Media By Ass: Breitbart Editor Launches TruthRevolt Site To Counter Media Matters

The diseased minds at Breitbart News and David Horowitz’s Freedom Center are joining together to fill what they perceive as a void in media criticism. Not satisfied with the efforts by richly financed conservative operations like the Lie Factory of Fox Nation, the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, the Washington Free Beacon, or Breitbart’s own BigJournalism, this new cabal is forming with the unmistakeably hostile mission to…

“…unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.”

Oh my. That’s sounds ominous. But if anyone is capable of venturing down such a repugnant path, it’s BreitBrat Ben Shapiro, the editor-at-large of Breitbart News. Shapiro’s record of keeping the media in check includes falling for a fake story about Chuck Hagel; bashing fact-checkers; whining when Republicans are vetted; and exposing the socialist propaganda of Sesame Street.

As for BreitBrat Ben’s partner, David Horowitz, he is a notoriously racist fringe conservative who believes that slave labor has benefited contemporary African-Americans. He also publishes “Jihad Watch,” which has labeled President Obama a “practicing Muslim.”

The new TruthRevolt project describes itself as “a conservative counterpunch to Media Matters, the Obama-linked organization that focuses on silencing conservatives in the media.” Of course, there is no Media Matters link to Obama offered by the BreitBrats, nor any evidence that they have ever silenced any conservative. What right-wingers regard as silencing is really just getting caught saying what they actually believe. That’s all that Media Matters does.

Breitbart has been after Media Matters for a long time. They have challenged the tax-exempt status of Media Matters; accused them being anti-Christian and anti-American; charged that they get their marching orders from the White House, George Soros, or any other convenient rightist bogeyman. Even their hallowed leader, St. Andrew, has taken cheap shots at Media Matters and its founder, David Brock. He published an absurd article alleging some sort of conspiracy by the media to hide an old photograph of Brock that he characterized as narcissistic and homoerotic. But he could have been talking about himself and the photos he posed for in Time Magazine:

Andrew Breitbart

Breitbart’s destructive tendencies are well documented. He once swore to “bring down the institutional left” in three weeks. He’s more than four years overdue. Now his successors are nursing the same obsessions. And as usual they are incapable of providing a single example of anything that Media Matters has done that was incorrect or deserving of criticism. Their unambiguous goal (as they admitted above) is to tear down an organization that does nothing more than document the conservative bias in the media. It is a plainly articulated, well-financed, censorious revolt against truth – hence their name.

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9 thoughts on “Media By Ass: Breitbart Editor Launches TruthRevolt Site To Counter Media Matters

  1. But there are already several revolting truth websites: Glenn Beck’s “school;” Glenn Beck’s sole source for news, Drudge Report; Ann Coulter’s diseased fantasy site; whatever Michelle Malkin calls her site; and, of course, Shlox Inhalation (sorry, Fox Nation). Don’t really see a need for another (but then, Shlox is convinced that they are being overwhelmed by the liberal media like Media Matters and NewsCorpse and … all I can think of, really…)

  2. When you got nothing you just make shit up! That is their mo. I think their effort will back fire. It certainly will make MM more necessary and I’m sure they will continue doing a good job pointing out all of their illogical, disconnected and fabricated stories.

  3. “Breitbart’s destructive tendencies are well documented. He once swore to “bring down the institutional left” in three weeks. He’s more than four years overdue” – I think it’s hard to achieve that himself as he is dead and has been for more than a year now. Too bad he died so young.

  4. Funny how you speak of the evils and lies from within the Republican Party whilst the IRS and NSA target these conservatives and the leftist, marxist, socialist government tries to control the rights and “freedoms” of ALL Americans. When will Americans finally realize that Obama is leading America into the shit-hole and most people are watching it happen. How can you doubt the COMPLETE connection between Obama and Media Matters… THEY HAVE MEETINGS ON A WEEKLY BASIS! Ben Shapiro is the HERO of the American Dream! How can we accomplish this Dream when everyone is blindly following Obama. “We need an air strike on Syria,” “We need to take away people 2nd amendment rights,” “We need to ‘shun’ Israel because they won’t stop building on land that they ALREADY OWN and that is 100% theirs!” Please stop your blatantly wrong and disgustingly liberal comments about two men in particular who devote(d) their lives to help others and bring justice into this unjust country we currently live in. Why don’t YOU do some research in the Trayvon Martin case before calling George Zimmerman a racist. Why don’t You review our rights as citizen and how if a majority votes for something (Prop 8) it can be repealed by a few “judges.” Why don’t YOU do some research on Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS, etc… and understand our unjust system. Thank you for your time!

    • Wow. Nice delusional rant, man. I think you covered every wingnut talking point, plus some awesome conspiracies (Obama and Media Matters meeting weekly).

      • Says the man who thinks PROVEN childhood brainwashing is stupid and doesn’t matter (WHY DON’T YOU READ THE BOOK SO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT?).

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    • 🙂 – You’re the reason I do this. Thank you.
      p.s. You might want to refill your prescription.

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