Single Informant Theory

Single Informant Theory

It’s been two years since the onset of the Bush administration’s mis-adventure’s in Iraq. By now, everyone knows that the tales spun by an obediant media into a gullible public about weapons of mass destruction were, indeed, lies. The masquerade continues.

The Commission on the Intelligence Capabilitites of the United States Concerning Weapons of Mass Destruction (PDF) was released on March 31, 2005, and seeks to affirm an accounting of events that deftly avoids any material accountability.

Prewar claims by the United States that Iraq was producing biological weapons were based almost entirely on accounts from a defector who was described as “crazy” by his intelligence handlers and a “congenital liar” by his friends ….. Despite persistent doubts about his credibility, Curveball’s claims were included in the Bush administration’s case for war without so much as a caveat.

Anyone who thinks that Curveball was a lone actor in this passion play is criminally naive. He supplied CIA and DIA operatives with data that was described as having “remarkable specificity”. It was later discovered that he was not even in Iraq at the time he was purportedly gathering data. How, then, was he able to be so specific? The commission also points out that:

The reports triggered a flurry of escalating U.S. intelligence assessments on Iraq, even though the DIA “did not even attempt to determine Curveball’s veracity,” according to the report.

So, in the run up to a pre-emptive invasion of another country, our intellegence professionals didn’t consider it necessary to verify whether or not the only source of information we were relying on was telling the truth. This leaves the American people (and the world) to decide whether our government is dangerously inept or maliciously dishonest.

In the end, all we have to go on is the report of a Presidential Commission that lays the blame on a single informant that no one in U. S. intelligence has ever met and was described as a crazy alcoholic by his German handlers. The media, of course, regurgitates the commission’s report in accordance with their role as PR agency for a rogue administration.


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2 thoughts on “Single Informant Theory

  1. All the smokescreens and the web of lies spun by the “investigation” panels will not hide the fact that this was an act of criminal aggression against a weakened and defenseless country that had nothing to do with 9/11, was not a hotbed of terrorism, and did not possess any WMDs. Any independent investigation will prove that this was an act of deliberate mass murder made to look legitimate by the use of selected, and unrelated scraps of information and misinformation cooked up in a pot of fear mongering rhetoric. Ahmed Chalabi’s alcoholic relative, Curveball, was a discredited source with one important quality – he was willing to tell Bush exactly what Bush wanted to hear.

    My heart goes our to the thousands of innocent women and children massacred in the quest for the one man’s personal trophy: Saddam Hussein. Was that trophy worth losing the war-on-terror, bankrupting one country and destroying another, not to mention the loss of over 1500 of America’s best? And the killing continues unabated. While the surviving Iraqis drink unclean water and fight over the scarce food stocks, Saddam is fed three squares a day and drinks bottled water. Thousands of innocents remain jailed indefinitely without due process while Saddam has a team of lawyers and will get his day in court. Have we gone stark raving mad?

    I hope the people responsible pay for their crimes because the future role of America on the world stage depends on our country doing the right thing and, more importantly, to be seen to be doing the right thing.

  2. Well said. So well said that I don’t have anything to add. And that’s saying something.

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