The News Corpse Film Salon: Update

I have added a couple of films to the Salon that deserve some attention. You can see the full list of 11 progressive-themed films that are scheduled to be released between now and election day in November at The News Corpse Film Salon.

Al Franken: God Spoke
The makers of “The War Room” turn their cameras on yet another burgeoning political career. AL FRANKEN: GOD SPOKE is a cinema verite pursuit of Al Franken, shot over the course of two years, which follows the former Saturday Night Live comedian from his highly publicized feud with Bill O’Reilly to his relentless campaign against George Bush and the right wing.

The War Tapes
In March 2004, just as the insurgent movement strengthened, several members of one National Guard unit arrived in Iraq, carrying digital video cameras. THE WAR TAPES is the movie they made with Director Deborah Scranton and a team of award-winning filmmakers. It’s the first war movie filmed by soldiers themselves on the front lines in Iraq.