JesusCare Being Pushed By Fox News As An Alternative To ObamaCare

Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) has been accelerating every month since the mangled launch of the Internet health insurance exchanges. Despite the early difficulties, nearly four million people have acquired insurance that is comprehensive and inexpensive. Millions more are now covered by Medicaid or policies purchased by their parents. Americans overall have indicated in most polls that they prefer keeping ObamaCare in place and fixing any problems, rather than repealing it.

Those facts are the incentive for Fox News to redouble their efforts to sabotage the new law by proposing irresponsible alternatives that virtually guarantee to cause suffering, both physically and financially. On New Year’s Eve Fox News offered up eight alternatives to ObamaCare that failed utterly in providing the protection that is expected of an insurance plan. And now Fox is following up with what may be the most absurd suggestion on the list.

Fox News JesusCare

On Fox & Friends First, and later on America’s Newsroom, the anti-health network ran stories about what they called a Christian alternative to ObamaCare. But what they were peddling is just a medical expense sharing collective that has numerous deficiencies such as no coverage for preexisting conditions, no coverage for routine medical services like annual physical exams, no coverage for “products of un-Biblical lifestyles,” such as contraception or substance rehab, or some preventive medicine, including colonoscopies and mammograms.

What’s more, in order to participate the applicant must pledge their Christian faith and promise not to drink, take drugs or have sex outside of a traditional marriage. And perhaps most worrisome is the fact that, because these organizations are not insurance companies, they are not legally obligated to reimburse anyone for anything and there is no regulatory oversight that protects the consumer.

JesusCare is about as effective a replacement for ObamaCare as faith healing. It may pay for a flu shot, but if you need an appendectomy or are diagnosed with diabetes, you are either going to have to go without care or descend into a financial abyss. Either way, you and your family will suffer unnecessarily.

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For Fox News to continue to do stories promoting this sort of fringe enterprise is downright dangerous. And the only reason they persist is because they are so fixated on doing harm to ObamaCare by attempting to constrain participation. Like the Republican Party, who early on declared that they hope President Obama fails, Fox News wants ObamaCare to fail. And they don’t seem to mind that the people who will be hurt are Americans who were gullible enough to take their bad advice.


5 thoughts on “JesusCare Being Pushed By Fox News As An Alternative To ObamaCare

  1. the applicant must pledge their Christian faith and promise not to drink, take drugs or have sex outside of a traditional marriage.

    Well, that pretty much discounts around 75% of the anticipated number of subscribers, given what I have seen of so-called “Christians” as of late. I’m also guessing that they are cutting corners on the comprehensiveness of the plan given that they see death and eternal comfort in heaven as a more economical alternative to competent treatment.

  2. Their plan sounds like the plan I had before I signed up for Obamacare, which provided me with a much better plan for less money. This plan is worse than the bad plan I used to have. Who the fuck can take these nimrods seriously? Some times you wonder if they are serious then they come up with crazier schemes and ideas.

  3. WTF?! I feel like I’m in a dream.. or nightmare rather. Is this for real?

  4. The Nazis at Fox are at it again. Rupert Murdoch shouldn’t be allowed to have any media in America.

  5. I might listen to Fox News’ jeasuscare ideas more if they had ever displayed any christian tendencies.

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