The Glenn Beck Blackboard Challenge

Let’s face it…Glenn Beck is insane. He rattles off loopy conspiracy theories that connect dots that only he can see. He makes wild and unsubstantiated accusations against his perceived enemies. He weeps incessantly over unexplained threats to “his” country. And, best of all, he draws pictures of his hallucinations that he thinks makes everything oh-so-clear.

It occurred to me that he might be able to use a little help (OK, a lot of help). So I drew up a few pictures of my own that convey a bit of the altered reality that infests Beck’s brain. This is my contribution to enhancing the understanding of a profoundly disturbed individual going through a very public psychological collapse.

If you are so inclined, feel free to make your own contributions and leave links to your work in comments.

Have at it.

And just to put some perspective on the impact of Beck, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll reveals that most respondents don’t know who the heck he is:

“According to the poll, 24 percent have a “positive” view of the Fox News host, while 19 percent view him negatively. Interestingly, 15 percent were “neutral” and 42 percent said they didn’t know Beck or weren’t sure.”

That’s comforting. And I wouldn’t worry about the 24% positive. It’s probably the same deadenders that support Bush, Palin, and Joe the Plumber.


20 thoughts on “The Glenn Beck Blackboard Challenge

  1. If I were Beck (yeah, I know), I’d be more concerned with that 42 percent than with the 19, since no doubt he’d rather have negative attention than none at all. (It’s called the absolute value of attention.) I mean, what kind of cheap, imbecilic, nonsensical stunts can a guy pull beyond the ones he’s already pulling to get more of the public to notice him?

  2. Ummm If I were you I’d watch Glen Beck as he is one of the last good sources of viable govenment news. If we dont get our act together we are going to be flying a new flag. A communist one. I for one for one fought for the freedom to express views freely. Now the tri lateral commission has bought all liberal media outlets and you my friends are the brainwashed dopes buying these liberal broadcasts of absolute bunk. If the news doesnt glorify liberal views its simply not played. Prime examples are ACORN, the 9/12 project. How can over a million people walking a protest go unnoticed in Washington DC by all media outlets except FOX news?
    I’ll tell you how. They are bought and paid for and under the the control of someone with limitless resources. Allow yourself to watch glen beck with an open mind and maybe you will WAKE UP!

    • You think that the media is brainwashing people so you have to watch Beck? How much more ironic can you get?

      The fact that you believe that more than a million people attended the tea bagging (a Fox-sponsored event) and that America is on the verge of becoming communist, says all we need to know about the effect of brainwashing by Fox News.

      Allow yourself to TURN OFF Fox and maybe you will return to SANITY!

      • Everyone join together to bring down people who ask justifiable questions instead of answering them like a reasonable person! Only by intimidation and trashing those who defy us leftists can we make America a communist state!

        • Only by believing that Glenn Beck’s questions are reasonable can we make America moronic state.

    • Ya, “a million people” who turned out to be somewhere in the vicinity of 100k. You can’t find more willfully ignorant bunch of yak than these teabaggers. Logical construct does not affect them.

  3. are you kidding me! wake up
    he has neer benn proven wrong and outed van jones and valerie!
    you are watching the wrong tv…tune to fox for the truth!

  4. I’m always looking for opposing points of view from the pro Obama crowd. I agree with Glenn beck on most issues. He does have a blind spot when it comes to racial differences. He seems to think people of all races are mentally and emotionally exactly the same and interchangeable. I think different races have their own unique strengths and weaknesses and need to live under different sets of laws. That being said, I’ve never come across a “leftist” viewpoint that makes any sense. Please, tell me why you think Glenn Beck is wrong. Just saying he’s “insane” or “conspiratorial” isn’t an argument. What the hell were you trying to prove with the blackboard pictures other than showing you have no argument? Why not just post that “I think Glenn Beck is a stupid head because he doesn’t like Obama”? That’s the level of all pro Obama arguments. Is there no other reason to support Obama other than he’s half black?

    • If you think that I’m going to get into a debate with some jackass who thinks that different races need to live under different sets of laws, then you’re crazy than Beck.

    • all i have to say is thank you, your comment is one of the few ive read on this shit list that made any sence

  5. Right. Beck has never been proven wrong. Rockefeller absolutely was a communist. The richest men in the country often are in a hurry to give it all up and redistribute it. And sure a million people showed up for his rally. That’s why blogs used pictures from ten year old events for aerial views to make it more impressive. The fact that you brought up the tri lateral commission says even more about your insanity than your racist friend two comments down’s notions of separate but equal laws. It’s a Larouche conspiracy theory from the seventies used to go after Carter. You really think that the reason only one network is spewing all of this nonsense is because absolutely every other reputable media outlet in the world is lying? That’s paranoia my friends. And the notion that all these giant media corporations run by multi billionaires are in the tank for Obama because they want to bring about a communist state is equally laughable. Trust me, it’s not the wealthy media elites who want to see all wealth redistributed. Beck’s bosses just have their cashmere panties in a bunch at the notion of having to pay taxes and not getting to run roughshod over the American populace like W let them do for nearly a decade.

    • That’s way too much reason for the right-winger you’re responding to. 😉

  6. It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.
    A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
    Thomas Jefferson

  7. I have been a mental health professional for over 30 years. I worked with recovering alcoholics and addicts in Arizona during the 70’s. I can tell you that Mr. Becks behavior is completely consistent with an individual who has switched from one drug of choice to another. Doctors quite often will prescribe various medications to take the place of either alcohol or cocaine. It is legal but unethical. Mr. Beck has commented several times on his use of Nyquil to sleep at night. Nyquil is over 10% alcohol and is not to be used by recovering alcoholics or addicts. Mr. Beck has had 2 surgeries in the last 2 years. Both instances required to continued use of narcotics. Both Mr. Beck and Mr. Limbaugh exhibit the angry, delusional paranoia common among long term addicts. If the conservative movement has elevated these two individuals to the stature of leaders, then the movement itself has become dysfunctional and delusional. This was the case with the Fascist movement and the Communist movement as both had leaders who were chemically dependent.

    • I don’t want to get too into remote diagnoses of these people (ala Dr. Frist), but those are interesting points. I think it is fair to say that Beck has problems.

    • mabey they’re angry and take drugs because of left-winged idiots like you

  8. It’s true that some times Beck “rattles off loopy conspiracy theories that connect dots that only he can see” and that he “makes wild and unsubstantiated accusations” and he “draws pictures of his hallucinations that he thinks makes everything oh-so-clear.” One of my problems with Beck is that he greatly exaggerates facts in order to scare people into his way of thinking.

    Of course you can take Beck’s name out of this posting and replace it with the name of any environmentalist and it would still be true. Americans find it heard to believe environmentalists because they have repeatedly proven themselves untrustworthy. There are genuine issues with mankind’s role on the planet but it is hard to get the masses to take them seriously because they have been repeatedly told that a thimble’s worthy of danger is actually a gallon. Everything we have ever been told about the environment has been a gross exaggeration; in other words a lie.

    Styrofoam? Turns out it is the most eco-friendly packaging for food.

    Climate change? It exists, humans haven’t had any effect on it, but it does exist. It has always existed and always will whether humans are here or not.

    Global warming? It lasted about 5 years, turns out it’s just part of the natural flux of the planet. And again their is zero proof that mankind has had any effect on it whatsoever.

    Glacial erosion? Another gross misrepresentation of facts. Have the world’s glaciers been shrinking? No doubt. Just like they did in the 1920’s in the exact same locations that it is occurring now and by the 1930’s the glaciers were back. It is a natural part of their life-cycle. There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about it.

    So, yes, Beck does manipulate facts and try to promote fear just like the environmentalists do and for the exact same reason, money. If people didn’t send billions of dollars to Green Peace each year the leaders of that organization wouldn’t care how many whales were slaughtered. The biggest threat to the environment is environmentalists.

    People in glass houses . . .

  9. Beck or Olbermann…George Washington or Karl Marx…..democratic republic or socialism….
    I’ll pick the former every time.

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