REVEALED: Here Is Why Sarah Palin Crawled Back To Fox News

Sarah PalinLast month the media world was stunned – er, scratch that – bored by news that Sarah Palin had re-signed with Fox News after a very public falling out. It was pretty well known by insiders that Fox had low-balled Palin and that her acceptance of the offer months later was proof of her desperation (and Fox’s too).

Now we have evidence of another factor in Palin’s supplication to Fox. And it points to precisely what any Palin watcher would have expected: Sarah Palin PAC Takes Fundraising Nosedive.

That’s right. It’s all about money for the Grifter from the North. The Center for Public Integrity reports that Palin’s PAC has brought in less than half of her take by this time in 2012, and less than a third of 2011’s first half earnings. The difference is that in both of the prior years she still had her perch at Fox News. The first six months of this year Palin was nearly invisible. Consequently, her ability to con gullible Tea Party rubes out of their meager funds was greatly diminished. Even in her home state of Alaska she is not regarded favorably. Recent polls show her getting crushed by incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich.

Fox News has long been a Republican ATM where conservatives would go to hawk their Apocalypse Accessories and beg for donations so that they could save the world from communism, Islam, gays, blacks, and, of course, our gay, black, Muslim, communist president, Barack Obama. The Palin debacle will now serve as a warning to right-wingers that they cannot dismiss the power of Fox News. It is the source of their strength and they will wither and die without it.

Also notable in the CPI report is that Palin was especially stingy with her declining wealth. She virtually ignored her political pals, instead choosing to spend “the vast majority of that money on consultants, travel, speechwriting and other logistical fees.”

Palin’s financial woes will help to keep the GOP establishment in line. They know now that they must acquiesce to the omnipotence of Fox. They must appear at will, and they must recite the doctrine just as they are told. Should they try to rebel they will suffer just as Sister Sarah did.

This represents an unprecedented and frightening transfer of power from authentic public leaders to a giant media conglomerate with an obvious political mission. And the fact that Fox can continue to operate without being compelled to declare their donations of airtime as in-kind campaign contributions, illustrates how deformed our political and media institutions have become.

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29 thoughts on “REVEALED: Here Is Why Sarah Palin Crawled Back To Fox News

  1. [deadpan] shocking. isn’t. it. [facepalm]

    • Uuuummmm, you do know that she will not be able to use her PAC if she is running for office–don’t you? Most of us just watch her pole danc for monies. That is what she is doing now. She becomes louder and nastier as her PAC money goes down. Palin has absolutely no wish to do any real work ever again. She can bash democrats, republicans and anyone she pleases in her “job” as crazy teabagging crank.

      The Alaskan legislature wore “Where’s Sarah” buttons because she never showed up in Juneau.
      SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE A SENATOR. She wants to grift and scream about things and not have any real solutions to anything except drill, no ACA, waving a flag and hating President Obama.
      She is a laughingstock.

      • I’m ignorant, what is the purpose of the PAC? Could she use it if she ran for president again? What is the “legitimate” purpose of the PAC?

        • Run for President…again? Palin never ran for President, she may have thought she was in ’08 but McCain was at the top of the ticket. As for the legitimate purpose of the PAC, it’s supposed to be for donations to candidates and to pay her expenses in supporting those same candidates. However, Sarah never paid her own way, just look at how she put Susan Handel’s campaign in the red by allegedly “helping” her at the last minute. She charged them for a private jet from Alaska for her and several family members and for their hotel suites. That’s what PAC $$ is supposed to be used for, but Sarah obviously “forgot” that part. She’s spend tens of thousands per month on consultants, too, the very same ones she ranted about after the elections despite her doing this since the day the PAC started. I don’t know what they’re for but they haven’t helped her any, she’s certainly not well-informed or well-spoken.

          I don’t believe the PAC could be used for her own campaign IIRC.

      • Agreed. She’s pathetic and an embarrassment to the Republican party….or at least, she should be seen as an embarrassment.

    • shes had her 15 minutes of fame and faux news is about as low as one can go without pulling the hole over your head..

    • The sound of sheep baaaaa-ing in the afternoon.

    • Palin is not going to run for anything. Why should she? She quit her day job and cashed in on the right wing scam circuit. (Michele Bachman is using her business plan). While she doesn’t get personal money from the PAC, its decline is clear barometer of her falling popularity. I think she should go down there, clean out the cash register and grab all the office supplies she can. Her fifteen minutes are about up.

    • ha, ha, ha, ha. What a rube you are. You obviously haven’t read this story and other similar stories on Sister Sarah. She had to crawl back to Fox on their meager terms because she’s running out of money. She’s spending PAC money on hair dressers and travel and who knows how much is needed to keep those dimwit children of hers in clothes. That gravy train is going to end eventually but her expenses will continue on to inevitable end – bankruptcy.

  2. Mark my words, she will never run. Palin got a taste for fame and cash and is no longer interested in public service work (as I believe she actually was before the VP nomination). Also, she is just too lazy to do any actual hard work now that she has learned that stupid people will give her money just to say stupid things.

    • Well said. Her giving up the governorship half into the term sealed it.

    • CS… too funny. Totally agree.

  3. like any other “one hit wonder” … they think they can go it alone and the party will never end… then they find out that they have to play the fair circuit and hope that people will sing along to that song they had on the radio one time. humility comes and it doesn’t taste good lol

  4. No, I think she will run. She’s hooked on the rush of competition. She likes to compete and win. She’s been a mean spirited, win at all costs, junky to competition since high school. Once she wins though, it’s over and she’s bored and wants to go on to the next thing that will win her a prize. So yes, she’ll run. But just as before, if she sees she can’t win she’ll come up with some lame excuse why she has to bow out. Of course, if heaven forbid she win, she’ll do just what she did as governor, she won’t show up for anything more than photo ops and manipulation of her position. What a sad excuse for a human being!

    • I don’t think Alaska’s gonna give her the chance. Her rubes live below the Mason-Dixon line.

      • You’re right about that, Sarah’s PAC money doesn’t come from Alaskans. They know her too well to bother donating their hard-earned money for her personal benefit.

  5. blah….blah…..blah

    Is there not ice in the North Pole that could be reported on?

    Is there not a story of a family of ducks crossing a busy freeway and stopping traffic?

    all of that is more exciting than this silly woman

    • Is there not ice in the North Pole that could be reported on?

      Actually … It may look like the North Pole is underwater, but apparently that’s normal–really. Scientists are speaking out about the picture that sparked a media frenzy over the past few weeks…

  6. In reference to picture: NOW THAT’S TRULY A PITBULL WITH LIPSTICK ON!
    Great artwork!

  7. As with most that prostitute themselves for financial purposes, it appears the snowbilly was losing too much money for her opulent lifestyle.

    To be crawling back like an earthworm, though I think it was more like a fast low crawl, one can only imagine how much she has lost toward her PAC funds.

    Has America grown weary or leery of the ice princess? Could it be America has woke up to the charlatan known as Sarah Palin?

    We, as the rest of the nation that cannot comprehend her appeal, can only hope.

  8. Who in their right mind would give money to this self-serving money grubbing dingbat??

  9. …P.T.Barnum said it a century ago” There’s a sucker born every minute” and he cashed in on the “suckers” and created an amazing circus. The big difference is that the “suckers” aren’t getting their money’s worth out of the dead-in-the-water diva. No circus. No entertainment, just blah-blah and… blah. Now if side-shows come back into fashion, she may have a gig to go to. Just sayin’…..You support her, you deserve her and what your are getting is an aging con-artist with nothing to say. Get your heads out!

  10. Agreed. But that puppet looks more like Cyndi Lauper!

  11. Purpose of a PAC? To present yourself as a ‘respectable’ whore instead of a sleazy one.

  12. Rumorhazzit that Caribou Barbie Snowgrifter isn’t even a resident of Alaska any longer. (Think warm, southern, cactusy state. :p )

  13. Not a true statement. Provide your facts! SP is a legal AK resident.

  14. Does it MATTER if she is a resident of AK or AZ?…Please….unfortunately for residents of both, she is going to park her snowbilly butt wherever she can snatch whatever support she can get.Pathetic.

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