Barack Obama Beating GOP Rivals In Their Own States

As the 2012 campaign season continues to roll out, here’s something you won’t hear in much of the mainstream media:

The people who know these Republican candidates best prefer President Obama. These senators, governors, and congressmen served for years representing their constituents, yet those constituents were apparently not impressed.

Other Republican who have been the subject of speculation (Chris Christie of New Jersey, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich of Georgia, Sarah Palin of Alaska, and Rick Perry of Texas) are also notably unpopular at home. The same is true for GOP governors (Rick Scott of Florida, John Kasich of Ohio, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and more) for whom voters in their states are experiencing buyer’s remorse.

The rest of the nation should take this into account as the campaigns proceed.


11 thoughts on “Barack Obama Beating GOP Rivals In Their Own States

  1. “…beating them in their home states…”

    There are 49 other states, in case you haven’t noticed.

    • Missing the point – again.

      These Repubs are rejected by the people who know them best. Minnesota voters know far more about Bachmann than a family in Arizona does, yet they still prefer Obama.

      Also, Obama wins in national polls as well, including this one from Fox News (of all places). So there’s your other 49.

      • You’re the one who is missing the point. And here is the illustration: There was a presidential candidate who won his state – and that was the only state he did win. His name was Walter Mondale.

        “Obama wins in the national polls as well…”

        Polls go up, they go down. And we are over a year away from the election.

        “So there’s your other 49…”

        Another obvious falsehood. You know fully well that there is a solid block of red states and a solid block of blue states. The battle comes down to about a dozen swing states.

        • Wait a minute. I’m missing the point of my own article? Wow, I’m a real dolt.

          And you’re faulting me for responding to your reference to “the other 49 states” ??? I’m sorry. I won’t make the mistake of taking you seriously ever again.

        • The point of the article was that these candidates are polling poorly in their own states. Nothing more. What’s so hard to understand, Scott?

  2. LOL, I just can not escape those teahadist (Scott)!! they have their unwelcome drivel everywhere, don’t those clowns have a circus they need to be at?

    Mark, it was rather obvious to the ones with brains to which you were referring in your piece, thank you.

  3. That’s good news for average americans, if the voters put a republican back in it will be bad for this country. It would be the same old Bush policies all over again that destroyed the economy. As far as I’m concerned it was Bush who ruined this economy and Obama is trying to clean up his mess. At the end of Bush admin. the ecenomy had been blown up and it has improved a little since then, not at the rate we would all like but that is due to republican obstructionism. The republicans have not plan except to cut programs for the poor and middle classs, destroy what’s left of unions and not only make Bush tax cuts permanent but to increase the cuts for the wealthiest in our society. This is not a good formula to get the country going again.

  4. “You know fully well that there is a solid block of red states and a solid block of blue states. The battle comes down to about a dozen swing states.” I’m not even American and i know that’s true. And my advice is enjoy when who you support is winning just be careful in saying “they are going to win” a year before the election. The only time i think America has seen Solid states switch to the different candidate was with Reagan.

  5. I think it’s going to be another election of voting for the lesser of two evils – which it has been for some time. It’s a long time until election day, maybe I’ll be surprised – probably not – but there is always hope (not the Obama kind of hope).

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