Fox News Host Mike Huckabee And Ted Nugent: Let’s Hunt Democrats

In yet another example of the right-wing’s incendiary rhetoric promoting violence, Fox News host Mike Huckabee invited NRA board member and washed-up schlock-rocker Ted Nugent onto his radio show to engage in a dialog about the issue that matters most to the Teabagging community: Destroying Democrats.

Glenn BeckIt didn’t take long before the pair diverted their conversation about the joys of killing defenseless animals, to their undisguised lust for Democratic blood. Nugent began by singing the praises of his dog Gonzo…

Nugent: He really is a mystical, wonderful, huntin’ dog.
Huckabee: Well, maybe we ought to turn him loose on some Democrats and see if he can hunt them too.
Nugent: Well, there’s a lot of varmints out there.

This is typical of the way that conservatives seek to dehumanize their ideological foes. It is evident in the recent comments of GOP Rep. Steve King who compared undocumented immigrants to dogs and mules. It is evident in the Republican references to Democrats as slave masters. And it was displayed again today when Glenn Beck spoke in his customary delusional style about progressives that he imagined were sneaking into the bedrooms of children to smother them with pillows.

This sick obsession with characterizing people with whom you disagree politically as subhuman or murderous monsters has been going on for the entire term of Barack Obama, coincidentally the nation’s first African-American president. But I’m sure there is no connection.

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8 thoughts on “Fox News Host Mike Huckabee And Ted Nugent: Let’s Hunt Democrats

  1. I suspect that if Nuge actually came across an armed Democrat, he’d revert right back to his Vietnam days – and shit his pants…

  2. Mark, you like to characterize conservatives in all kinds of ignorant ways – similar to these guys you are criticizing. Maybe you should look in the mirror – you don’t advocate violence, but you certainly like to marginalize anyone and everyone who doesn’t buy your views. That is the progressive mode of debate – call everyone crazy, racist, anti-something or other or some other ignorant characterization if they don’t wholly accept progressivism as the only just and right way to run things. You’re no better than Glenn Beck.

    • How is pointing out what these people are saying and doing akin to calling anybody anything. They are the ones that open their mouths and say stupid, hateful, and delusional propaganda to lather their followers into a psychopathic frenzy.

  3. And that is the republican mode of debate, accuse the other side of doing what you yourself are actually doing.

  4. And they whine that the Democrats are trying to destroy the Republican Party and this great nation of ours when Democrats make reasonable objections to their statements. Go figure…

  5. Apparently it’s hard for some to see crazy where crazy speaks. There are plenty of rational, reasonable conservatives out there that wouldn’t see anything mark has to say about the hijacked GOP as hypocritical or incorrect. Pundits have so much sway with the GOP, it’s not a good thing. If the guys in office see these hyperbolic and acidic thoughts as adoptable political philosophy, then conservatism as an ideology is about to implode. Those rational moderates needs to find their balls again and do what’s best for the country. Lincoln did what he thought was right even though it meant civil war, these GOP reps and senators won’t buck batshits like beck limbaugh and hannity because they’re afraid of losing votes. Allowing the fringe to hold the loud speaker WON’T WORK. Mark calling extremism crazy isn’t hypocritical, it’s necessary and truthful.

    Can anyone deny with any real gravitas that the GOP has allowed itself to lose its goddamn mind?? Take the country back!?! Take your fucking party back and lets do some fucking work!!

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