Rand Paul States The Obvious: The Republican Party Brand Sucks

Every now and then a politician will surprise people by saying something that is manifestly true. However, they often only resort to that strategy when it is also unarguably obvious or they have an absurd explanation for why the truth is what it is.

Sen. Rand Paul (KY-Tea Party) made just such a pronouncement yesterday while on the campaign trail for his Kentucky colleague, Mitch McConnell. The glaringly evident observation that Paul issued was that “The Republican Party brand sucks.”

Rand Paul

No, really? Who knew? Well, pretty much everybody except for GOP chair Reince Priebus and most of the cult-bound viewers of Fox News. Notwithstanding all of the media pouncing on President Obama’s low approval rating in recent polls, his 41% looks awfully good compared to the GOP’s ranking down in the low teens. So it’s understandable that Paul would seek to provide a tortured interpretation of reality to explain the public’s distaste for his party. And apparently it’s all the fault of colored folk.

Paul: For 80 years African-Americans have had nothing to do with Republicans. Why? Because of a perception. The problem is the perception that no one in the Republican Party cares.

Indeed there is a perception among African-Americans (and Latinos, and women, and gays, and youth, and seniors, and workers, and the poor) that Republicans don’t care about them. But it is a perception based on political reality. The GOP’s policies have been aimed straight at the heart of Americans who are not wealthy or otherwise privileged. When Republicans oppose raising the minimum wage, and cutting social security, and advocating tax reform that puts more money in the pockets of the rich while incentivizing corporations to send American jobs overseas, there will be a perception resulting from such deliberately harmful legislative practices.

What’s more, if African-Americans have had nothing to do with Republicans for 80 years, it may have something to do with the fact that throughout all of that time the Republicans have tried to suppress them by opposing the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act, and other measures aimed at insuring a more equal society. Even today the GOP has been fiercely fighting to impose obstacles to voting for minorities and other citizens they fear will vote against the GOP. Why on Earth would any of these disenfranchised Americans have a positive perception of Republicans?

Paul, it should be noted, is specifically among those who have advocated for policies harmful to African Americans. In an epic debate with Rachel Maddow he argued his position against parts of the Civil Rights Act, although he later denied he ever took such a position. This disparity is certain to come up again should Paul enter the primary for the GOP nomination for president in 2016, as many expect that he will.

So it is small wonder that the Republican Party brand sucks. It is more surprising that anyone might still hold it in high regard. But for Paul to carry this message as if he were positioned to fix the branding is ludicrous. And the notion that the GOP’s problems are merely related to perceptions, rather than substantive differences with their historical and current platform, is really just another example of why the party is so out of touch.


3 thoughts on “Rand Paul States The Obvious: The Republican Party Brand Sucks

  1. If people actually decided not to vote against their own self interest, rich people would be the only ones voting republican. But ignorance and stupidity always seem to cause havoc. I have yet to see what any recent republican administration has done for anyone who isn’t rich. Certainly not helping working class people. And until they do something for the average citizen, their brand will continue to suck.

    • Whose interest are we talking about here – yours as a federal worker – making sure your paycheck continues. Or the people who actually pay the taxes performing private sector work – you know, the ones who support this vast federal bureaucracy that employs too many people to support. I’m not trying to be mean – but really – don’t you think being up front about your motivation to keep a party that loves the federal bureaucracy in place?

      • I pay taxes just like everyone else. Not sure why you would think otherwise. Someone else doing your thinking for you?

        And you have avoided stating what republican policies have done for anyone who isn’t rich. I’ll even give you one to get you jump started: Obamacare. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative thinktank, and Newt Gingrich came up with that one and Mitt Romney put it into practise as governor in Mass. And giving rich people tax cuts which the working class have to make up is a non-starter. Trickledown economics has proven to be a disaster for all except rich people. That ship has sailed.

        And as a side note, the Obama administration induced economic recovery which shows unemployment under 6%, refers to the private sector. Gov’t jobs were left unfilled to appease republicans. If federal jobs were filled at the same rate as the private sector, the rate might be closer to 5%.

        And let’s remember, conservatives idea of governing is do nothing except cut taxes and slash regulations. In doing so, we witnessed the worst economic disaster since the great depression.

        So, name a republican policy that does something for working class people.

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