Glenn Beck’s Brain Has Had Its Archduke Ferdinand Moment

The video below is incontrovertible evidence that Glenn Beck is totally insane. If his family or colleagues don’t get him into an institution ASAP, they will bear the responsibility for the tragedy that is imminent. Unfortunately, they are probably too addicted to the barrels of cash his lunacy brings in and they will allow him to meltdown rather than turn off the spigot.

If you have ten minutes to spare you should watch this clip. You’ll see Beck struggling to associate Tunisia with Norway, and commies with Al Qaeda, as he bounces between various blackboards in a perverse, performance art ballet.

Beck declared that he has blackboards full of questions. But all he really had was a Colorforms Conspiracy that involved putting magnetic smiley faces, frowny faces, fires, oil rigs, and rockets, on his chalk maps and implying that there is a coordinated, global movement that was sparked by Tunisia as the Archduke Ferdinand moment. He never answered a single question. He just kept implying that everything was connected to everything else by some invisible thread that must have gotten wrapped around the logic center of his brain and is strangling the blood from it.

He asked his audience to humor him as he played the scenario out. I think that humoring him has already caused enough damage. His scenario has something to do with the little known (and less cared about) anarchist pamphlet, “The Coming Insurrection.” He somehow tied this to his musings about Egypt’s Sunnis hating Iran’s Shiites and squeezing the “dirtbag” Saudis. Beck says that every nation in the Middle East, as well as the Mediterranean, is “on fire.” In fact, he predicts that Spain, France, Germany, and Italy will become a Muslim Caliphate. Additional predictions have China taking over Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Australia, and Russia dominating Scandinavia. And his proof for all of this is that he was able to draw it on a blackboard, so that settles it.

[Factoid] Beck cited the Corruption Perceptions Index to note that Egypt placed 98th out of 178 countries. He didn’t bother to mention that the United States was 22nd. Scandinavia, that bastion of socialism, dominated the top ten with Denmark coming in first.

Later, on the O’Reilly Factor, Beck argued that the U.S. should try something we haven’t tried before: remaining neutral (which, of course, isn’t true). He supported his argument by agreeing with O’Reilly that neutrality had disastrous results when attempted during WWII (or WWI, Beck kept getting confused). So in one step he contradicted himself on whether neutrality had ever been used before and conceded that it didn’t work. But he never wavered from his original opinion that now lays shattered on the studio floor.

Beck has promised that this whole week will be devoted to Egypt and the global implosion he says is coming. I can’t imagine where his dementia will take us next. But I really feel sorry for those viewers who buy this nonsense. And let us not forget that it is Rupert Murdoch who is ultimately responsible for advancing the cause of stupidity in America.


5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Brain Has Had Its Archduke Ferdinand Moment

  1. This man has no faith in this country. He believes we are the greatest country in the world but simultaneously thinks that we can’t handle ANY challenge that comes our way. This man is genuinely borderline. He talks about elitism and smugness but simultaneously exhibits them on a prodigious level. This man is disingenuous. When H1N1 was just getting started, this man caused mass potential harm by decrying the vaccines dangers, but when asked about his own children, gave answers that implied they got vaccinated, but made the answer purposely vague giving him deniability. This man is a hypocrite. He routinely talks about state’s rights but is a Mormon. This man is stupid. He thinks that the California contrail was a sub based middle fired by a Chinese stealth sub. He thinks people are ‘in on it together’ because they went to the same school or worked at the same place at some point. He thinks America is being duped by the largest, most sweeping, most evil, most secret conspiracy the human species has and will ever experience but simultaneously thinks it is being perpetrated by the people he decries as the most incompetent he has ever seen. This man is a whore. He would and has done anything to keep his job or make more money; as a radio jockey he ‘made fun’ of an actual family’s miscarriage on the air after calling the woman. This man’s hyperbolic and paranoid rhetoric is dangerous. Many domestic terrorists have cited this man as their primary source of inspiration, secondary being their personal situations. This man is in denial. The rally to restore sanity was twice as large as his homogenic spiritual indoctrination gathering. This man is hateful. He has on more than one occasion proven on camera and radio that he is a racist and possible white supremacist, as anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-everything that’s not American, and simultaneously anti-American. This man would not know freedom if it was hewn from him. And as long as his wallet is fat he wouldn’t care. History will not be kind to this man, and those that wash their brains with Glenn McCarthy brand soap will be sore when they learn how history will judge this nation’s sitting President.

    Is this an anomaly, Mark? Or is this just a predictable night of a disturbed rich man’s expressions of caprice for the beginning of the end of days? This man couldn’t possibly surprise me at this point.

    • This is no anomaly. Beck has been exhibiting these signs of dementia for a couple of years at least. It may be escalating because he has to continually ramp up the crazy to maintain his congregation’s state of nervous anxiety.

      He was out “sick” yesterday. I wonder if he needed emergency therapy.

  2. Guess he got it right after all.

  3. Ummm. Evidently, the video was removed when he was proven correct…again.

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