Bush, Republicans turn to talk shows for help.
“American radio talk-show hosts have become frontline warriors in a drive by President George W. Bush and his Republicans to pull off a surprise and maintain control of Congress in November 7 elections.” They “have become” frontline warriors? What does Reuters think they been doing for the last 20 years?

Fox Will Broadcast First Presidential Debate of 2008.
“FOX News and the South Carolina Republican Party have jointly announced that they will present the first 2008 presidential debate on May 15, 2007. The debate, which is expected to attract the top Republican contenders for President, will be shown live on FOX News Channel (FNC) and FOX News Radio.” Republicans staying in their comfort zone?

Cobain tops list of richest dead celebs.
“Cobain, who raked in an estimated $50 million between October 2005 and October of this year, has edged Elvis Presley from the No. 1 spot on’s list of ‘Top-Earning Dead Celebrities.'” I just had to include this to affirm the stupity and insensitivity of John McLaughlin, who, in the days following Cobain’s death, said…

“Kurt Cobain will not be remembered as the John Lennon of his generation. He will be remembered as the Sid Vicious of his generation- a loser.”

Digg in acquisition talks with News Corp.
“San Francisco-based startup Digg has been in recent acquisition discussions with a number of companies, including News Corp., according to multiple sources close to the negotiations.” God forbid!