Glenn Beck: 2009 Misinformer Of The Year

On the heels of the announcement that Sarah Palin had edged out Glenn Beck for “Lie of the Year,” Beck has bounced back to nab the Media Matters honor of 2009 Misinformer of the Year.

This award caps a year of distinguished prevarication by an acknowledged master of the art. Beck has broken records for dishonesty with creative use of insinuation, hyperbole, conspiracy, insults, exaggeration, and paranoia induced hallucination.

Congratulations Glenn. You earned it.


4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: 2009 Misinformer Of The Year

  1. You know, its really weird that you’ve never actually proved him wrong…(You have no proof, you rely on your own opinion!)

    • There’s lots of proof, but you need to be rational and honest to grasp it. And I have published many of the lies of Beck – not differences of opinion – LIES! But I know you won’t bother to educate yourself about it. You couldn’t blaspheme your Savior.

      • So, where’s your proof that Beck lies?

        • I’m getting tired of repeating this. Rightists really don’t like to do their own research. Here is a partial list of outright lies:

          Obama is creating a Nazi-like civilian force.
          Van Jones is a convicted felon.
          ACORN is receiving billions of dollars.
          Eco-terrorists bombed radio tower in Washington.
          1.7 million Tea Baggers at 9/12 rally.
          UAW workers earn average $154.00 per hour.
          Carbon dioxide not a dangerous pollutant.
          Anita Dunn worships Mao.
          Obama threatened to close Nebraska military base.

          And today on his show Beck restated the “death panel” lie. This time he tried to tie it to rationing. The truth is that it was originally raised with regard to end-of-life counseling. But Beck even lied about that.

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