Trump Brags About Turning a Majority of Republicans Against Democracy

There are many things for which Donald Trump will be remembered. They include being impeached for his complicity with Russian election interference, caging children and separating them from their parents, wasting billions of dollars on a fake border wall that Mexico will never pay for, alienating allies, and driving the economy into a persistent recession. Wait, that aint all.

Donald Trump, Republican, GOP

Trump has also presided over the despoiling the environment, skimming millions of taxpayer funds for himself, wantonly violating innumerable laws, humiliating the nation with his hostile and infantile behavior, and, of course, being responsible for the deaths of a quarter of a million Americans due to his ignorance, incompetence, and deliberate mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s quite a legacy. But it is apparently not enough for Trump. He is using his final days in the White House to purposefully undermine respect for the most fundamental American principles. Rather than accept the obvious and decisive defeat that he was dealt by President-elect Joe Biden, Trump has chosen to malign democracy with repeated assertions that the election he so deservedly lost was “rigged” by an implausible cabal of Democrats, Republicans, press, tech companies, civil servants, and even members of his own administration whom he appointed.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s bitter and selfish defiance of reality has resulted in an attitudinal shift among his weak minded cult followers and Fox News junkies. The consequences have been affirmed in a new poll by Reuters/Ipsos. And Trump is so proud of the findings that he featured it in his Wednesday morning tweetstorm:

Needless to say, literally everything Trump alleged in that tweet is verifiably false. Some of it was even stipulated as false by his attorneys in one of the many court cases he’s filed. For the record, Trump is 1 in 24, a nearly perfect score of lawsuit losses. But never fear, according to his lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani, losing is all part of his master plan.

The rest of his morning Twantrum was filled with baseless allegations that the Democratic victory was achieved by cheating, for which Trump has zero proof. Consequently, most of his tweets were flagged by Twitter as disputed, misleading or otherwise false. But that wrist-slapping hasn’t deterred him from continuing to lie. Nine of his 13 Wednesday morning tweets were also flagged.

The link that Trump provided in the tweet above led to the results of a poll that reveals the extent to which Trump has poisoned the political environment. It found that Republicans – Trump’s base – have abandoned any association with American democratic values. They are now a confederacy of anti-democratic subversives whose loyalty is only to their Dear Leader:

“Altogether, 73% of those polled agreed that Biden won the election while 5% thought Trump won. But when asked specifically whether Biden had ‘rightfully won,’ Republicans showed they were suspicious about how Biden’s victory was obtained. Fifty-two percent of Republicans said that Trump ‘rightfully won,’ while only 29% said that Biden had rightfully won. […] 68% of Republicans said they were concerned that the election was ‘rigged.'”

So a majority of Republicans share the delusional belief that Trump was the actual winner of the election. For that to be true, six million votes would have to be thrown out and the results from at least three states overturned. It’s a preposterous idea that has been nurtured by Trump’s relentless whining that he’s a victim of an extraordinarily powerful league of evildoers. His tweets scream out “UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!” and “I WON THE ELECTION.” And his minions chant along blindly.

Let’s not forget to give due credit for this mass hysteria to Fox News, a network that Media Matters has documented as having “cast doubt on or pushed conspiracy theories about the election results at least 574 times” just since Fox themselves called the election for Joe Biden. That’s the sort of air cover that turns Trump’s babbling into a thick mass of dogma that coats the brain cavities of his Deplorables.

Make no mistake, Trump, Republicans, and Fox News are doing the dirty work for Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and other foreign adversaries who are thrilled to see the American people losing faith in their own government. It is an unambiguous act of treason. What’s more, Trump himself used to think so. In 2016 he said that Democrats who disputed the legitimacy of his election were a direct threat to our democracy.”

Democrats, however, were not disparaging democratic processes or voting systems. They were questioning the unsavory relationships between Trump and Russian operatives. Those relationships were well documented and overtly damaging. The only party that is openly hostile to American democracy is Trump’s Republican Party. And that will remain an obstacle to the healing of our nation for the new Biden administration.

It is, therefore, critical that the crimes of the Trump administration be investigated and prosecuted in order to exorcise the demons summoned by Trump and his cohorts. If there aren’t consequences for those crimes, there will be no deterrent for others going forward. And worse, there will be no moral standing for the prospect of American leadership as an example of democratic freedom.

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Trump Said No One Will Talk About COVID After the Election, But He Is

There are numerous reasons why Donald Trump just lost the presidential election. They range from his abhorrent personality to his dangerous incompetence to his pathetic ignorance to his flaming bigotry to … aw hell, there’s too much to keep listing. But among the many reasons, we cannot forget how horribly he mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic that has killed nearly a quarter of a million Americans and counting.

Donald Trump, Coronavirus

For the most part, Trump spent much of the campaign season pretending that COVID-19 didn’t exist, or was already under control. This week he even took credit for a vaccine that he had absolutely nothing to do with, saying that “the Trump Administration has produced a great and safe VACCINE.” The vaccine was actually developed by Pfizer without any aid from Trump or his phony “Operation Warpspeed” initiative. The American people, however, knew that Trump was dealing in deadly lies. Nevertheless, Trump remained steadfast in his virus denialism. At one point he tweeted…

Trump repeatedly implied that the virus was a politically motivated hoax and that all discussion of it would disappear after the election. Sadly, the reality is that COVID-19 has only accelerated its infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities. No one is talking about low death rates or plentiful hospital rooms. Not even Trump. But he is talking about Congress producing a coronavirus relief bill.

What Trump is neglecting to mention is that the House of Representatives passed a bill months ago that Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, has blocked from getting a vote. And ever since then McConnell has refused to negotiate with Democrats. That is also the position of Trump who actually “instructed my representatives to stop negotiating” way back on October 6th. He left open the possibility of restarting negotiations after the election, but only if he won.

Well, Trump lost (although he’s still in a state of denial about it). And on Saturday he tweeted that “Congress must now do a Covid Relief Bill. Needs Democrats support. Make it big and focused. Get it done!” Of course, there is already a bill that has Democrats support. It’s the Republicans who are balking. And when Republicans deign to speak of it, they insist on a small bill that fails to address the massive needs of people, business, and local governments.

The bottom line is that Trump was wrong when said that no one would be talking about the pandemic; he was wrong when lying about a vaccine; he was wrong when he claimed we had “turned the corner”; and he was wrong in attempting to push for relief while implying that Democrats – not himself and the GOP – were stalling. He was just plain wrong about everything, as usual. And his reliable wrongness is going to result in more illness and death until he is finally out of office. At least there is now a light at the end of that dark tunnel.

NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be permanently suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. They just bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Thanks for your support.

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Trump Has Already Declared Victory So There’s No Need for Republicans to Vote

One thing that everyone can agree on is that 2020 has been the most unconventional presidential election in generations. And that can be attributed exclusively to Donald Trump and his brand of twisted reality TV governing and campaigning. He has driven the public discourse into an abyss of hostility, ignorance, and flagrant lies.

Donald Trump

What we once regarded as “Election Day” is now more accurately described as “Election Season.” It extends for several weeks prior to the designated end of in-person voting, to potentially several weeks after, as mail-in ballots are received and counted. This is the process that has been in effect for many years throughout most of the country, But Trump has made it controversial, at least to his glassy-eyed disciples who believe his nonsensical ravings.

However, that controversy isn’t really as significant as many people think. That’s because Trump, in addition to inventing it, has also defused it by preemptively declaring that he has already won. This is not merely his recent statement that he plans to declare victory on Tuesday night, whether or not sufficient vote totals show that or there has been a credible projection. Pennsylvania won’t even start counting their mail-in ballots until the next day.

Nope. This is Trump spiking the ball in celebration while he’s still on the 20 yard line. On many occasions Trump has said that the only way he could lose is if there is fraud. Therefore, he believes that absent any fraud, he is already the winner. And if that’s the case, then Republicans don’t even have to show up at the polls to vote. Their guy has claimed victory, so where’s the need?

Republicans can now spend election day partying in large groups without face masks or social distancing. They can contribute to Trump’s goal of “herd mentality” (aka immunity) by infecting themselves and their loved ones. They can get in their Trump-flagged pickup trucks and block traffic so that law enforcement and first responders are unable to do their jobs. Or they can just lay back and let Fox News fill them with more Trump-fluffing propaganda and fantasies about a dystopian world where all of their crackpot conspiracy theories come true.

Trump firmly believes that the race is over and that he has emerged victorious. He is convinced that the “Real Polls have us winning everywhere!” In his diseased mind they all show him beating Joe Biden by huge margins. That’s likely a defense mechanism that is triggered by his fear of defeat and malignant narcissism. His economic record is a disaster. His bizarre allegations against Biden have fallen apart. His donors abandoned him weeks ago. Even his Fox News sugar daddy, Rupert Murdoch, predicts Biden will beat him in a landslide.

But all is not well in Trumpville. As evidence of the desperation consuming the Trump camp, a photo went viral on Twitter Sunday that showed Biden not wearing a face mask on his plane. The Trumpists were aghast at what they charged was brazen hypocrisy. The only problem was that the photo was actually taken in November of 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. Note that this flagrantly false tweet was posted by Trump’s former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell. If that’s an indication of his intelligence, he should really crawl back under his rock and languish there in shame. It’s also notable that Grenell’s tweet was retweeted by Fox News host Mark Levin, another icon of imagined intellect.

In the meantime, Trump continues to assert that the race is essentially over and his reelection is a foregone conclusion. So let him think that. Don’t spoil it for him. Let him be surprised when the actual results show that he didn’t even come close. Let him suffer through the actual counting of the votes until it’s abundantly clear that America despises him. And let his supporters relax at home since he’s assured them that his reelection is a certainty. That’ll show them uppity libs.

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Partners in Grift: GOP Spent a Million Dollars on Hannity’s Trump-Fluffing Book

The Mutual Benefit Society that is comprised of Fox News, the Republican Party, and Donald Trump is marching lock-step forward to advance their totalitarian dystopia. And the funds that flow freely between them continue to grease the skids for a criminal president, an unprincipled political party, and a shameless media purveyor of flagrant propaganda.

Donald Trump Sean Hannity

With the last presidential debate (which Trump pitifully lost) tucked away in the history books, the opportunities for him to rescue his floundering reelection campaign are dwindling to nil. That may be the reason that he is refocusing his efforts on a post-presidency future that he vainly hopes will keep in him in the public eye. Above all else, Trump is desperate to maintain a link to the ego-stroking hordes who make up his cult following.

To that end, Trump is directing the resources of the Republican Party that he leads toward one of his most rabid supporters, Sean Hannity of Fox News. A new book by Hannity recently made the New York Times bestseller list. But it didn’t get there because of fervent public demand. According to Salon

“This week the RNC reported $492,308 in expenditures on “donor mementos” at book retailers, all of it spent on Sept. 16. Salon has confirmed that at least $159,000 of that amount went for bulk retail purchases of Hannity’s book, “Live Free or Die,” which have been offered to GOP donors who gave $75 or more. […] evidence suggests that all of the $492,308 in expenditures went to Hannity’s book. Combined with August receipts, it is possible that the RNC has spent more than $900,000 on Hannity’s book over the last three months.”

So The GOP is shelling out loads of scarce cash to reward Hannity for his worshipful coverage of Trump on Fox News. The people who donated those funds probably didn’t intend for them to be used to further enrich an already wealthy media hack. But Trump’s donors have been a lost cause for weeks, blindly throwing their money away on a futile campaign.

Trump himself has promoted Hannity’s book, as he has at least 79 other books that effusively praise him, but which he surely hasn’t read. The whole enterprise was built to generate cash and manipulate it into the pockets of Trump and his confederates. Much like the missions of just about every other Trump business from his bankrupt casinos to his fraudulent “university.”

Simultaneously, this syndicate serves to buttress the messiah mythology that the Trumpists seek to promote to their glassy-eyed disciples. These are the unethical and lawless tactics that a cult employs to ensure order and reverence (and wealth) for its Dear Leader. And we can expect it to continue after Trump returns to civilian life. That is if he doesn’t end up in prison for life.

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Dictator Trump Actually Said ‘You Must, By Law, Join the Republican Party’ (Video)

As the 2020 presidential campaign enters its final two weeks, Donald Trump is recognizing the futility of his hopes for reelection. The American people have clearly rejected his failed attempts to deal with the coronavirus, the economy, healthcare, etc. Likewise, they are repelled by his toxic divisiveness and flagrant ignorance.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Given the voters’ sharp disagreement with the policies of Trump, and the cowardly compliant Republican Party, there appears to have been a deliberate shift to a strategy of pure character assassination by the Trump camp. Since he can’t change minds on substance, Trump is ramping up his most hostile and preposterous personalized rhetoric in an effort to drive down the favorables of his opponent, Joe Biden. He’s actually been doing that for months without having any discernible effect. Biden’s approval rating continues to stay in positive territory, far outstripping Trump’s historically low disapproval.

Trump’s attack plan now consists exclusively of bizarre allegations that more closely resemble the babbling of conspiratorial kooks than competent public servants. In recent days he has…

  • Retweeted crackpot QAnon claims that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and Biden killed SEAL Team 6.
  • Demanded that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden be “locked up.”
  • Aided and abetted Russian propaganda asserting debunked allegations against Biden.
  • Called Biden and his family criminals.
  • Lied that “we are rounding the turn” on the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, if you think that’s as bad as Trump gets, you don’t know Trump. On Saturday he spoke to the crowd at the Michigan stop of his Coronavirus Super Spreader Tour. And amid the onslaught of lies, insults, and whining, Trump laid this bit of fascism on his cult followers:

“If you’re a moderate Democrat or a liberal who knows that your party has gone totally off the rails, you have a moral duty to immediately stop this lunacy. You must, by law, join the Republican Party.”

By law? It boggles the mind trying to predict how Trump will justify this blatant totalitarianism. He can’t say, as he often does, that it was a joke because neither he, nor anyone in the audience, were laughing. He can’t say that it was the “fake news” trying to smear him because this is his own video that he himself posted on his Twitter page. What’s more, it’s perfectly aligned with so much of the other tyrannical outbursts he makes that it’s hard to pretend it wasn’t intentional.

These are the ravings of a desperate candidate who sees his inevitable downfall closing in on him. This week he suffered an embarrassing defeat when the competing TV town hall melodrama that he orchestrated resulted in Biden drawing millions more viewers. His longtime benefactor, Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch, predicted that Biden will win in a landslide. A Fox News poll found that a majority of voters say he doesn’t have the “mental soundness” to serve. He nevertheless is taking refuge in his Fox News bunker. Even Trump’s favorite pollster, Rasmussen, shows Biden winning by twelve points.

Any other (sane) candidate would be seeking to wrap up the campaign in manner that might retain some dignity. They might be thinking about their future, or the future of their party. Suffice to say that Trump isn’t thinking about anything but his obsessive craving for attention and control. And as it becomes clearer to him that he has neither, he will just spiral farther down the rabid hole, making his dire circumstances even worse. So buckle up, people. These last two weeks are gonna be a rollercoaster of crazy.

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Schizo Trump Withers Under Criticism From GOP Senator

One thing Donald Trump will never be accused of is maintaining a consistent pattern of thought on any subject. It simply isn’t possible given his severe psychotic malfunction. Trump’s wild cognitive deviations are driven by an acute case of malignant narcissism. He is hostage to his own addiction to relentlessly positive (albeit fake) views of himself. Consequently, whatever he thought or said yesterday is irrelevant if it doesn’t align with what he thinks is in his best interest today.

Donald Trump

Trump provided the perfect example of this demented behavior in his Saturday morning tweet session. His angst was triggered by some critical remarks made by Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska. Sasse’s remarks were revealed in a leaked recording of comments he made to fellow Republicans. What Sasse said is reportedly in line with the opinions of other GOP politicians who, like Sasse, are too cowardly to state their opinions publicly. Among Sasse’s scathing observations of Trump are…

  • His values are “deficient, not just for a Republican but for an American.”
  • “The way he kisses dictators’ butts.”
  • “The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership.”
  • “The way he treats women.”
  • He “spends like a drunken sailor.”
  • That he “mocks evangelicals behind closed doors.”
  • He “has treated the presidency like a business opportunity.”
  • He “flirts with white supremacists.”
  • That he is “a TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual.”

Sasse is also rightly afraid that it “looks likely that he’s going to take the Senate down with him” if he loses the White House. “I’m now looking at the possibility of a Republican bloodbath in the Senate,” Sasse said, adding “That’s why I’ve never been on the Trump train […] What the heck were any of us thinking, that selling a TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea?'”

It would be nice if Sasse and others like him had the integrity to tell the American people what he tells his colleagues in private. Especially prior to a historically consequential election. But the absence of integrity may just be an inherent Republican personality flaw. That would explain Trump’s behavior with regard to Sasse’s criticisms. But before getting to Trump’s latest whining about any commentary about him that is less than adoring, let’s take a look at his opinion of Sasse over time.

In January of 2016, Trump had an early disagreement with Sasse that resulted in his tweeting that…

But that was apparently all straightened out by September of 2019, when Sasse went from “totally ineffective” to having Trump’s “Complete and Total Endorsement” because…

However, that was short lived as Trump now says that Sasse is “stupid and obnoxious” and…

It really isn’t important what Trump thinks of Sen. Sasse. That opinion is about as stable as nitroglycerin in a Cuisinart. What’s important is that Trump is a walking contradiction machine who can’t flip for flopping. He sees everything through the cracked prism of his whiny ego. And he is a snowflake who melts at the slightest hint of warmth and regards himself as a perennial victim. Trump’s cowardice can be seen in virtually every decision he makes and opinion he expresses.

It is, however, more significant what Sasse thinks of Trump. Despite the shallowness of his commitment to his principles, he is at least telling the truth to his confidants. That’s also the case with a great many other Trump associates including former White House aides like Chief of Staff, John Kelly, National Security advisor John Bolton, Defense Secretary James Mattis. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and many more.

The people who Trump once heralded as “the best” often come to realize that he is the worst. These are people who worked closely with Trump on critical matters of national security. They are in the best position to know about Trump’s inadequacies. And they were all later denounced as fools and disgruntled former employees by Trump after they candidly told the truth about him. And that just adds to the many reasons why he is unfit to serve as president or, for that matter, Walmart greeter.

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Trump Approval Drops After Two Days of the Republican Nationalist Convention

What Donald Trump promised would be an optimistic and hopeful celebration of Republican leadership has predictably turned into a dystopian nightmare exalting an aspiring totalitarian dictator. The dark and hostile themes articulated by one speaker after another were unflinchingly foreboding and resolutely reverential of Trump and only Trump.

Donald Trump

This steadfast devotion to the Cult of Trump was intended to jump start his floundering reelection campaign. Joe Biden has been consistently beating Trump in both national and swing state polling for months. So the nasty tone set by Trump and his convention plotters was chosen in an attempt to boost his approval and to smear Biden in such a way as to bring him down to Trump’s level. They sent out their heavy artillery including four members of the Trump family (Eric, Don Jr, Tiffany, and Melania). They were fortified by notorious Trump-fluffers like Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Jim Jordan, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, and the screeching stylings of former Fox News host, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

However, early indicators show that this strategy is working about as well as everything else Trump has tried to do in his presidency (i.e. utter failure). One week ago Trump proudly tweeted that he had reached a peak approval rating of 51% as surveyed by the disreputable right-wing pollster, Rasmussen Reports. Rasmussen is without a doubt Trump’s favorite pollster and the only one who has ever shown Trump with a majority approval rating.

Now, after two days of RNC ranting, and worshipful characterizations of Trump as Messiah, Rasmussen has him at 47% approve, 51% disapprove. That’s a four point drop (and an eight point negative swing) that occurred in just the two days since the convention began. Additionally, Rasmussen has Trump with a 36% strongly approve rating, and 44% strongly disapprove. UPDATE: Another day, another drop for Trump as his approval on the Rasmussen poll goes down to 46%.

To repeat, Rasmussen is the most Trump-friendly pollster on the planet. For comparison, other recent polls show Trump with considerably worse numbers. RealClearPolitics’ average “poll of polls” has Trump in the red 10.6%. And his performance in the crucial swing states is particularly dismal. Biden is leading in six of the seven states considered as battlegrounds (Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Carolina). North Carolina is the only state where Biden is not ahead, but he is either tied or close. Biden is also challenging Trump in traditionally red states like Texas and Arizona.

Trump’s decline this week so far does not bode well for the remaining days of the convention, Ordinarily, a candidate could look forward to a game changing speech at the conclusion of the convention, But Trump has already played that card by casting himself in prominent roles every day. He even included official duties (the granting of clemency and a swearing in ceremony for new citizens) in his convention events, which many legal experts contend is a violation of federal law.

Consequently, the final two days hold little suspense. Firebrands like Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and a parade of d-list members of Congress will be speaking. The remaining star power consists of Mike Pence, who is scheduled to give one of his always tranquillizing addresses on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, Trump will close the show with what will likely be a sequel to his infamous “American Carnage” inaugural horror story.

How any of that can be expected to move the polling needle is a mystery. But that’s all that the Trump camp has in store. Unless, of course, he surprises us with Hillary’s lost emails, a check from Mexico for the border wall, or a coronavirus vaccine he whipped up in the White House guest bathroom. Stay tuned.

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WOW! Trump Praises CNN’s Convention Coverage While His Cult Bashes Fox News

It has long been established that Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist whose sociopathic obsessions produce a total lack of concern for anything or anyone other than himself. That sort of sickness can manifest in peculiar ways. Not only will such a person viciously castigate friends and enemies alike when sufficient adoration is not forthcoming, he might also embrace bitter foes should they offer a random compliment.

Donald Trump, CNN

On Tuesday morning Trump had a hell-freezes-over moment. He tweeted praise for CNN, the network he rarely mentions without adding the derogatory prefix, “fake news.” His description of them in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people” is almost robotically attached to every reference he makes. But on the morning following the first day of the Dystopian Republican National Abomination, Trump took to his Twitter machine and posted this:

Legitimate news networks don’t ordinarily get praised for reporting the news. But in Trump’s world the only thing that’s relevant is if he perceives the report to be beneficial to him. Consequently, he’s appreciative of CNN for airing what he believes was two hours of a joyous celebration of Trump. Never mind that the program was neither joyous nor beneficial. In fact, the convention that Trump promised would be overwhelmingly optimistic and hopeful was more like a nightmarish devolution into fear mongering.

So in a way, Trump was right. Broadcasting more of this convention would be “good for our country.” But only because the more people saw, the more likely they would be to vote for Joe Biden.

Trump wasn’t the only one to notice the disparity in coverage from one network to another. His cult disciples were keenly aware that Fox News was repeatedly cutting away from the prerecorded speeches to feature the babbling of their anchors and analysts instead. The Trumpians didn’t like that one bit and they let it be known on Twitter:

The comment by Brad Parscale is notable because he is the senior advisor (and recently demoted chairman) to Trump’s reelection campaign. But the criticism of Hannity was especially delightful. Hannity actually cut away from the convention to whine about other networks possibly cutting away from the convention, even while the other networks were airing the convention that Hannity was talking over.

It’s entirely possibly that some of the segments that Fox News declined to air were purposefully excised from their broadcast to avoid hurting Trump. The convention speeches were mostly prerecorded. So Fox News knew the content and tone before they went to air. It’s possible, therefore, that they may have seen the Guilfoyle harangue and chose not to subject their audience to what later became the most mocked address of the night. However, it’s also possible that another reason entered into Fox’s decision to erase Guilfoyle. She was, after all, fired by Fox News in 2018 for alleged sexual misconduct.

Trump’s sudden affection for CNN is unlikely to last for more than a day or two, if that. He will soon flip back to his predictable hostility as soon as anyone on CNN is even modestly critical. Meanwhile, Trump’s love/hate relationship with Fox News will continue as usual with him slobbering over sycophantic admirers like Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends, and vehemently berating those who fail to worship him with unflinching devotion.

In the meantime, we’ll see if this attempt to work the refs results in changes of coverage for the remaining three days of the convention. But Trump really needs to be careful what he wishes for. By adding more coverage he will only be assuring that more people will witness the repugnance of his alleged personality and the blind reverence of the Republican cult. Which would be, once again, good for America to see.

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Trump Turns the RNC Into Another Lie-Riddled Cult Rally

On Monday morning the Republican National Convention got off to rocky start. It was preceded by a week of bad news including the arrest of Trump’s White House advisor Steve Bannon for fraud, tapes of Trump’s sister calling him “cruel” and a “liar,” a federal court ordering Trump to hand over his taxes, and the resignation of his senior White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway. Not to mention the continuing tragedy of ever escalating illness and death due to the Trump Virus.

Donald Trump, Republican, GOP

The early morning schedule for the convention was dominated by the roll call to tabulate the delegate votes to renominate Trump for 2020. That tedious affair had some competition as Congress was concurrently holding a hearing to interrogate Trump’s new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy. CNN and MSNBC aired the hearing, while in the Trump-friendly Fox News bunker they stuck to the terminally boring RNC roll call. Naturally, this infuriated Trump who tweeted his objections.

Shortly there after, it was Trump’s turn to take the stage. He is scheduled to appear on all four days of this ego-stroking, reality TV production. And today’s outing provided a glimpse into what the remaining three days will hold. What Trump had promised would be a convention filled with optimism and positivity, is already parroting the “American Carnage” the typifies Trump’s public addresses.

As anyone not in coma for the past four years would have expected, Trump went on a wild-eyed rampage against his stock crew of perceived villains, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Democrats in general. He lied brazenly about imaginary achievements, voting by mail (which Trump now contends will give you the coronavirus), the economy that is in recession, and the free press that he despises. CNN fact checker, Daniel Dale, noted that “There is way, way more dishonesty in this first convention speech by Trump than in every Democratic convention speech combined.”

But most of all, Trump went completely off the rails with delusional depictions of the state of the pandemic in America (video below). From the start, Trump has tried to downplay the horrific consequences that have burdened the lives of millions of people in the United States. He has belittled the suffering of the those most vulnerable. He has given false assurances to younger victims. And he has actually bragged that the death toll that is nearing 180,000 is something to be proud of. And not only is Trump proud, he has the audacity to criticize Joe Biden for deferring to scientists and doctors:

“Most of the country is right now doing very, very well. They’ve done an incredible job. And to have a man sitting on television the other day say ‘oh I’d shut it down. I’d shut it down.’ Like it’s easy. And oh, by the way, when you shut it down – and we did the exact right thing. We shut it down, then we reopened. And that’s what we’re doing now. We’re well into it. If we didn’t shut it down at that point we would have had millions of people dead. Millions of people.”

If you’re trying to make sense of any of that, stop. You might hurt your brain. Clearly, we are not “doing very, very well” right now. To the contrary, we are still seeing more than 1,000 deaths a day, and more than 50,000 new cases reported. What’s more, Trump never shut the country down. Not for a single day. Some governors took action to mitigate the spread, and they were attacked for it by Trump. And Trump is still dishonestly comparing the current death toll to estimates if nothing were done at all.

Following that tirade, Trump went into a rant blaming governors for all the of problems. You know, the problems he’s now saying never occurred because everything went so well. Apparently he was lying about that. The problems did occur, it’s just that, in his cartoon brain, none of it was his fault. Because it isn’t like he’s the one person who has the authority to manage a national crisis.

Sadly, the media appears to have learned nothing about how Trump takes advantage of them to promote himself. While CNN cut away after twenty minutes, MSNBC and Fox News carried the whole freakout live. Trump’s incoherent, stream-of-unconsciousness babbling on the first day of the GOP convention may look familiar. It’s precisely what he did for many months when he could jaunt around the country to perform at his ego-stroking cult rallies. And it’s what he did when assuming the starring role at his phony coronavirus Task Force briefings.

In short, it’s what he always does to exalt himself before his glassy-eyed disciples to soak up the adoration that he craves. And now he’ll do it for the next three days at the RNC, despite the fact that these displays of narcissistic indulgence and hostility only bring his already abysmal approval ratings down even more. And for that, I suppose Democrats should thank him. If it just weren’t so nauseating to watch.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Democrats Call Postmaster General to Urgent Hearing on Trump’s USPS Sabotage

Among the most blatant signs of Donald Trump’s aspirations to tyranny is his deliberate assault on the United States Postal Service. It’s an obvious attempt to make it harder for Americans to cast their votes this coming November. And in pursuit of that goal, Trump installed Louis DeJoy, a wealthy campaign donor with no relevant experience, as the executioner of his grossly anti-democratic agenda.

Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi

Trump himself admitted his intentions to purposefully dismantle postal operations in order to disrupt the delivery of ballots to and from state election offices. He recently told Fox News that Democrats are requesting funding because they “need that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots.” And if they don’t get it “that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting because they’re not equipped to have it.” This perverse strategy is driven by Trump’s inability to deal with the fact that he’s losing bigly to Joe Biden, someone he regards as a mentally deficient socialist.

As it turns out, sabotaging the Postal Service isn’t particularly popular with the American people. A whopping “70 percent of voters support a mail-in option, including 88 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of independents and 50 percent of Republicans.” And they have risen up to demand that Trump’s destructive policies be rescinded.

Now the House of Representatives is answering the call. The chair of the House Oversight Committee, Carolyn Maloney just announced that she is scheduling an “urgent hearing” on the matter and has requested DeJoy’s appearance to testify. Her letter to DeJoy charges that…

“Over the past several weeks, there have been startling new revelations about the scope and gravity of operational changes you are implementing at hundreds of postal facilities without consulting adequately with Congress, the Postal Regulatory Commission, or the Board of Governors. Your testimony is particularly urgent given the troubling influx of reports of widespread delays at postal facilities across the country—as well as President Trump’s explicit admission last week that he has been blocking critical coronavirus funding for the Postal Service in order to impair mail-in voting efforts for the upcoming elections in November.”

This is positive development that, at the very least, will keep the issue at the forefront of the media’s attention. It will force the Postmaster General to justify his actions. That is, if he doesn’t chicken out and refuse to show. And it will make clear the connections to White House pressure tactics and the potential illegal interference by the Trump campaign.

As a side benefit, the hearing is scheduled for August 24, which is, coincidentally, the first day of the Republican convention. It was previously reported that Trump is plotting to upstage the Democratic convention by hopping around the country for political appearances on each day of the Democrats’ event. His travel plans culminate in Biden’s home town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on the same say that Biden is delivering his acceptance speech.

So, under the circumstances, the Trump schemers can hardly complain about the scheduling of the Oversight Committee hearing. In fact, Democrats should continue to host events throughout the GOP convention and consider having Barack Obama give an national address in support of Biden on the the final day when Trump bellows out his latest “American Carnage” horror story as he accepts the nomination of his Republican confederates. Give the GOP a dose of their own medicine. This may be one of those rare circumstances where turnabout really is fair play.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.