WTF? Paul Ryan’s Excuse for Trump’s Obstruction of Justice is ‘He’s New at Government’

Donald Trump’s still nascent presidency has had more go wrong than any administration before it. And it began falling apart from day one. His inauguration was a poorly attended flop that Trump had to lie about to save face. He’s had two executive orders banning Muslims struck down by federal courts. His attempt to repeal ObamaCare failed in the GOP-controlled House before passing and stalling in the GOP-controlled Senate. He still hasn’t produced a tax reform bill. His first National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, lasted less than three weeks. And, not surprisingly, he has lower approval ratings than any modern day president at this stage of their term.

Paul Ryan

All of this could have been (and was) predicted. During the campaign Trump was often criticized for his total lack of experience and temperament. Those were not idle complaints, but serious concerns for someone aspiring to such an important position. Leading the world’s richest, most powerful nation is not something you learn on the job. Which makes what Paul Ryan said on Thursday afternoon so bizarre (video below).

The Republican Speaker of the House was asked about Trump’s conversations with former FBI Director, James Comey, whom he later fired. Reporters wanted to know whether those conversations constituted obstruction of justice. Ryan offered that he would not have held similar conversations, but then gave this excuse for Trump doing so:

“The President’s new at this. He’s new to government. So, he probably wasn’t steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between DOJ, FBI and White Houses. He’s just new to this.” […] “He’s new at government, and so therefore I think that he — he is learning as he goes.”

Well that’s comforting. Ryan doesn’t seem troubled much that the President is such an amateur that he stumbled into an impeachable violation of the law. Trump is so ill-prepared for the job that he couldn’t even rely on more experienced staff to guide him through areas with which he was unfamiliar. And as far as Ryan is concerned, Trump should be excused because he’s still in training.

The problem with that is readily apparent. Trump’s cloddish behavior with Comey is just a taste of what can go wrong. What happens if Trump’s ignorance of “long-running protocols” causes him to crash headlong into an international incident? He has already shown a propensity for insulting our allies and praising hostile adversaries. What would prevent that from escalating into a full scale war? After all, Trump is still learning the ropes of this presidenty stuff.

The fact that America has a president who is patently unprepared for the job is frightening by itself. But compounding that with a Speaker who thinks it’s acceptable to tolerate an apprentice Commander-in-Chief is markedly worse. After all, the legislative branch of government is supposed to function as a check and balance on the executive branch. Unfortunately, it appears that Ryan will be about as effective as a drunken brakeman on a runaway train.

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11 thoughts on “WTF? Paul Ryan’s Excuse for Trump’s Obstruction of Justice is ‘He’s New at Government’

  1. Purely coincidental that that the FoxPods whined that Obama’s alleged lack of experience was a detriment for him, but cheering it as an advantage for Trump.

    Um, Lyin’ Ryan? There’s a truism we learned under Jimmy Carter: The presidency is not the place for on-the-job training.

    • Obama inexperienced? Hello out there…can anybody…

      Look at the job he did. His list of accomplishments is impeccable.

      • I’m talking about how the FoxPods constantly treated Obama. They were constantly going on about how Obama was inexperienced and therefore unfit for the presidency.

        Trump is even less experienced, and all the FoxPods do is make excuses how he just needs to learn on the job. And ALREADY he is one of the worst, if not the worst, president in American history.

        In the end, Obama’s reputation will only improve, and Trump’s will continue to drop.

        • Sorry…saw it but too late…hit the button

  2. So being new is an excuse for messing things up. Right gotcha.

    Shouldn’t Americans have elected someone who, you know, had experience to begin with? That way he wouldn’t be messing things up.

    Even if Trump is to be excused for messing up because that’s the cost of him “learning” (yeah right, who are we kidding here?) how to be President, those costs are still bad things. To have them happen in due course, would it not have ben far beter to avoid this altogether and hire someone more capable.

    You guys can still fire Trump you know. In 3 and a half years time or so. If you don’t then he’ll be around until 4 years after that.

    Or until the country ceases to exist, whichever is sooner.

  3. I am about the same age as Drumpf. I have no executive experience, unlike Drumpf. Even I know what an impeachable offense is.

  4. Sorry…saw it too late.

  5. F’k you ryan, you piece of s**t. Mush like dump, you have NO business in your job.

  6. Amazing that your persona is one which at least showed a hint of intelligence but your comment about trump essentially learning on the job as president of the USA was absolutely STUPID. In my humble and educated opinion, you guys who support this incompetent , ignorant and devicive TV cartoon character should all be impeached for having no more brain power than a dead twig.
    People like you and MConnell are making a farce out of Congress.

  7. Incredibly dumb and cruel….Paul Ryan. No brains. No sympathy. Just a lackey for the Devil.

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