Fox News Insults ACORN With Blatantly False Headline

Fox News is reporting its distinctly dishonest version of a story concerning voter registration fraud in Miami. The article on the Fox News home page features a blaring headline and photo that declares an “ACORN INSULT” has been made against the late Paul Newman in commission of voter fraud. Clicking the link to the full article delivers Fox’s story about eleven ACORN workers for whom warrants have issued in conjunction with an investigation. Only here does Fox reveal at least part of the truth with a headline that reads “ACORN Turns in Florida Workers on Voter Fraud Charges.”

That’s right, ACORN turned in the fraudulent registration forms and the employees responsible for them. How does that square with the sensationalistic rhetoric about “insults” that Fox attributed to ACORN?

But the gesture Fox made after clicking the false headline still did not repair the error. The case against the ACORN employees was not one of voter fraud. It was voter registration fraud. The distinction is significant because the former can produce an improperly cast ballot. However, in these cases of registration fraud, there was no possibility that fake votes could occur. What’s more, the actual victim of the crime is ACORN itself, as they were being duped by personnel attempting to receive payment for work they did not do.

Another problem with Fox’s reporting is that it took them until halfway through the story to address the fact that it was ACORN who turned in the false registrations and employees. In a terse, single sentence, Fox conceded that a spokesperson for the Florida state attorney’s office told Fox that it was ACORN who alerted the authorities to the crimes. Fox didn’t bother to go further and report that the state attorney’s office praised ACORN for their diligence, saying…

“We’ve been very aggressive about a lot of these cases. But we would not have known about these workers unless ACORN brought it to us.”

Finally, Fox closes their article with a reprise of insinuations against ACORN for fraudulent activity during last year’s presidential campaign. Once again, those accusations were brought to the attention of authorities by ACORN. But Fox merely reports that “ACORN’s activities were frequently questioned…” Fox does not report that it was Fox, and the conservative organizations they front for, who were doing the questioning.

This is just another in the endless stream of bias that is part and parcel of the “fair and balanced” pseudo-news enterprise that is best known for how it Fakes News.


5 thoughts on “Fox News Insults ACORN With Blatantly False Headline

  1. FAUX NEWS and Murdock and truth are like ships that pass in the night,but with no lights.
    FAUX NEWS is TV for the dumb and credulous,you need to be unable to think to believe anything that FAUX NEWS says

  2. I’m just surprised this story wasn’t accompanied by the familiar FOX formulaic heading: ACORN, villain or victim? YOU decide. Not really.

    • For the record, The Fox Nationalists had the headline “Arrest Warrants Issued for 11 ACORN Workers.” That linked to the same article that the Fox News site did.

      • Sorry for my pathetic attempt at sarcasm. Of course I know FOX would never allow its readers/viewers to consider the possibility that ACORN is actually the injured party in this incident. I was mimicking their habit of injecting an insidious notion into the dialogue with plausible deniability by framing it as a question.

        • I got it. It was perfectly good sarcasm. I just thought I’d mention the Fox Nation headline to pile on.

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