NewsBusters Speaks Ill Of The Dead

These scumbags cannot let even a single day pass with a respectful remembrance and a consolation for Richard’s family.

The neo-Dark-Agists at NewsBusters are calling for the media to quit eulogizing Ann Richards and start smearing her.

“For a media that likes to complain about the incivility and personal attacks that Republicans have supposedly injected into our politics over the past generation, the networks’ reactions to former Texas Governor Ann Richards underscore journalists’ partisan approach to what is fair and what is foul.”

The source of their outrage is that the coverage of her passing refers to her as a smart, passionate advocate for Democratic values with a biting sense of humor. They list quotes from correspondents who are properly reporting on the loss of a prominent public figure. But it seems that NewsBusters is surprised that the headlines are not disparaging enough. They are disturbed that there is mention of one of the most memorable lines of 20th century politics. Indeed the press pack universally recalls her inspired smackdown on Bush, Sr.

“Poor George. He can’t help it. He was born with a silver-foot in his mouth.”

But NewsBusters, on the day following her death, think that she ought to be subjected to the same partisan bashing that a living, breathing politician (who can fight back) faces. These scumbags cannot let even a single day pass with a respectful remembrance and a consolation for her family. They would prefer, I suppose, an obit more like “Ding dong the bitch is dead.” In a display that is both repulsive and stupid, they offer this as evidence that the media has a double standard:

“But when some Republicans in 2004 mocked Democratic nominee John Kerry as a wealthy out-of-touch wind-surfing flip-flopper, the same networks sniffed at the bitter partisan attacks against the liberal Massachusetts senator.”

“Some Republicans,” by the way, were in fact the Bush campaign. Furthermore, the networks did not sniff at those attack ads, they promoted them by replaying them for free ad nauseum, reinforcing the nastiness of the message. More to the point, Kerry was alive to respond to the ads. The fact that he failed miserably to do so doesn’t negate that he had the opportunity.

For the hackjobs at NewsBusters to criticize Richard’s witty jab at the scion of wealthy political family, that merely addressed his well known propensity for malaprops, would be ludicrous even if she had not just succumbed to cancer. Compare that to the likes of Ann Coulter, asserting that the 9/11 widows were enjoying their husbands deaths; or Sean Hannity, issuing a Fatwa on Nancy Pelosi; or Bill O’Reilly, inviting al Qaeda to blow up San Francisco. There is, of course, no comparison, and they, of course, have no shame.

Despite the determination of some repugnant slimeballs to forestall it, I hope that you will rest in peace, Ann. And I hope that your spirit will continue to inspire us to fight on with vigor, grace, and good humor.


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