John McCain’s Campaign Concedes Fox News Is Biased

In an upcoming article in the National Review, Rich Lowry interviews John McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis. Much of the interview deals with the handling of Sarah Palin, the VP candidate who Lowry says…

“…was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing. [Her TV appearance] sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America.”

Wiping the drool from his chin, Lowry asked Davis why he booked Palin on Katie Couric’s CBS News program. Davis replied…

“Our assumption was people would not let us release her on Fox or local TV.”

If McCain’s campaign manager can admit that Fox News is a de facto arm of the Republican Party, and that nobody would take seriously a softball interview conducted on that network, why does Fox still try to peddle the myth that they are “fair and balanced?

After the McCain team nixed Fox for the initial interview, they chose Couric because they were…

“…under the impression the Couric thing was going to be easier than it was. Everyone’s guard was down for the Couric interview.”

Let’s count the stupid: First they presumed that Couric would be easier on Palin because they were both women. Of course, Couric had an incentive to perform at a high level due to her low ratings and expectations. Plus, a woman reporter would actually have more leeway to be aggressive when interviewing a woman candidate. It was political malpractice for McCain and company not to recognize this. And it opens them up to charges of sexism as well because it presumes that a woman reporter would not be as probing or professional as a man.

Secondly, they actually think that the questions Couric asked were too hard for Palin. Their guard was down for such confounding inquiries as, “What newspapers and magazines do you read?” Or, “What does Alaska’s proximity to Russia have to do with foreign policy experience?” If that’s their idea of tough questions, it’s a good thing they kept her under wraps most of the time.

Thank goodness they have Fox News around for the post-election interviews where Greta Van Susteren delved into Palin’s recipe for moose chili.


7 thoughts on “John McCain’s Campaign Concedes Fox News Is Biased

  1. As much as I loathe the FOX NEWS’ ridiculous claim of “fair and balance” and their constant denial of their bias, I don’t think you can logically interpret Davis’ statement as a concession of that bias. What he assumed was the impression of “people” of that bias, that is that voters, pundits and the other news media would conclude the softball approach. One can infer that Davis understands a general notion of bias, but can not assume Davis shares that idea.

    • So you think that Davis knows that the perception of Fox News as biased – so much so that he had to adjust his media strategy for Palin based on it – but he himself doesn’t think that Fox is a partisan and friendly platform? C’mon…

      • I think you are absolutely right that Davis knows FOX is biased, but his statement does not prove that he thinks that. His statement is a concession of public perception not HIS perception, thus making your headline slightly, and I emphasize slightly, misleading, from a purely rhetorical standpoint. If I gave the impression that I disagree with your inference I apologize, as that is obvious. Logically, however, his statement and your headline are not congruent.

    • im not into whatever this conversation is about but all i have to say is that rich lowry u are a negative disgrace to the united states. obama is here to help u not to be against u. u really dissapointed me with the things u were sayin about him after his speak. u want him to be something that he is not. he is an very intellengent man that owe up to what he says and u should respect him for that. he havent done anything to u. so what if his speech didnt jump out at u, that is your opinon. he touched alot of people so what if he didnt touch u. his speech doesnt have to make history because HE DID! YAS HE DID!!!

  2. Any comment from Couric on all this anywhere?

    Has Team Obama at all suggested how they intend to deal (if at all) with News Corp/Fixed News? I’d like to see them BAN communication back to that organisation of media terror.

    Wouldn’t it be glorious if the only access Sean Travesty-to-Humanity or Bill-o-the-Clown has is to sad/unloved Republican operatives and haters.

    They can spin themselves out of control in their own feedback loops.

    • The only thing I’ve heard Couric say about the interview was that she took no credit for herself – she just gave Palin an opportunity to air her views.

      As for Obama, he has on occasion taken Fox to task but he has also capitulated by appearing with Chris Wallace and Bill O’Reilly. However, in his first post-election press conference he didn’t call on Fox. I don’t expect that to continue as Obama is too much of a pragmatist. We’ll see.

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