Sarah Palin Can’t Help Making A Buffoon Of Herself (With Help From Fox News)

Sarah Palin appeared on the Fox News Saturday program “Cashin’ In” to discuss her twisted perceptions of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), and the imaginary “death panels” she is obsessed with.

Palin was asked by wingnut host Eric Bolling if she felt vindicated by the presence of some Democrats who have come forward to criticize certain aspects of the law. Palin answered by mistakenly saying that “I don’t think we should condone them.” What she meant to say was that she didn’t want to “condemn them,” because she appreciated their position.

Setting aside that malaprop, Palin insisted that “There are, of course, death panels” in the law that she called “evil.” However, when asked what she thought the motives were of the critical Democrats, she went completely off the rails:

Palin: It’s black and white, in the law, that there will be rationing of health care. They couldn’t go forever in not acknowledging that or they would look like complete buffoons, and they would be deemed incompetent having not read the law to understand that death panels are a part of this atrocity.

If not reading the law makes you an incompetent buffoon, then Palin is at the head of her class. This is what the law actually says about the Independent Advisory Board about which Palin and Bolling were talking:

“The proposal shall not include any recommendation to ration health care.”

It’s right there in black and white. The law explicitly prohibits rationing. Of course, Fox News will never let their viewers know that. But they did accidentally provide evidence of the dishonesty of their death panel fallacy. At the outset of this trumped up issue, Palin was referring to end-of-life counseling sessions which, in her dementia, meant death panels. In fact, they were merely opportunities for people to consult with their doctors about what sort of treatment they would want in the event of a catastrophic illness that left them unable to express themselves. After it became clear that Palin had miserably misinterpreted this provision of the law, she switched the complaint to the Independent Advisory Board (which she also misinterpreted), and pretended that that was her complaint all along. Well, Bolling’s graphic proves otherwise.

Fox News

Even after showing this graphic referring to end-of-life-counseling, their discussion covered only the unrelated Independent Advisory Board. If there is one thing you can say about Fox News, it’s that it is a network where incompetence and buffoonery runs rampant.


7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Can’t Help Making A Buffoon Of Herself (With Help From Fox News)

  1. I am tired of the Sarah Palin stories. We all know she is a moron. We all know whatever she says is going to be dumb. But people keep mentioning her name giving her exactly what she wants==publicity.

  2. Palin’s ignorant “death panel” rant was in reference to the optional “living will” consultation that was to be funded under the ACA.

    ALL health insurance providers assess cost vs. need. Suggesting that this payment coverage assessment is unique to the ACA and that it is a contrived means of preventing certain types of medical treatments from being provided is simply more fear-mongering hyperbole from an ideological group that lacks a compelling argument based on reality.

    The closest example that you will find to a true death panel would be the bean counters in the private health insurance industry who deny coverage for potentially life-saving treatments under the guise that these expensive procedures are “experimental”.

  3. @Truga- As Labman has correctly pointed out, for-profit health insurance companies will deny expensive treatments to patients. I have a friend who was denied chemotherapy treatment by her insurance company. She managed to get on Medicare early, and the government healthcare system covered her treatment, and saved her life. Here are some particularly egregious examples, and more can be easily found.

  4. Why did FauxNews have to hire her back at all? She’s just regurgitating things she has already said on Faux and I’m sure they could just play clips of her saying it before. That would save them money and still allow her fans to think she’s the smartest person on the planet and is keeping up with current affairs.
    A very thin cardboard cut-out of her would be more than adequate to fill her shoes!

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