So The Media And Congress Want To Bash Obama’s Low Approval Ratings?

Let’s face it, the botched rollout of the ObamaCare website has been an enormous black eye for the administration. While there were numerous obstacles that included a GOP opposition that threw everything they could find into the path, the administration should still have anticipated and accounted for that and completed the project successfully.

That said, the response from the politicians and the press who get tingly whenever they can land some punches on the President has been absurdly oblivious to the reality of their own status with the public. Republican members of congress are rushing to their podiums to declare that President Obama simply cannot be trusted. The media is making grossly inappropriate analogies with former President Bush’s mishandling of the response to Hurricane Katrina. [Note: The number of deaths caused by Katrina: 1,800. The number of deaths caused by 0]

These opportunistic Obama bashers are aggressively insisting that Obama’s presidency is effectively over. His low poll numbers are all the evidence needed to validate their declaration of the end of a term that still has three years ahead of it. However, if poll numbers are the measuring stick that these critics want to hit Obama with, they had better take a look at their own:


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Even after the website debacle, Obama’s approval rating is 42%. That’s actually up three points in the past couple of days from his all-time low of 39%. But Congress is still wallowing at their bottom of 9%, less than a quarter of the President’s number. And the media isn’t doing much better at 11%. So it’s curious that these pathetic losers are citing polls as proof that Obama is such a failure that there is no hope for the remainder of his term.

Polls change with great frequency as events occur that influence the people’s opinions. A month from now, if the website is functioning properly and people are satisfied with their insurance plans, Obama’s polling could be in the 60’s. But there isn’t any foreseeable event that could raise the numbers for Congress or the media into positive territory. Given these facts, it’s clear that Obama is in a better position to restore his reputation with the public. And if the politicians and pundits know what’s good for them, they will stop citing polls to firm up their already weak arguments.


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4 thoughts on “So The Media And Congress Want To Bash Obama’s Low Approval Ratings?

  1. “The media is making grossly inappropriate analogies with former President Bush’s mishandling of the response to Hurricane Katrina.”

    So, does this mean that the Right is acknowledging that President Bush mishandled the response to Katrina? I mean, this seems to imply they are making one point that depends on the other.

    Isn’t this like comparing Bush’s lies (lotsa people died) to Clinton’s lies (no one died except Clinton’s reputation)?

    Do they even realize how stupid this makes them appear?

    • Actually, it’s very similar as timelines go – not the severity, obviously – the Katrina response was pretty poor and most certainly cost lives. I think it’s more a question of competence in the eyes of the public – which he can’t hide from anymore, just like GW Bush couldn’t hide it at this point in his presidency. Let’s just hope things don’t go the same way this time. Don’t close your eyes to it, he is what he is and I could say a lot, but I won’t because it doesn’t change anything – he was never up for the job.

  2. Several reasons on why the comparison to Hurricane Katrina doesn’t work:

    Hurricane Katrina was an act of nature. Obamacare was an act of, well, Obama. And the Dem-controlled Congress who rammed this monstrosity into law.

    The response to Hurricane Katrina was a pooch-screw on every governmental level. Mayor Ray Nagin abandoned his city and let all those school busses sit in waste. Gov. Blanco was too busy with inter-governmental squabbling to be of any use. And President Bush was 48 to 72 hours late in offering up a federal response.

    “Polls change with great frequency..”

    Well, you’re right about that. I’ll give you that much. Kinda like, umm, TV ratings.

  3. You are such a joke – every president is scrutinized every single day – as is their approval polls – what is the big deal? Honestly??? What makes this guy any different than his predecessors? You’re just mad that the shut down hasn’t played out as you wanted and that maybe – and this is waaaay too early – control over congress probably won’t change from divided to democrat control for the last 2 years of this president’s term. Frustration must be setting in, and I don’t blame you for feeling that way given your love of government – hard to convince people of the good of government when it’s run so poorly and you can’t spin your way to another outcome.

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