Malkin’s Centanni Conspiracy Theory

Cameraman Olaf Wiig, of New Zealand, and American correspondent Steve Centanni are Fox News journalists who were kidnapped last week. Their abduction was reported widely but, consistent with modern news cycling, the story has been suplanted by newer, more sensational stories.

But this doesn’t stop Michelle Malkin from regurgitating speculation, that she attributes to her readers, that the real reason there has not been more reporting (and outrage) is because the media at large just doesn’t care about the folks at Fox:

“The most common suspicion among my readers is that bias against Fox News Channel is coming into play.”

What a despicable notion for her to promote. This reveals much about her readers, and even more about her for choosing to spotlight it. Especially because there was no shortage of coverage a week ago when the two went missing. Beyond the shamefulness of this, she demonstrates complete ignorance of how the media operates. Does she think this drama-addicted press could settle its gaze on a story with nothing breaking and no pictures when JonBenet Ramsey’s alleged murderer is flying business class to L. A.?

She does mention the possibility that the press is treading lightly because there may be sensitive negotiations taking place to secure their release, but that doesn’t excuse her shock news-jock tactics that have no foundation whatsoever. She does not, however, mention that this may not be a kidnapping at all. Since all of the usual supects have denied responsibility, and there has been no communication with lists of demands or ransom, this may just be a terrible crime that is unrelated to the politics or conflict in the region.

Who, exactly is perpetrating this bias against Fox? This allegation cannot be directed at the media, because Fox is itself the top rated cable news channel, and their coverage is identical to the coverage of the rest of the pack. She is aping the tactics of her mentor, Bill O’Reilly, who frequently disparages the media for its bias and subserviance to the far left secularists. He does this from atop the perch of his number one rated cable news program. Who do they think the media is?

Malkin doesn’t bother to offer any support for the theory she is spreading, but I suppose it may be too much to expect anything like jounalistic ethics from her.