Bill O’Reilly Launches His Fourth Feeble Boycott Of Mexico

The people of Mexico must have woken up this morning shuddering in abject fear. The day began with an ominous threat directed at them by a frightful behemoth of American power.

Bill O'Reilly

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That’s right. Bill O’Reilly is mad and his anger cannot be assuaged. Whether it’s immigration, or the arrest of Americans who broke Mexican laws, or heartburn that flared up suspiciously after consuming a Fiery Doritos Taco Supreme, O’Reilly is inconsolable. His fury has been unbound and woe be unto his foes.

Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, the irascible host had had enough and announced that he was not going to go to Mexico. He called on every American to join his boycott of the nation that he said is “not our friend”.

“It is time for all of us to stop going there. That country is not our friend. It knows and helps the millions of people that are crossing its territory to enter the USA illegally. Mexico is allowing that to happen. Why? Because they don’t really like us and they are corrupt. They get money to allow the human trafficking.

“Add to that the Marine, Sergeant Tahmooressi who has post-traumatic stress disorder incarcerated down there. And you have Mexican President Nieto giving us the middle finger. Well you know what Mr. Nieto? You know what? I’m not going to your country. And I’m asking every American to boycott you because you, and your government, is harming the USA.”

And this is no idle threat. O’Reilly is dead serious. Just as he was when he initiated Mexican boycotts on three previous occasions:

  • May 17, 2006: I will call for a total boycott of Mexican goods and no travel to your country.
  • December 19, 2012: I’m calling for a national boycott of Mexico. No one goes and the airlines stop flying there.
  • May 29, 2013: I think this is the end of Mexican tourism. […] Well, guess who’s gonna lead that boycott?

As the world has seen, those previous economic actions devastated Mexico. Mexican tourism has ended. Unless you count the over 20 million Americans who traveled to Mexico last year making it the most popular destination for American tourists.

Further evidence of O’Reilly’s influence on international travel is evident in his boycott of France in 2003 because they refused to support George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Media Matters compiled the damage done by the boycott, including O’Reilly’s claim of declining revenue (which was false) as reported by the Paris Business Review (which doesn’t exist).

Nevertheless, O’Reilly is adamant that the Mexicans deserve to be punished for the unsatisfactory quality of their friendship. This despite the fact that he never offered proof that Mexico doesn’t like us, or that they help millions to cross the border illegally for profit. They have earned his wrath and they shall suffer it. He so upset that he is pushing this boycott even though he regards boycotts as un-American. This is what he said about a boycott aimed at Rush Limbaugh after he insulted then law student Sandra Fluke by calling her a prostitute:

“The entire boycott movement is garbage. The far left threatening sponsors who advertise on programs they don’t like is flat-out un-American. […] The boycott movement from the left right now is driven by threats.”

So good luck, Mexico. You are in for some trying times as O’Reilly and his minions revamp their travel itineraries to avoid the southern border. I’m sure you are crushed by his criticisms and even more anguished by his personal promise to stay away. There will be no book signings, or paparazzi brigades, or arrogant lectures on the immorality of Spring Break. From now on, Mexico, you are on your own. You will have to find some way to endure without Bill O’Reilly.


21 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Launches His Fourth Feeble Boycott Of Mexico

  1. Mexico, although certain to fall into utter chaos as a result of the boycott, appears to be gaining the upper hand for we here in the US are still forced to endure with Bill O’Reilly.

    • This is a boycott of Mexico by the VFW. The VFW has 2 million members it is not about Bill O Reilly.
      Why are you and the leftist media trying to trivialize it? Also why does Obama refuse to do anything?

      • “I’m asking every American to boycott you…” Bill O’Reilly

        Sounds like Bill. He said that. Perhaps the VFW are, too, but this is about Billy, not the VFW.

        Perhaps it’s trivialized because, in the grand scheme of things, it’s trivial. Boycott Mexico. Fine. I have more important hings to worry about. It also trivializes itself when one boycotts a place they weren’t going to anyway…

  2. Maybe it’s the fourth time that’s the charm.

    • This is a boycott of Mexico by the Veterans Of Foreign Wars. It is not about Bill O Reilly.
      The VFW has a membership of 2 million people.

      • “I’m asking every American to boycott you…” Bill O’Reilly

        Sounds like Bill. He said that. Perhaps the VFW are, too, but this is about Billy, not the VFW.

  3. And Bill-O will have to do without tequila. Hmm, maybe that wasn’t as well thought out as he thought. Imbecile…

  4. We Can Only Hope that Bill and Miller will be on a Plane Hijacked to Mexico City!

  5. My wife and I were thinking of going to Mexico, again, because we like it there. O’Reilly just sealed the deal, we are going for sure now!

    • Hopefully you don’t get beheaded by the drug cartel 🙂

      • I’m more nervous of going to the US and getting shot in a mass shooting spree…

        • True. The presidents city Chicago is the worst city for murders.

  6. I’m not going to Mexico. Bill is correct. Mexico doesn’t like us!

    • I am pointing and laughing AT you – little neo-sheep.
      Anyone who takes Bill-O seriously needs to be laughed at. Repeatedly.

      • True.
        I believe the president, Lois Learner, Hillary and Holder. I take them seriously. They are much more truthful than Bill O.

    • I agree.
      I don’t want to limit the government. I also don’t want our government to be fiscally responsible I want to continue growing our debt and let our kids deal with it. We also don’t need prayers in our children’s schools.

  7. Can Bill O’Stinky please stop eating as well? Some of the food he eats is handled and picked by those illegals he hates. Why wont he do one better and publicly announce all the farms and companies who hire illegals and boycott them? They wouldn’t come here if they didn’t have paying jobs when they arrive.

  8. For the 20 million that went to Mexico, maybe their they were confused. Instead of joining the “Colonel” at Operation American Spring, they went to Operation American Spring Break in Cancun.

  9. To which the entire nation sighed and spontaneously offered up an earnestly whispered, “Gracias Jesus!”

  10. First of all It is not about Bill O Reilly. The VFW are asking people to boycott Mexico until we get Sgt. Andrew back. I don’t know why some people are hostel toward him. Just because Bill O Reilly reported something on TV doesn’t make it all about him. Some people act like it does. I don’t know why Obama doesn’t do anything. He could get our Marine back just by making a phone call. Obama could at least put a check point on the US side to warn people to turn around it they are not trying to go to Mexico. Why do they allow a road that does not let people turn around? Why don’t the Mexicans just tell people to turn around it they do not want to enter? I was think about taking a cruise where one of it’s stops is Mexico. I am going to hold off on booking it now until Sgt. Andrew is released.

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