Fox Boos: The Holiday Battles Begin as Fox News Rolls Out Its War on Halloween

It’s still a little too soon for “visions of sugar plums” to be dancing in the heads of snugly bedded children. So the War on Christmas might be amassing troops on the border, but isn’t yet ready to invade. That, however, is not the case for All Hallows Eve. And in case you didn’t know there was a War on Halloween, you probably haven’t been watching Fox News.

Fox News Halloween

The worrywarts at Fox News have commenced hostilities against the dreaded political correctness goblins on the left. And their Fear-Monger-in-Chief is leading the way with blood-curdling conclaves of innocents. And of course, he makes sure to attack the media and raise the body anxieties of little girls by commenting on their weight problems.

Scary, isn’t it? But none of that is nearly as frightening as having the ghoulish Lord of Ego and Ignorance haunting the White House and terrifying young children around the world. Donald Trump has brought more fear to this nation than any single person in decades. He’s a walking horror story, albeit one written for the intelligence of a six year old. Hopefully we will reach the end of this nightmare before Thanksgiving.

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3 thoughts on “Fox Boos: The Holiday Battles Begin as Fox News Rolls Out Its War on Halloween

  1. Goddammit, Fox News! Is there ANYTHING you won’t complain about to attack Liberals?!
    You are meat in the meat grinder!
    You have elected a puppet of the Russian Federation and a traitor to the White House!
    You are the definition of partisan cuckery!
    Get OUT of our airwaves!

  2. Yes,the scariest vision on Halloween is a pre- existing ghoul out to do evil and scare children and adults alike who will be lurking around some darkly lit corner ,possibly in one that used to be called”the people’s” house.His looks are too scary to ever make copies of for children to wear out in public.So let’s stick to our own race for Halloween.Human!

  3. Traitor trump has been twittering his way through the week again. He has, and uses, the vocabulary and bullying tactics of a 9 to 12 year old. Three of the grand spawn will be a policewoman and two soldiers. Patriotic? Not when you remember that traitor grandad is a draft dodging coward. Politically correct? Hogwash! Pandering to the brainless on Fox News more like it.

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