorney that Donald Trump has been indicted for multiple counts of criminal activities, Trump’s cult operatives in Congress the media have pounced on the D.A., and every other law enforcement agency, whether or not they had anything to do with the indictments.

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Jim Jordan

The reactions to Trump’s legal tribulations by his defenders range from simmering outrage to rapidly boiling outrage. Not surprisingly, Fox News has led the parade of Trump sycophants seeking to absolve the former reality TV game show host of any culpability for his crimes, even though they don’t know what the charges are. It’s a transparent effort to gain favor with Trump and his cult disciples following the embarrassing disclosures of how much they privately hate him and don’t believe his lies.

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On Sunday morning Rep. Jim Jordan, the GOP chair of the Judiciary Committee, visited with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, to discuss the Trump indictments. The theme of the segment involved their distracting narrative about whether or not federal funds were used in the Manhattan D.A.’s investigation. And that irrelevant issue led to the following exchange…

Jordan: We’re legislators. Our job is to pass legislation – write laws and pass legislation. So we’ll look at that. And maybe most important, Maria, we control the power of the purse. We’re going to have to look at the appropriations process and limit funds going to some of these agencies. Particularly the ones that are engaged in the most egregious behavior.
Bartiromo: So the DOJ and the FBI?
Jordan: Yeah. And what I’d really like, frankly, I’d really like for the government just to stay out of the election process.

Jordan’s professed interest in passing legislation is a brazen departure from reality. Since assuming the chairmanship of the committee, Jordan has been singularly focused on partisan probes that have nothing to do with any pending legislation.

What’s more, Jordan’s promise to look at appropriations for the Department of Justice and the FBI amount to nothing less than defunding the police. And while his intent is only to obstruct any investigations into the unlawful acts of his Republican confederates, those agencies also handle such pertinent public safety matters as counterterrorism and drug trafficking. Apparently to Jordan and Fox News, national security is expendable in exchange for covering up GOP malfeasance.

The position that Jordan is taking on the government’s role in the election process is perhaps the most hypocritical. It is Jordan himself who is the one exploiting his post in order to impose on electoral politics. His entire agenda as committee chair is to damage Democrats so that Republicans can cling to their narrow majority in the House and abuse the power that comes with it. That’s why the only hearings he’s held to date have been on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the false premise that Internet platforms are biased in favor of Democrats.

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Meanwhile, Jordan and the GOP are ignoring Trump’s crimes, as well as those of his family and his cult followers, who assaulted Congress while Jordan was there. And Republicans aren’t the least bit disturbed by Trump’s continuous fomenting of violence, such as his warning that there would be “death and destruction” were he to be indicted. And of course, Fox News is on fully board with these sort of incitements. In fact, they are disseminating and magnifying them.

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