Yet Another Poll Reveals The Tea Party Craze Is A Fraud

Grand Old Tea PartyDespite all the evidence of repeated surveys, the media continues to treat the Tea Party as if it were an influential player in contemporary politics. They salivate at plastering their pages and airwaves with red-meat melodrama that lacks relevance or substance. That’s how they end up so pathetically far off course whenever another poll is taken that casts the Tea Party in a realistic light. And that’s what the Associated Press just did:

Tea party backers fashion themselves as “we the people,” but polls show the Republican Party’s most conservative and energized voters are hardly your average crowd.

According to an Associated Press-GfK Poll this month, 84 percent who call themselves tea party supporters don’t like how President Barack Obama is handling his job – a view shared by just 35 percent of all other adults. Tea partiers are about four times likelier than others to back repealing Obama’s health care overhaul and twice as likely to favor renewing tax cuts for the highest-earning Americans.

Exit polls of voters in this month’s congressional elections reveal similar gulfs. Most tea party supporters – 86 percent – want less government intrusion on people and businesses, but only 35 percent of other voters said so. Tea party backers were about five times likelier to blame Obama for the country’s economic ills, three times likelier to say Obama’s policies will be harmful and twice as apt to see the country on the wrong track.

These aren’t subtle shadings between tea party backers and the majority of Americans, who don’t support the movement; they’re Grand Canyon-size chasms.

My only response to this latest revelation of the Tea Party’s impotence is to quote myself the last couple of times this was revealed:

Dec 19, 2009: The fact that the Tea Baggers have failed to create a significant presence despite being bankrolled by some of the biggest and wealthiest AstroTurf lobbying organizations in the country (i.e. FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity), and having the promotional backing of Fox News, illustrates just how unappealing most Americans regard that brand of disruptive griping.

Oct 5, 2010: [T]he Tea Party is a fringe cadre of extremists who have little in common with average Americans. So why do they get so much attention in the press? Well, partly because the press loves controversy, even if they have to invent it. And partly because the Republican Party is anxious to hitch its wagon to the Tea Party express in hopes of enhancing their electoral prospects. But the main reason the Tea Party gets so much attention in the press is because they have their own press (i.e. Fox News, talk radio, etc.) that pours out their propaganda in a flood of fury, fear, and foreboding.

There is plenty of data available for the press to frame the issues honestly. They just seem to prefer spinning fables. A survey released earlier this week showed that a majority of Americans support extension of the Bush-era tax cuts only for those earning less than $250,000. It also shows that a majority want to keep the new health care bill as it is or expand it. And this is after months of harsh, and mostly false, rhetoric bashing these policies from Tea Partiers and their media accomplices.

It’s been two years now. Is the media ever going to report honestly on this phony “movement.” You would think they would tire of embarrassing themselves over and over again.


16 thoughts on “Yet Another Poll Reveals The Tea Party Craze Is A Fraud

  1. Good to see some common sense being published.

    Hey Mark, movies fall under ‘media’, right? Ever think of doing something on I Want Your Money or any other similar movie?

  2. Hmmm, funny how the tea party in NH, with no funding from anyone, no connections to FW or AFP, no bankrolling, and no astroturf whatsoever ( look to your own left for Soros if you want to see the biggest astroturf movement in history NOT the tea party which is fairly pure and grassroots) and we took the state 3-1 for conservatism.

    This article = EPIC FAIL not common sense.

    Soros runs the left, the president, the country, the banking industry… talk about tin pot dictator, Obama is it… the ultimate puppet working for the oligarch.

    PS – checked the NH Tea Party mailbox yesterday and still no check from anyone! DRAT!!!!


    Here’s laughing at you!

    • Glad to see you’re having a good time while being suckered by wealthy special interests who don’t give a damn about your interests.

      And your delusions about Soros are pathetic. Have you heard of the Koch brothers? Or Anshutz? Or Adelson? Or Armey? Or Rove? Or the real puppet master: Rupert Murdoch?

      The fact that you think one generous old man who donates millions to fight communist dictators and helps to advance freedom and democracy around the world has some kind of omnipotent power is truly sad for you. Especially when you ignore the many wealthy power brokers who are bankrolling a movement that only benefits themselves – and uses dupes like you to do it.

      By the way, you don’t have to get money from these folks for it to be AstroTurf. They create an infrastructure within which groups like yours can be formed. But your groups would not exist without the national organization supplied by FreedomWorks, Fox News, etc.

      Laugh all you like. You are being used.

      • Interesting but, if you think anyone is being suckered by anything you’re wrong… You apparently did not read my comment.

        There is no money which must scare the crap out of you communists.

        We did it on pure people power.

        The only ones being suckered and funded are you Soros robots.

      • Before this, I have never heard of the Koch brothers, Anshutz, Adelson, Armey, Rove, or Rupert Murdoch.

        And Soros is the one who is a communist, that’s how misguided YOU are.. LOL He even says he wants a Marxist one world order and his goal is to destroy America and capitalism.

        Your imagination and listening to the media which is owned by these elitists and oligarchs is why you are so misinformed. You said that “you don’t have to get money from these folks for it to be AstroTurf. They create an infrastructure within which groups like yours can be formed.”

        Really? That is funny. Because when we contacted all the groups that make up our coalition, we held our own events and collected our own members without any ‘infrastructure’ to speak of. We created our mailing list and website ourselves. I know because I personally did it. Our group is not formed in anyone else’s ‘infrastructure’….

        Our group was formed in 2007 and has absolutely NOTHING to do with any group calling itself a national organization supplied by FreedomWorks, or anyone else which we do not recognize.

        Most tea party groups are local grassroots and have nothing to do with any national or other group either.

        Why not pull the wool from out of your eyes and get your facts straight?

        • The fact that you hadn’t heard of the Koch brothers and the others proves my point. You don’t know who the powerful people are who are bankrolling your so-called grassroots movement.

          I am stunned by your willful ignorance with regard to Soros. You call him (and me and everyone with whom you disagree) communists without knowing the meaning of the word. To you it’s just a arbitrary insult. George Soros has been FIGHTING communism for three decades.

          And your statement that says he wants Marxism and is goal is to destroy America and capitalism couldn’t be more delusional. I really feel sorry for you. You have been hypnotized by liars who are exploiting you.

    • I’d bet everything I own that if Joe Beck hadn’t gone apeshit on Soros that you wouldn’t even have mentioned him here. Again, say nothing specific but the accusation and offer no poof at all as to what drew you in to this delusion. Every comment like this vindicates every article written on this website. I’ll say it again, you’ve got Glenn McCarthy brand soap on your brain.

      • Huh? Who the hell is Joe Beck?

        I’ve been exposing Soros since the early 1980’s. I don’t need anyone to tell me what Soros has been doing. He’s a convicted international criminal and the person who is behind all these radical power grab bills that the commies are pushing in our Congress.

        There is plenty of proof that Soros is doing this… but people who can’t read I guess miss out on that.

  3. I still haven’t figured out why it’s soooo important for anyone to spend time trying to prove that the tea party movemtent is a fraud or whatever. Nancy Pelosi also talked about this “astro turf” movement when she was speaker and now she’s in the minority in the house of representatives – thank god. if it’s truly a fraud, what are you afraid of…it will fizzle out or just go away. Your desparate attempts to prove it’s relevance must mean it’s somthing. And by the way, the election is over, the dems and libs lost already. No need to waste anymore time trying to convince anyone as to the validity of the tea party movement.

    If the tax cuts for “rich” people aren’t wanted by the people, why would the republican party win as much as they did. If the health care law is soo popular as is, why any change in congress, why not reward the party in power with more power? Oh yeah, we’re a bunch of idiots….

    • So you can’t figure out why someone would try to correct the record when the media fraudulently promotes a phony movement? I think I’ll just let you think about it a little more. It’s not really that hard. I think you’ll get it.

      Also, tax cuts for the rich ARE unpopular. The health care bill IS popular. The polls all show this. They have nothing to do with the election results which were due to the lousy economic and jobs situation which made people just want to vote against whoever was in power. For the record, most of the Tea Party affiliated candidates LOST.

      • I think you need to dig a bit deeper ….you. aren’t being completely honest with that answer

      • You don’t seem to mind the media (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC) pushing the Obama/Soros phony movement? All funded by big oil, big banks, big pharma, big insurance, etc?

        We might have one or two news outlets that will air anything against socialism. Big deal… freedom of the press ya know?

        You still haven’t presented one thing to prove anyone is getting any money or being duped by anyone. Our State group has no ties to anyone like who are funding the phony enviro hoax (big oil) in order to impose Nazi-like control over the people. What is going on now completely mirrors that.

        • Unbelievable. The funders you cite are the very ones financing the Tea Party. You REALLY are hopelessly deluded.

          I give up. There is no point debating this you if you believe that the oil and banking industries are backing Obama. And as for proof of money flowing to the Tea Party I have already pointed out the sources but it does no good with you. Your eyes are welded shut thanks to your Messiah Glenn Beck and Fox News.




      • When it comes to “THE BLIND FOLLOW[ING] THE BLONDE” I’m going to have to defer to your expertise.

  4. I don’t understand. Soros helped bring down communism in Eastern
    Europe, pumps money into pro-democracy groups and media, and while he may have made his riches speculating against Britain’s currency back in the day, he’s given away $7 billion to causes that support open and independent society. How is that communism? And if you really don’t know who Murdoch, Rove, or the Koch brothers, then you don’t know the big names promoting the national tea party movement, the very movement that you are supporting! In addition, there is nothing “grassroots” about a movement discussed daily on national news networks, print, radio, and in the past few years’ political discourse. Claiming victory for the Tea Party after the elections is really not that special – the people choose Tweedledums because they weren’t Tweedledees. Not to mention that getting elected proves and accomplishes nothing – the tea partiers must do something valuable to society for them to have any merit!

    Please inform yourself. We’re in this together. The only way to divide us is to blur the truth until we use the same arguments against each other. Seek the truth, its not as easy as turning on the television.

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