WorldNetDaily Sues To Attend Press Party

WorldNetDaily, the rabidly right-wing Internet site most famous for its obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate, is suing the White House Correspondents Association. WND asserts that they’ve been insulted because the press group has agreed to allocate only one table at their annual party to WND, rather than the three tables they requested. Where WND got the impression that that they had a right to as many tables as they want is a mystery. But an even bigger mystery is why they care so much at all.

WND is a fierce critic of the President and all things liberal. They exhibit overt disdain for the press which they frequently castigate in the most disparaging terms. Last year, one of their columnists, David Limbaugh, described the WHCA as engaging in…

“…behavior no one can rationally dispute as hateful at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.”

Yet this is the organization whose party they are now so desperate to crash that they will resort to a lawsuit because they didn’t get enough tickets. And furthermore, it is not just a snub by the press association, it is an assault on the Constitution, because WND blames the the White House for pressuring the WHCA into denying the additional seats. As usual, WND offers no evidence whatsoever of White House involvement in the guest list for the private press club.

WND asserts in their suit that they will be materially damaged as a result of not being permitted to attend in the numbers they would like. Their complaint says that they have been “shut out” (which is false), and as a result will lose credibility in the news business. First of all, that would suggest that they had any credibility to begin with. Secondly, it is curious as to how not attending an event crammed with people you regard as disreputable would harm your public image. And finally, if it is detrimental to not be in attendance, then most of the media has been harmed, because the majority of journalists don’t make it to the party.

What we have here is the petulant behavior of a childish malcontent who, although he hates the other kids in school, is still pissed off that he isn’t going to the prom. It is a sad and pathetic gesture that will probably be laughed out of court – literally.