George W. Bush: Lame. Duck!

On what George Bush must think is his victory lap, the president surprised the country he destroyed with one last visit before he slips off into irrelevancy. However, during a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, one of the reporters slipped off his shoes and hurled them at Bush.

After the incident, Bush dismissed it saying that it was merely “one way of getting attention.” But in the Middle East, the symbolism of shoes is much deeper than that. Even crossing your legs in a manner that shows the sole of your shoe to someone is considered a supreme insult.

Take this, Bushie…


7 thoughts on “George W. Bush: Lame. Duck!

  1. This site is lame. That’s OK though. Once The One® is in office everything, including this pathetic site, will be much better!

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence. I can’t wait to get better.

  2. I can’t wait to quit my job and live off of the hopes and dreams of Obama! Thank you, President Elect!

    • I quit my job three years ago and I can tell you from personal experience that hopes and dreams are the best things to live off of. Life is too short to waste it not pursuing your dreams. So I would advise you to quit your job as soon as possible (if you haven’t already lost it in the Bush Recession).

      • What is the transfer rate of hopes and dreams to dollars? I’ll be rich with Obama’s currency! 😀

        • The transfer rate? I’m not sure, but it’s way more than the rotten beans BushCo has converted our currency into.

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