Paris Hilton: Bustin’ Out

It’s official! Justice in America has jumped the shark. Every prisoner with a rash should be paroled immediately. Every con who finds their cell too cold, or doesn’t care for the food should be sent home. Anyone who still thinks there isn’t a class division in legal matters should be institutionalized (they can have Paris’ cell).

Yet the “law-and-order” right-wing elitocrats will wave off Paris’ mockery of justice as trivial, even as they continue to call for the pardon of Scooter Libby. Paris might have killed a family of five that night she was driving drunk, but hey, she’s a Hilton. Libby might have tipped off international enemies as to the identity of our agents and sources, but hey, he’s a loyal Bushie.

Justice is blinded by the bling.

Update: Radar dug up campaign contributions to Lee Baca, the sheriff who ordered Hilton’s release. Contributors include Paris’ grandfather, William Barron Hilton and Rupert Murdoch.


2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton: Bustin’ Out

  1. Courtesy of Nonnie9999

    Lyrics to Scot Free (to the tune of Born Free).

    Born rich, as rich as one can be,
    My lawyers surround me,
    So I’m free to do what I want.

    Be rich, and you’ll be rewarded,
    Your past can be sordid,
    That’s nothing; you’ll still be a star.

    Stay free, where no walls can hold you,
    Big bucks go far and wide,
    So there’s no need to hide.

    Born rich, and life is worth living,
    All taking, no giving
    When you’re born rich!

    (Stay free, where no walls can hold you)
    Big bucks go far and wide,
    So there’s no need to hide.

    Born rich, you don’t have to do time,
    No matter what the crime,
    Get off scot free!

  2. In June, Paris Hilton’s was dropped by her record label after lackluster sales of debut pop album Paris failed to impress music execs. The blonde beauty was said to be devastated over the decision.

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