Donald Trump Live Tweeted The VP Debate And Was Predictably Idiotic (TWEETS)

Last night Mike Pence and Tim Kaine met for the first and only vice-presidential candidate’s debate. The general consensus is that vice-presidents are campaign appendages that have little impact on voters. Most Americans are making their decisions based on the top of the ticket. That is a dangerous fact for Donald Trump because, even as his running mate had a relatively decent night at the debate, it isn’t going to move the dial noticeably.


More important is the performance of Trump himself. And during the VP debate he proved, once again, that he is a petty and ignorant man whose instincts will drive people away. Trump announced prior to the VP debate that he would be live tweeting the proceedings. In fact, he mostly re-tweeted comments from his fans. What follows are some of the tweets he posted with commentary:

Great opening tweet, Trump.

The problem is, he’s also much more likable than Trump. (And I can spell “likable” correctly).

Holy insult, Batman. Trump really hit him where it hurts.

Funny, Pence was complaining that Clinton and Kaine insulted people too much. Has he met his running mate?

Based on what?

Typical. Rather than talk about the plans, Trump sinks to a personal comment he couldn’t possibly know anything about.

Pence’s state improved because he was governor during the Obama boom years. Kaine’s state was hampered because he was governor during Bush’s Great Recession, but it came roaring back during the Obama administration. Thanks Obama.

Are you friggin’ kidding me? Trump & Putin. Yes, It’s Really a Thing

Everybody drink! He got in the Trump campaign’s slogan.

Thanks for that completely unbiased opinion. Go ahead and be proud of Mike, because he must be so ashamed that he ever agreed to run with you.

Late Update: Trump tweeted this hysterically ironic comment the morning after the debate:

What an appropriate close to a laughable debate commentary. Can’t wait for the next debate.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Live Tweeted The VP Debate And Was Predictably Idiotic (TWEETS)

  1. Shouldn’t Drumpfy be a little jealous that Pence was making the news and not The Great and Powerful Pathological Liar?

  2. The media should ignore Trump completely until he starts acting like an adult.

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