Glenn Beck’s Predictions Of The World Ending Are Coming True – For Him

When Glenn Beck was given the boot by Fox News in 2011, he promised his disciples that “I will find another way to get my message out on a platform that will be a thousand times more powerful!” Thereupon, he established a website and began charging his fans to watch videos they used to see for free. A subscription bought you the same fanciful conspiracy theories and warnings of imminent doom he had spun on Fox. The subscription fee was later later dropped, suggesting a lack of demand.

Glenn Beck

Eventually, Beck expanded his media empire to include a “news” site, a live event division, and a film production company. He had big dreams that featured himself as a combination Walt Disney/Messiah. There was even a Utopian city planned that he christened Independence, USA. There the rich and poor would live together in harmony while shopping, farming, and riding holy-roller coasters to Valhalla.

Very little of this fantasy ever materialized. And today Beck announced with “mixed emotions” that the film company he launched, “American Dream Labs” would no longer be a part of his dwindling empire. Officially, he is splitting it off so it can “spread its wings.” But since it has never produced anything since its inception, it may not be fit for flying.

The demise of American Dream Labs is not the first sign of trouble for Beck. This year has seen his staff reduced significantly. TVNewser reported that Beck’s organization is laying off between 35 and 45 people from his operations in New York, Los Angeles, Ohio. and Washington, D.C. This latest wielding of the ax came only a few days after the resignation of the CEO of Beck’s TheBlaze website. And that preceded a torrent of departures and other corporate melodrama, including cross-filed lawsuits.

Furthermore, News Corpse reported way back in 2013 that Beck was struggling to keep his media company afloat. He submitted a filing to the SEC seeking $40 million dollars in funding for TheBlaze. This was after he declared that he would never accept outside sources of funding because “I do not want to have to answer to anyone else.” Apparently looming bankruptcy softened his commitment to that principle. To date Beck has received only $6.4 million of the $40 million he sought.

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Yes, it’s been a bad year for Beck. He has lost cable distribution of his weblog. Advertisers flee him like the plague. His candidate for president, Ted Cruz, went down in flames. Beck did not take that well. In desperation he warned that “If we drop it at this moment, we lose. And let me tell you something, you lose freedom for all mankind. I’m convinced of it.” So when you think about it, maybe having to bury his film company isn’t all that bad. After all, what would he have produced if freedom for all mankind is already gone anyway?


4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Predictions Of The World Ending Are Coming True – For Him

  1. Beck’s become the “has-been” that never was anything except in his own mind. His audience no longer “beckons!” And why should they? He’s a zero–even to FOX.

  2. Beck is and always has been a blow hard fool.. Good riddance.

  3. wow !!, finally found something that we can agree on!!! Beck certainly was and is a bonehead!!

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