AP: Top News Stories of 2006

Editors and news directors in The Associated Press have voted for what they consider to be the top stories of 2006. Time magazine may be a little disappointed that none of the top finishers validated it’s selection of YOU as Person of the Year. I myself am disappointed that violations of the Constitution, in the form of warrantless wiretapping and snooping on financial transactions, didn’t make the cut. Those were big stories that go to the heart of American liberties. Here’s the whole list:

  1. Iraq
  2. U.S. Election
  3. Nuclear Standoffs
  4. Illegal Immigration
  5. Scandals in Congress
  6. Saddam Convicted
  7. Mideast Fighting
  8. Rumsfeld Resigns
  9. Airliner Plot
  10. Disaster in Darfur

At least Darfur squeeked in at the bottom, edging out Global Warming. The only real dud was the journalistically anti-climatic conviction of Saddam Hussein. Is there anyone who thought there would be an acquital?


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