The Adam Carolla, Andrew Breitbart Racism Hour

Adam Carolla hates Los Angeles. He says so fervently and repeatedly in his latest podcast. It is a vulgarity-laced rant that excoriates Latinos, unions, and liberal celebrities and politicians. And his guest for the hour is the chronically choleric Andrew Breitbart who agrees with every word. To illustrate his hatred, Carolla offers this story, wherein he exposes his overt prejudice and ignorance:

Carolla: On one side of the stretch of Forest Lawn Drive are all the illegals. And they hang out there and they sell flowers to people who are going to Forest Lawn [Cemetery]. And, of course, next to where they’re selling all their stuff is trash. Trash everywhere. Fast food wrappers from the food they eat. Boxes from the boxes they use and then discard. There’s no trash cans put along there. It’s a bunch of illegals, standing around, selling things without a license, without permits, without anything.

Of course, Carolla has no idea whether the entrepreneurs he saw were documented or not. He didn’t pull over and ask to see any ID or business permits. He simply spewed his racist rage based on their appearance alone. That is racism by definition.

Andrew Breitbart wholeheartedly agrees with Carolla’s assessment of Los Angeles and its people, calling all of California “the suckiest place.” He tells Carolla that his views would help him were he to be a Republican candidate for office. That’s probably true. Then Breitbart offers a preemptive defense against any well-deserved accusations of racism:

Breitbart: If you tell the truth … You’re not allowed to say that story. If Media Matters or some left-wing group were to take what you just said, I guarantee they would distill it down to “This guy’s a racist.” They’re not listening to the logic in it.

Considered it distilled by this left-winger. Breitbart likes to complain about being called a racist, but he hasn’t yet figured out that the best way to avoid that is to stop being one. The entirety of the logic in Carolla’s rant comes down to “brown skin = illegal.” Breitbart also defended himself against charges of racism by confessing that, as a teenager, he jacked-off to pictures of Maria Conchita Alonso and Lisa Bonet. Yeah, that proves it. Even Carolla saw the disgusting fallacy of that remark:

Breitbart: Can I prove that I’m not a racist toward Hispanics? Did you ever see Moscow on the Hudson? Remember Maria Conchita Alonso in that? The things I did to myself as a teenager prove that I’m not a racist.

Carolla: But you’re like one of those plantation owners who’s having sex with their slaves.

They just laughed that one off and proceeded to imagine how much better things would be if they moved to Texas or New Zealand to get away from the more ethnically diverse culture of Southern California. The whole hour was a display of small-minded bigotry and crass attempts at humor. It’s the sort of show that thinks that calling Congresswoman Maxine Waters a cunt is funny.

I don’t listen to Carolla’s program, and suffice it to say I’m not going to be rushing to join his current audience of putrid preteens and grossly immature adults like Breitbart. But in the future I may pay more attention to his venomous spewing so that he can be exposed as the vile bigot that he is.


33 thoughts on “The Adam Carolla, Andrew Breitbart Racism Hour

  1. Carolla was never funny, without Kimmel by his side, he’s a nobody. I never thought he was like this though, I always thought he was…..well, unfunny. He’s like Leno or Norm Macdonald in terms of funny, not at all. His amount of funny is like child actors’ amount of acting talent, none. DO YOU GUYS GET IT?!? HE’S NOT FUNNY!!

  2. Also, he was talking to brietbart?? Really? Why? Isn’t he a comedian (who has no funny)?

  3. Shame on Adam Carolla… not only is he a poor performer riding on other peoples coat-tails, but a disgusting bigot to boot.

    I never liked him anyway, and now I like him even less.

    On the other hand, I certainly wouldnt expect anything less bigoted from a lunatic like Andrew Breitbart.

    Depite his own heritage, Breitbart is actively giving a new face to old-school, neo-Nazi racism.

    Its exactly what Tom Metzger has been trying to do for years, ie, revamp the KKKs image and philosophy so that it can appeal to more people, even if only covertly, and without explicitly mentioneing the Klan.

    Breitbart has realized Tom Metzgers dream of mainstreaming the KKKs agenda.

    He maliciously attacks organizations that help poor or minority communities, and he attacks them with the same fervor that Klansmen used to bomb Black churches.

    Through his depraved little web-ring, and with his fellow charlatans at Fox News, Andrew Breitbart has achieved EXACTLY what Metzger set out to do in the 1990s, and that is to sneak the KKKs philosophy into mainstream politics without it ever being detected.

    Metzger even wanted to have this agenda shouldered up by a few select people from minority communities, just to give it the appearance of “even handedness”. He is very explicit about that fact in almost ever interview he has done.

    I believe that some of the cable networks are still airing documentaries on the Klans recent history, and if you catch one of these, and listen to Metzgers self-described modus operandi, you cant help but see the figure of Andrew Breitbart, traced out in thick streams of foul and crusty santorum.

    Breitbart has become Metzgers ideal messenger to a tee, even if he doesnt know it.
    He IS the “new Klan”, and they certainly appreciate his work.

    Congratulations Andrew Breitbart, through the Tea Parties, you have given a complete make-over to the same bigotry that ripped at this country for generations.

    Breitbart has put every effort to nullify the progress made in Civil Rights, and completely undue the good work of Dr. King, Bayard Rustin, Rosa Parks etc…

    He is the Klans own token, and I am sure he is aware of that to some degree or another.

    Breitbart couldnt stand in front of all those militant bigots and hysterical banshees at the Tea Parties, and not be aware of exactly who’s agenda he is actualizing.

    • “…traced out in thick streams of foul and crusty santorum.”

      If I wasn’t sure you were Adam carolla who spent a night googling every instance of his name on the Internet and made this comment anonymously, I would say that was highly unexpected and definitely hilarious. That said, nice try Adam Carolla!! That was soooo unfunny!!!

  4. Good lord liberals have a stick up their ass. This article is precisely why over the past 20 years so many comedians have gone from ripping on stodgy conservatives to the overly PC no-sense of humor left.

    you also missed the point of Carolla’s rant about Forrest Lawn Drive. Mixed in with the jokes you are missing was his point, that is the police and politicians only give a shit about keeping their racket, so they ignore violations that won’t get them money (giving tickets to people operating a business without a license, etc) and give chickenshit tickets to people going 5 miles over the speed limit (because they see people and business as revenue streams).

    • Right, so cops don’t ticket illegal business owners because the local government makes too much money off them?…….What? If you’re point (or Carolla’s point) is that 5 over speeding tickets make more money than illegal business permit violations (or whatever), then why not do both? Money for the local govt, as you say, is the reason…they don’t go after them? If they’re illegal businesses, the local govt probably doesn’t get anything from them, unless they get cited. Yeah, you’re right. It’s all the cops fault. They’re probably in a union!! FUCKING COPS AND THEIR ALWAYS HAVING MORE IMPORTANT SHIT TO DEAL WITH!!!

      • No cops don’t ticket illegal’s who are “running businesses” (I guess that’s the nice way to say selling shit on the side of the road) because the tickets don’t get paid, so they won’t make any money off them. They don’t shut them down because liberals would & have thrown a shit fit and will of course call it racist.

        • That doesn’t make any sense at all, mostly because it has nothing to do with your initial point at all. So they should get ticketed but they don’t because it’s not part of their ‘racket’, or because they won’t get paid? Cops enforcing the law against non-whites isn’t racist, and that’s not why they don’t ‘ticket’ those vendors. Either they’re legal or there’s more important shit to deal with. If they’re not legal, I’m pretty sure ICE would make a move at some point.

          Why are we talking about this again? Oh right, looking at brown people selling shit on the side of the road and instantly thinking they’re illegal immigrants and selling things illegaly is in fact racist. How is that defensible?

  5. “They just laughed that one off and proceeded to imagine how much better things would be if they moved to Texas or New Zealand to get away from the more ethnically diverse culture of Southern California.”

    HA! I didn’t realize this article was a joke, because…well if this statement isn’t a joke then you might be retarded.
    California and Texas have very similar demographics. Both have about a 35% hispanic population. In addition Cali has 6% black and 12% asian pop, while Texas has 12% black and 3% asian. Man California is SOOOOOOO much more diverse than that White bread Texas!

    Your post has proven Breitbart correct, instead of looking at the merits of his argument, you just went straight to blaming race.

    • You’re the one who missed the point. By making judgments about people based solely on their appearance, Carolla and Breitbart proved that they are racist. And the point about Texas stands because in their minds they only see the southern, cowboy, good-ole-boy stereotype, which what appeals to them.

      • You really are a comedian. Your defense of your Texas point is laughably bad. In their minds Texas is just white southerners! YES! Great comedy.

        In the interview Breitbart called people like you “Racers” I guess he’s accurate. These days all liberal arguments eventually boil down to “you are racist”

        • No, only the racist ones. Such as birther nonsense that was settled long ago…and really shouldn’t have needed to be. That is, unless the birhers were hounding white candidates for their birth certificates.

          • The birther issue was dumb, but saying it is racist…well I guess that is the only argument liberals know. At least with the birther issue liberals could point to some facts to win the argument, but nope they just go straight to race.

            Why does the birther issue have anything to do with race? Were liberals racist when they challenged McCain’s citizenship? (he was born on a naval base in Panama, for the uninformed, aka liberals). If you can name me any other president who’s dad was never an American citizen and only lived in the US for 5 years, or who’s step-dad was never an American citizen and only lived in the US for 5 years, then I might be convinced the birther crap had anything to do with race.

            • Ferchristsake! You think facts weren’t pointed out about to birthers??? The birth certificate was released three years ago. Birth notices were published at the time in Hawaiian newspapers. Family, friends, and other witnesses, including two Hawaiian governors, came forward.

              There was lots of evidence presented. That’s why the only conclusion is that the continued attacks, based on this idiotic issue, were racist. Obama is the only president ever asked to prove he’s an American. And you think it’s only coincidental that he’s black and people tried to cast him as an “other” alien who isn’t the same as the rest of us “regular” people?

            • The only people “challenging” McCain’s citizenship did so in a purposely ironic fashion to SHOW how racist the Obama birthers were.

            • No Sammy, The McCain lawsuits were months before any of the Obama birther stuff. McCain’s status was brought into question in February of 2008, Obama’s was brought into question in April of 2008 (by Hillary Clinton’s supporters no less…f*cking racist democrats!)

              And No Mark partisan and racist aren’t the same. But I do understand that to liberals if you don’t agree then you must be a racist. And again all other presidents had parents who were both American, so there was nothing to question. And if you’d look at recent polls when Obama released his long form birth certificate, people questioning his citizen status dropped from 35% to 17%. I guess they just became unracist over night.

        • I’m pretty sure carolla and brietbart were the ones who talked about moving to Texas and new Zealand. That comment about Texas’ diversity applies to those that said it. Even if they didn’t and mark did put words in their mouths, it WOULD in fact be a joke on mark’s part.

          You people confuse the shit outta me…….

          • “You people confuse the shit outta me…….”
            I think your confusion relates to your reading comprehension.

            “I’m pretty sure carolla and brietbart were the ones who talked about moving to Texas and new Zealand.”
            Carolla and Breitbart were the ones who talked about moving to Texas and New Zealand, when was that ever in question?

            “That comment about Texas’ diversity applies to those that said it.”
            Yes it does and Mark was claiming they are racist and he used as proof their desire to move from California to Texas…a state with similar demographics. Which means Mark is a retard because he proved the opposite.

            “Even if they didn’t and mark did put words in their mouths, it WOULD in fact be a joke on mark’s part.”
            You can’t use the it was joke excuse when his whole blog post was whining about a podcast full of jokes.

            • Holy shit really?!? You don’t understand that they said that because they think it’s whiter in those areas? So they were talking about california’s diversity and said (with the intended premise) that they should move to a similar area?!? WHAT?!? What the hell does that mean? THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!! ‘Yeah, I hate it here cause of all these illegals. Let’s move to an area that’s exactly the same!’ WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??!? MY reading comprehension?? Huh?? Seriously?? REALLY???

              I’ll say it again dewd, you guys confuse the ever lovin shit outta me.

            • You don’t understand that they don’t give a shit about diversity. They care about limited governments and individual liberty. Their discussion wasn’t about the race of the illegals it was about how the city and state make life and commerce in California a giant pain in the ass because everything is over regulated and because they have to find alternative revenue streams to keep the government running. Those streams fines from chickenshit tickets and code violations are done under the guise of “protecting the public” But everyday the police ignore a group of people who are engaged in at least one illegal activity (operating a business without a license), but the police don’t bother them because they know those fines won’t get paid.

              California=Lots of government, over regulation, and limiting of liberties
              Texas=less government, less regulations, more freedoms.

              That was their point, but you all miss it because of your obsession with race.

        • I do get a kick out of people who, after they say something that reeks of racism or bigotry and are called out on it, scream that liberals see racism everywhere.

          • And who said something that “reeks of racism?”

            • Again, MY reading comprehension? Limited government wasn’t the topic of discussion at all, the topic was illegals doing illegal things. Brietbart was the one who brought up race with the ‘Can I prove I’m not racist against Hispanics?’ Trying to come up with a defense because he knew damn well they were talking ABOUT RACE You’ve completely missed half of what they said, and replaced it with limited govt. and individual liberty. They were talking about Hispanic illegals… did you miss that? How much money do you think speeding tickets and code violations actually brings in? Chickenshit tickets and code violations? Overregulated and a pain in the ass? Yeah, that must be why LA is one of the most prosperous and richest cities in the union. Also, what makes you think the cops haven’t gone after those people on the side of the road? Because they won’t get paid for the fines? That’s it? That’s the reason why cops don’t do their job in your opinion? It couldn’t possibly be because they are in fact legal and aren’t doing anything illegal? It couldn’t be because they have approached those vendors, and CAN’T fine them? These are all presumptions, just like ‘They must be illegal immigrants selling things without permits’ are presumptions. THE POINT, is that those presumptions ARE MADE BECAUSE OF RACE!! If they were white, your first thought would NOT BE ‘They must be illegals’. THE POINT, is they ARE PRESUMING they’re illegal immigrants based on what Sean?? Based on the size of California’s govt? Based on individual liberty? What do they have to base those presumptions on Sean? Where the hell does limited govt and individual liberty come into anything? That was not the topic of discussion and was not the point behind ‘Let’s move to Texas’. You missed the context of their conversation or you’re purposely trying to ignore Mark’s point by saying it’s all about limited govt. Talk about laughable. It’s blatantly evident that I’m not the only one confused by your argument man, you seem to have thrown yourself for a loop.

              I’m done with this one, for now.

            • “Limited government wasn’t the topic of discussion at all, the topic was illegals doing illegal things.”
              No, the entire conversation (all 30 plus minutes) was anti-big government. It was about how liberals think they know whats best for everyone else, how they can make the decisions for you on what to eat (trans fat bans), smoke (smoking bans), drink (4 loco bans), how you run your business (smoking bans, plus a million regulations), etc. Get over your obsession with race and you could see that. Race came into it because they were making fun of how liberals (like you) would just ignore their whole argument about limited government and say the are racist. And you promptly did just that, so way to prove them right.

              “that must be why LA is one of the most prosperous and richest cities in the union” you really do just talk out of your ass. LA has a $220 Million budget deficit this year (and that’s after a $300 million grant from the federal govt), The cities debt has grown so bad that the cities credit rating has dropped from AAA to AA- and is likely going to be dropped again. But yeah, almost insolvent and rich are close to the same thing.

              “It couldn’t possibly be because they are in fact legal and aren’t doing anything illegal?”
              Selling things on the off ramp isn’t legal, the city doesn’t issue permits to do so. So your statement is 100% wrong. It is not a presumption it is fact, they can’t be selling anything legally at that location.

  6. Mark, one thing you have to realize about Carolla is that he rants against EVERYone. Every race, every religion, every culture, every subculture. Yes, his Breitbart interview was frustrating because he didn’t challenge him on one thing. But his show’s guests include people from every race. Yesterday’s guest was Jared Eng, who is both Asian and gay (and effeminately so). Sometimes Carolla can be infuriating, but there is an overall context you have to consider. And that context is that he rants against everyone. Always in a vulgar and obscene fashion. He is definitely someone for whom one podcast will not be sufficient to create a fair judgment.

  7. Also, I got from the Breitbart interview that Carolla really didn’t educate himself as to the whole of Andrew Breitbart’s multitude of lies. I guess he’s too busy trying to sell books.

  8. Great job Sean! You were spot on about Mark. Wish i could see you post more on here. Makes my day to see you embarrass these people that hate America so much!

    • Embarrass who? Who hates America? Are you paying attention?

  9. It’s pretty sad when people feel the need to stoop so low, apparently believing the only thing they have going for them is pink skin.

    If folks like Breitbart and Carolla maybe had looks, brains, heart, talent, or any positive interests whatsoever, they’d discover more useful and rewarding ways to spend their time.

    Life is too short to waste on @$$clowns like these.

  10. @ Sean:

    “Limited government” and “individual liberty” my arse. “Conservatives” are the biggest government manipulators on the planet and given half the chance would have government sitting in our freaking livingrooms measuring our every private act against their stinking “moral” scorecards, including smoking and drinking. The last thing neocons want is anybody actually experiencing freedom.

    • kfreed, you knowledge of politics seems pretty biased and limited. Your 1st problem is seem to think that all conservatives think the same thing. In your comment you talk about social conservatives and neocons as if they believe the same thing. They don’t you should read up the groups to as to not look dumb in the future. That’s like thinking Dennis Kucinich and Ben Nelson are the same because they are both Democrats.

      Secondly Carolla isn’t conservative. If anything he is a libertarian. Breitbart is conservative, but has a large libertarian streak. So neither of them fit into your cartoonish vision of what a conservative is.

  11. They are both either evil, stupid or both. Libertarians are republicans that want to smoke pot and have sex, libertarians are more conservative there ideas come from psychos like ayn rand, who’s hero was a kidnapper/murderer, I do remember one morning adam corolla defended the patriot act ie: we don’t matter, if you don’t like it tough, and had his former lover dr. drew attacking obama’s health plan (although I think obamas is too right wing for me). So why do people bother with either of these pricks? Adam was also a mccain supporter some libertarian right, so I can agree that both corolla and breightbart are indeed racist, can we put these guys in a deep hole with the tea baggers and cover with concrete, so they can be forgotten

    • Allen,
      You are either drunk or retarded, either way you should stop posting.

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