Fox Nation is Morphing into a Streaming Video Feeding Tube for the Fox News Cult’s Superfans

In its ongoing mission to brainwash weak minds, Fox News is taking a major step into the video streaming business. They have announced that their community website and right-wing news aggregator, Fox Nation will soon become a subscription service that Fox’s glassy-eyed disciples can pay for without a cable account.

Fox Nation vs. Reality

The announcement states that the new Fox Nation will launch by the end of the year with original programming rather than reruns of Fox News Channel content. But that doesn’t mean that Fox favorites like Sean Hannity and Tomi Lahren won’t be featured frequently to spin the news and stir outrage. These and other Fox regulars will be producing exclusive commentaries for the new venture. John Finley, Fox News senior vice president, described the new offering saying that…

“Fox Nation is designed to appeal to the Fox superfan. These are the folks who watch Fox News every night for hours at a time, the dedicated audience that really wants more of what we have to offer.”

In other words, the network that is devoted to misinforming America is providing their wingnut junkies with an endless supply of moonbat juice to keep them riled up and free from the emotional complexities of reality. This is just what the person who already watches Fox News for hours needs. And the persons they are most likely catering to are superfans like Donald Trump. These zealots will surely appreciate how the new Fox Nation will “take a further look at the big issues of the day” and provide an opportunity for “interaction with all of FNC’s popular opinion hosts and personalities.”

The Fox News announcement heralded this new enterprise in terms that will be familiar and comfortable for their faithful devotees, noting that “insiders consider Fox Nation another step toward digital supremacy.” And whatever other types of supremacy they favor will be icing on the cake.

Fox Nation has long been a website that catered to the most extreme rightist crackpottery. They have posted links to articles by notorious conspiracy theorists and dedicated propagandists. They have altered headlines and content to comply with the conservative doctrines they espouse. And they have not been averse to spewing outright lies, as documented in my two books: “Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Community’s Assault On Truth” and “Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.” (Both available on Amazon). And there is no reason not to expect exactly the same sort of news distortion and purposeful deception from whatever the new Fox Nation turns out to be.


One thought on “Fox Nation is Morphing into a Streaming Video Feeding Tube for the Fox News Cult’s Superfans

  1. They should rename the service “The Liar’s Club.” Unfortunately, Betty White will probably not be available to be their spokesperson….

    [The Liar’s Club was a TV game show from the 1970s hosted by Betty White’s husband Allen Ludden. The producers said that Betty was the show’s secret weapon since she could say the most ridiculous of lies with the straightest of faces. Something that Fucks Spews or any of its incarnations never had nor ever will have.]

    I am SO old….

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