Fox News Co-Host Admits the Network and Trump are ‘Joined at the Hip’

Anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to Fox News for the past couple of decades knows that it is a brazenly biased mouthpiece for right-wing propaganda. They are a 24 hour promotion platform for conservative policies and politicians. And for as long as they’ve been on the air they have pretended to be in the dark about their obvious partisanship.

Fox News Trump

Now, in what may be a first for Fox, one of their own has confessed to what everybody else already knows. In an interview with Krystal Ball of Hill TV, Fox’s Juan Williams set the truth free. Responding to Ball’s observation that the “lines between Fox News and this White House blurry at best,” Williams elaborated saying,  “Blurry? I think they’re joined at the hip.”

That’s actually a rather gentle description of what they are joined by. And the clinging embrace has only tightened since Trump took residence in the White House. The Hill correctly noted that:

“Throughout his presidency, Trump has demonstrated that he is a devoted fan of the cable news channel, frequently quoting remarks made by its hosts and often tweeting responses to comments made by Fox News hosts. He is a particular fan of FNC’s morning show, ‘Fox and Friends,’ watching it daily during what White House staffers refer to as ‘executive time.’

“The president has also hired a number of prominent Fox News on-air staff to work high-level jobs in his administration, including National Security Adviser John Bolton and Department of State spokeswoman Heather Nauert. In July, former FNC co-president Bill Shine joined the White House to serve as communications director.”

Williams justified his presence on Fox News by asserting that it’s important to have someone “inside that bubble.” However, he disagreed that Fox is a propaganda channel. And that’s where his limited display of honesty falls short. He doesn’t seem to recognize the all-consuming prejudice of their programming. He is even oblivious to their discrimination against him personally. As one of Fox’s longest serving personalities, he has been passed over as a solo host over and over again. Do you think his moderately liberal views, and/or his race, had anything to do with that?

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At least he managed to discuss publicly the fact that Fox News and Trump are inextricably intertwined, at least briefly. And that’s something he could never say when he’s on Fox.