Fox Nation Is Religion And Race Baiting – Again

If you had the stomach to visit Fox Nation this morning you would have seen some more of the repulsive prejudice that is such a staple of their brand.

Fox Nation Race BaitingLet’s start with the article on Spanish language jerseys for NBA teams. I’m not sure exactly what the Fox Nationalists have against that, other than that they think it caters to illegal alien drug smugglers and narco-terrorists. The fact that the Latino community is a huge part of the NBA market seems to be of no interest to Fox. But they go even further by asserting that “No One’s Impressed.” How they established that is anyone’s guess. There is nothing to that effect in the article to which they linked. So it appears to be nothing more than a gratuitous slur aimed at dismissing Latino consumers.

The funny thing is that Fox itself caters to the Latino market with their “Fox Latino” news web site. However, this article, which explicitly deals with news associated with a Spanish-speaking audience, is nowhere to be found on Fox Latino. Apparently it is acceptable to disparage Latinos on the Fox Nation, but be sure not to post that sort of offensive content on a site that is actually read by Latinos.

Next we have the peculiar juxtaposition of articles involving religious affairs in the White House. The Fox Nationalist editors thought it would fun to place an article alleging that President Obama ignores anti-Semitism right next to an article that notes his praise for Muslims. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

The article about anti-Semitism (sourced to NewsMax via The Hill) addressed assertions by Republicans that the administration has not given the issue the attention it deserves and has failed to provide adequate staffing. However, unreported by Fox and NewsMax (but in The Hill’s article), Abe Foxman of the ADL said that he has “no complaints” and that “whenever there is a serious manifestation of anti-Semitism around the globe the administration is there.” Also unreported is the fact that the staffing in this administration is identical to that of the previous administration. If Obama’s response has been lacking, it is his silence with regard to the anti-Semitism displayed by Fox News in general, and Glenn Beck in particular. He really should speak out more against that.

The article about the White House praise for Muslims is linked to a story in the Associated Press reporting that Obama sent a National Security aide to “a Washington-area mosque known for its cooperation with the FBI and its rejection of the al-Qaida brand of Islam.” Heavens to Betsy, we sure we don’t wanna be praisin that, does we?

The Islamaphobes of Fox News frequently grumble that “good” Muslims don’t do enough to repudiate the extremists. That has always been a false complaint. But when there is an obvious display of unity with moderate, mainstream Muslims, Fox casts a dark cloud over it by implying some sinister motive on the part of the President.

These are just two more examples of the overt hatred that is disseminated by Fox News. And a stroll through the comments attached to these postings reveals just how harmful it is to indulge these bigots.


2 thoughts on “Fox Nation Is Religion And Race Baiting – Again

  1. RE: the “praising Muslims” story, they at Fox Nation/News know their followers won’t bother to read the article or follow the link to the real article, or do any research whatsoever. They’ll just look at the photo, ask someone who knows how to read to read the headline, and then draw instant, negative conclusions.

  2. Mark, have you noticed that any headline ending with the “just askin'” question mark can safely be answered “no”?

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