How To Get A Job At Fox News

For any aspiring reporters who don’t care about journalism but want to advance their careers as celebrity hacks, an enterprising anchorman from Washington, DC, has generously blazed the trail for you to future success.

Doug McKelway was anchoring the news desk at WJLA in Washington until he allowed his right-wing partisan views to seep into his so-called reporting. That led to some harsh words with his boss at the station, and eventually his termination.

Not to worry. Roger Ailes probably has Google alerts set for disgraced reporters who get fired for rightist bias. And, wouldn’t you know it, McKelway has been hired by Fox News. He is following in the footsteps of Juan Williams who was terminated by NPR for making offensive comments in his role as a contributor to Fox.

McKelway’s credentials also include another character trait valued by Fox: hostility. In an interview with a gay rights activist McKelway expressed his desire to, “take you outside and give you a punch across the face.” McKelway may have picked up that tactic from Fox reporter Charles Leaf, who once assaulted a councilwoman he was attempting to interview and, on another occasion, spewed homophobic obscenities and tried to attack an interview subject.

Leaf is still on the Fox payroll but hasn’t shown up for work lately because he is in jail awaiting trial on charges of sexually molesting a four year old girl. McKelway hasn’t employed that tactic yet (that we know of). But that oversight didn’t harm his opportunity for employment with Fox.

So good luck job-seekers. If you’re an abusive, bigot, with perverted tendencies, your future looks bright at Fox News.