Coming Soon To Fox News: Dick Dynasty With ‘Hateful Phil’ Robertson

Fox News has announced the signing of former Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson to an exclusive contract to host a new program on the cable news network.

Fox News - Dick Dynasty

In the wake of the controversy over anti-gay remarks made by Robertson, The A&E Network put the Duck Dynasty star on an indefinite suspension. Shortly thereafter, conservative activists and homophobes rushed to the defense of the unreality character with accusations of liberal media bias and censorship.

Not surprisingly, Fox News personalities were among the first, and most vocal, defenders of Robertson with Sean Hannity saying that Robertson’s comments were “old fashioned traditional Christian sentiment and values.” Fox’s Todd Starnes dismissed the comments as merely reflecting “the teachings of the Bible.” Sarah Palin warned that “Free speech is an endangered species.” Erick Erickson said that “Robertson said precisely what true Christians believe.”

These reactions illustrate the strategy behind Fox’s signing of Robertson. He is a Christian extremist who preaches that gays are bound for Hell. He is racist who believes that blacks were happily singing in the cotton fields during the Jim Crow era. He displays a level of ignorance on most subjects that is pitiful. And he has become wealthy by deceiving people into thinking that he is a redneck hillbilly. In short, he shares all of the same rightist positions and personality traits of the rest of the Fox News roster and will fit in nicely at their holiday parties.

Critics, however, object to the characterization of racism and homophobia as traditional Christian values and they reject Fox’s effort to claim to be the authority on such matters. Open-minded Christians put their faith in the actual teachings of Christ (who admonished his followers to refrain from judging others) and not in the sanctimonious bellowing of cable TV pundits. They also recognize that free speech is available to everyone, not just bigots who want to be able to spew their hatred without consequence.

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is said to have personally directed the Robertson signing. It is consistent with his philosophy of demonizing the gay community that he lived in fear of, and built a bomb-proof office to protect himself from. Likewise, his security measures shielded him from dark-skinned and Muslim people of whom he was also afraid.

With Robertson’s addition to the Fox family, Ailes will have another ideological ally to advance his Tea Party agenda. Plus, there will be an experienced marksman in the building in the event of an attempt on on his life or an outbreak of civil unrest. Insiders are speculating that the new program will have spring premiere so as not to interfere with duck season.


31 thoughts on “Coming Soon To Fox News: Dick Dynasty With ‘Hateful Phil’ Robertson

  1. I think Palin has it right this time – so long as intolerant libs exist – which is practically the entire lot – true, open free speech is endangered. If people feel strongly that they don’t like what he said – they can avoid his show. Fox News is probably doing it because pissing off libs is their primary function and this really is a big non-issue that appears to make the intolerant liberal noise machine go crazy. Who cares what some TV personality thinks about gays – it just doesn’t make any difference. Fox may be unwatchable in general, but I’m glad someone is not afraid of left wing idiocy.

    • Where was palin after the anchor on MSNBC was fired for saying some shit about her? That’s right, she was laughing about it, and thumb upping anybody who wanted to take her picture. She’s only concerned about what suites her agenda. Not to mention she’s a total moron who has no earthly idea what a VP does, let alone what the constitution is for. She’s a hypocrite, like most republicans.
      Open free speech is not endangered. Phil Robertson’s freedom of speech was not impeded in anyway. No cops at his door, no censorship. He has a right to be a hypocritical, homophobic, racist, hillbilly if he likes. He just won’t get paid to do that by A&E anymore.
      If he actually preached about ALL the things the bible says not to do, then hell, who could be angry with that. No shellfish, no long hair on men, women should only have long hair, not having tattoos, not being filthy rich…. Oh wait, those are all things the Robertson clan do! Better not pay any attention to those parts….. You can’t be a true Christian and only follow the Jewish parts of the bible. Most Christians only know what is spoon fed to them in church anyway, which is why this sort of behavior is accepted and condoned by them.

    • Of course Sarah Palin is one of the leading experts on intollerance in the nation.

    • This is not a free speech issue. A&E is or was this characters employer they have the right to terminate any employee they deemed violated their policies or misrepresented their network. What Fox is doing what it does best hypocrisy.

    • Palin admitted she did NOT read his rant. I am a loving, caring, catholic, honorable repub turned to liberal because they represent truth, love, honesty, care for all. Faux Fox News is a station of hate/lies and has been proven to be so. Please fact check what you are saying. Dems work for all people and care about the poor, hungry, unemployed, veterans, head start for poor kids and most of all love for all rich, poor, evil republicans spewing lies such as Faux Fox News. Fact check Faux Fox News and you wil see all the lies. Please be open to love, care for all. Don’t be swayed by evil and hate. It is not okay to take from poor, hungry to sustain rich and their perks. Repubs in congress must care/work for all us. My prayers are for people like you who are set in their minds/words without checking truth, honesty, care. Prayers today for you. I have 10 boxes full of fact checking material. Think and fact check and don’t believe Fox just check out what each says and then research truth and the truth with guide you and take away the hate and leave you with the truth as it really is and NOT the way it is twisted. God be with you and get into your heart and being the truth to you. Fox is hate and lies. Watch MSN and all the liberals and they have the truth and are NOT afraid to show what you gop say and do and what liberals say and do and then you are the judge not the lies of Fox News. So at peace to be dem and liberal with the true love and care of god and all god gives me. Peace and knowledge to you! I am NOT an idiot. I am a caring, loving person who was a republican and weighed and researched all and from that and my belief in god and truth I changed to democrat, liberal for my good and my love, care for all and not just the protecting the rich at all costs. Trust me and believe me. I came to my liberalism thru love/care for all. amen.

      • Jeanne, what a great post. You’re the reason there is hope left in this country. Fact-checking is the only way to fight the lies flying around.

  2. I would not be at all shocked to see this was all a big plan to boost interest and sales of merchandise. Since the suspension, sales have BOOMED and guess who gets the bulk of those profits — yes, A&E. Maybe just a conspiracy theory, but doesn’t seem far fetched.

    • THIS.

      And only this!

      A&E did review the interview before it was published. They HAD to have known his comments would cause a stir (read; boost ratings) and allowed it to be printed anyway. i’ve read that the Robertson Family also suspects this was a plot by A&E to increase ratings.

      Never heard of the show before seeing their merchandise on store shelves in October. IMO he’s entitled to his opinion just like people who disagree are entitled to contact A&E and complain.

    • Yes, for them it is all about the money. Reality shows are NOT reality. They are planned and scripted. Duck Dynasty are full of people using fake religion and if they were true believers then they would not be so vulgar, hateful, racists. I feel it in my heart and soul and have looked closely into Robertsons eyes and I see evil. God says “Vengeance is mine saith the lord”. He said what he did to cause trouble and spew hate. God is love not hate. He will hate the sin but not the person. He will be the judge. No need for Robertson to go overboard with his hate for people. He will never go to heaven with hate and money in his heart and mind. He is fake as are all reality shows. There is no such thing as a reality show. It’s let’s make tons of money with scripted pretend religion in this case. He may believe in god but not totally and wholeheartedly. No need for his trash in print. Of course, we expected A&E to put him back in. It was publicity after all even tho it was trashy, vulgar, hateful and ungodly.

  3. Steve, I’d like you to explain how this Robertson guy’s free speech rights were even slightly bruised, let alone “endangered.” Really, go to it.

  4. Are you feeling defeated. His free speech rights have not been injured for one very good reason – Fox News. For all their bias – and I’m sure their reasons for hiring this guy are not all positive – they are a check against the Liberal fascism that is trying to take hold through “controversies” such as this. Mark’s article, as are all his articles, is meant to injure this network to try and silence it because it’s so anti-left wing. Yes, I agree with many of his observations that they are wholly biased and pretty much represent the republican party and really shouldn’t be called a “news” network – but now they show why this outlet actually serves a positive purpose – leftists like you and him can’t get your way in silencing other beliefs and it is killing you. So save your false outrage related to my accusations – you’re just mad it’s not working and he will have a larger audience now to say what he wants and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Fox News gets nothing from people who believe what you believe – so you can’t hurt them. Hell, I don’t even watch them and they still survive and thrive and will continue to stick a finger in your collective leftist eye. It’s painful, I know, but in the end for all the not so good they may do in reporting through their biased lense, they do some very good things.

    • Ever notice that Yorkie is like the dreaded uncle that always manages to screw up Thanksgiving by dropping the N word and then claiming it is ok because they do it. Always wants to argue anything.

      • My response was specifically to Mr. Greenlee – but you do more to prove my entire point correct than anyone else here – you are proud to be part of the intolerant left wing – keep responding, it makes my job easy as I don’t need to add any new information – you do it all for me.

        • sorry but speaking out about someone else’s intolerance is not, itself, intolerance.

    • A&E didn’t want to be associated with such bigotry. I doubt the executives knew he had such views (or such extreme forms of them). He and his clan were part of the ‘face’ of A&E, and they couldn’t afford to keep him.

  5. Bigotry courtesy of the Fox Nazi Channel.

  6. Oh, please. Where is the sarcasm font when you really need it. First of all, A&E’s suspension of the Head Quack has nothing to do with free speech; it was purely a business decision. It would be a free speech issue if the government stepped in to stop the distribution of GQ with the interview. In fact, that never happened, hence nobody blamed President Obama. What the Head Quack did was alienate people by his anti-gay and bigoted statements. Since A&E had to choose between which group to side with from a business standpoint, they chose against hate and bigotry.
    Second of all, Steve from York, you’re a fool for falling for this fake story so it calls into question any point you are trying to make. Did you miss the headline, “Dick” Dynasty?

    • I agree – this isn’t about A&E (at least the comments on this blog) – it’s specifically about this article and these liberal commenters trying to justify silencing anyone THEY think need to be silenced – in this case Phil Robertson for speaking words they feel are “bad” or are “offensive” to some sacred liberal group and shouldn’t be spoken. I 100% agree with you that the network decision is about business – what I’m enjoying more than anything is that all the outrage is falling on deaf ears – people just don’t buy the left wing hatred of “offesnsive” speech and he’ll continue to be able to believe and say whatever he wants and nothing will change it.

      • Steve, your comments continue to make no sense at all. “I agree – this isn’t about A&E (at least the comments on this blog)…” If you read my post again you will see this is all about A&E. Nobody is “silencing” the Head Quack; he is still spouting his hate and bigotry. But then to confuse things more you turn completely around and say, ” I 100% agree with you that the network decision is about business…” and “…he’ll continue to be able to believe and say whatever he wants and nothing will change it.” Are you so confused by this matter you can’t decide if you are upset or happy with it? I think you should reread your post a few times before you hit “Submit Comment.”

        • You’ve hit exactly on the problem with Steve’s hollow logic wherein he spews hyperbole about the left wanting silence everyone. It displays an ignorance that borders on the fringe extremism of Alex Jones. And the left didn’t even have anything to do with this. There was no movement, no campaign, no petitions, no media. The decision was made by a corporation enforcing their morals clause on an employee under contract.

          But Steve’s whole purpose for being is make broad insults alleging that leftists are destroying the world with their statist beliefs and love of Obama. Obviously, he doesn’t know any leftists.

          • That would be the same type of morals clause violation that got Ed Schultz a two week suspension from MSNBC for things he said on his radio show. I don’t remember FNC coming to the defense of his freedom of speech? In fact, I remember them calling for his removal from MSNBC.

  7. Anyone can be an ahole with or without religion. Robertson does it with religion. His choice, his beliefs. I never even heard of the guy until all of this came down. I’m sure it will be good for him with all the publicity and now a new contract from Fox. This should surprise no one.

  8. Fun thought experiment: imagine the brain-bending contortions somebody like Steve has to go through to make a company deciding they don’t want a nasty bigot on their channel “liberal fascism” but a company firing an anchor for saying mean things about Caribou Barbie totally OK…

  9. Steve, these people calling themselves “liberals” are actually communist fags. These morons hate America, love radical muslims and want to recruit our children into homosexuality at an early age (remember the literature they hand out to young kids in public schools?). These liberals are vile monsters…always spewing THEIR HATRED with impunity against real Americans…demonizing all Southern whites 24/7…unconcerned about the violent consequences of their sickening, hatefilled lies. They have nearly destroyed the U.S.A…and trust me…their true intent IS TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY!!! SEE WHAT THESE MONSTERS DID TO OUR YOUNG WITH THEIR HIPPYDIPPY FREE-LOVE DOPE GAMES IN THE 60’S AND 70’S!!!!

    • Tom, thank you for demonstrating what is currently so terribly wrong with the US. How are people supposed to deal with an idiot like you? Stop trying to think of an answer because it was a rhetorical question. If you are trying to show how a normal American thinks and talks you are painting an ugly picture. It’s easy to see that you have fallen into the trap starting by the ultra-ultra-rich to pit lower- and middle-class Americans against each other so they can swoop in with some “minor” changes to our Constitution to bring back peace between the classes. Of course this would entail lowering or eliminating taxes on the rich, dumbing down the education level so there is a really cheap work force to compete with third world labor, eliminate any type of organization that the lower- and middle-classes could muster to make it easy to be manipulated and, finally, bribe politicians at the local, state and federal level to make this all possible. And all this is helped along by feeding morons like you lies that normal Americans would laugh at. In fact, we are laughing at you. But I don’t want you to stop. This is an election year and we need you to help people remember what your moronic politicians are doing to this country. Because it’s an election year these politicians are going to tone down the rhetoric. We need people like you to keep the stupidity alive. (You may want to find someone to explain to you what I just wrote.)

      • LOL. Well said.

        I was hoping that Tom was doing an awesome parody of the typical wingnut, but it is way too close to reality.

        • I was going to weave Alex Jones and “false flag operations” into my post but I figure I overtaxed his brain enough.

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