Koch Brothers Tea Party Front Group Caught In An ObamaCare Lie (Again)

In the past few weeks Americans For Prosperity (AFP), the Koch brothers financed Tea Party propaganda outfit, has produced a couple of anti-ObamaCare ads that featured alleged “victims” of the health insurance reform. The campaign ended in embarrassment for AFP when the phony “horror stories” were revealed to be utterly false. Independent analysis of the insurance coverage available to the subjects of the ads proved that they were better off under ObamaCare than they were without it.

Koch Bros. Fatcat

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So AFP abandoned that strategy and released an ad that consisted of a lone spokeswoman making vague criticisms of ObamaCare in a tone of voice dripping with despondency and a tag line bemoaning that “It just doesn’t work.” However, even with this tactic of avoiding any verifiable content that might get them tied up in another counterfactual morass, they still managed to produce a thoroughly dishonest commercial that received a “False” rating from PolitiFact.

The principle claim in the new ad was that “millions are paying more and getting less.” However, as PolitiFact’s research shows, there is no truth to the claim:

PolitiFact: Americans are getting more benefits under the law in a number of ways — including, in some cases, being able to buy affordable insurance for the first time.

In addition, insurance purchased in the individual and small group marketplace must meet 10 essential health benefits. This includes coverage for emergency services and hospitalization, prescription drugs, free preventative coverage for things ranging from basic immunizations to HIV screening, and maternity care.

The law also caps out-of-pocket costs, providing greater protection from exorbitant hospital bills. The most a person could pay for health care in a year is $6,300; the most a family can pay is $12,600.

Before the law passed, some insurers capped annual or lifetime benefits, forcing people who thought they were covered to pay large hospital bills once they passed the threshold.

People with pre-existing conditions are also seeing a lot more benefits, since they previously couldn’t buy a policy at all.

PolitiFact concludes by saying that “At worst, they’re paying more to get more, though in many cases they’re actually paying less.” They also include a chart that shows that, while insurance premiums have risen since ObamaCare became law, the rise is slower than in any of the previous fourteen years. What critics of ObamaCare always seem to forget is that before it came along insurance companies routinely raised premiums, canceled plans, narrowed doctor networks, and declined coverage. They also refused patients with preexisting conditions, terminated patients when they filed claims, and capped benefits at amounts far below realistic costs for care.

Prior to ObamaCare it was always the insurance company that came between the patient and the doctor. And their motivation was strictly related to increasing profits. ObamaCare’s mandates are aimed at improving health care and medical outcomes, not enriching corporations and their executives.

As for Americans For Prosperity, the Koch brothers, and their PR division, Fox News, you have to wonder, if ObamaCare is so terrible, then why do they have to repeatedly lie about it to make it look bad? Why can’t they find any real horror stories? Why can’t they tell the truth about the economics of the program? Why do they so feverishly try to frighten people away?


4 thoughts on “Koch Brothers Tea Party Front Group Caught In An ObamaCare Lie (Again)

  1. We have all of these groups deliberately pushing disinformation against the ACA. Then we have numerous groups countering the deception with some factual basis or investigative analysis.
    This has been ongoing well before the ACA became the law, so why does it constantly continue?
    I think it’s because those working against know that they have a captive audience (well documented on this site) that does not question the constant barrage disinformation aimed specifically at them. They will not find themselves on Politifact or reading any article that counters what they have been told to believe. When there is no other source of information, one tends to rely upon that which is present as reliable and authentic.

  2. Shouldn’t your little critter say, “We only lie because we can”? You almost make it like sound like it’s congenital for these guys. 🙂

  3. I must admit the kind of tactics noted in this article – assuming true – really isn’t the best use of money. I wish they would focus on pointing out the real bad, not made up bad. Government interference beyond just fixing the problems with insurance – the individual mandate, the forced (minimum) coverage levels, the hand out to the insurance industry (which this is) – all good attack points without misleading or lying or whatever. Straight up conservatism is always a winner over progressivism when argued honestly, but this approach is just destructive. Some day we may have an actual honest debate on this kind of thing, but I guess we’ll just need to wait. I guarantee we’ll just need to be screwed by the unintended effects of this law before anything really changes in the debate.

    • Before that “debate” you speak of actually happens, you’re already condemning the policy.

      It says much for how you would really react to such a debate if (and this is a BIG IF, the right has had all the opportunity to talk about all the “bad points” of Obamacare, policy wise, as you yourself pointed out, but, as Mark has also pointed out, instead of doing that, they have resorted to things like attacking the rollout or of pushing false stories inclined to frighten people away from the policy) sucha debate actually happens.

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