Business as Usual? Trump Returns Home to Spread Lies Along with the Coronavirus

The more that Trump sinks into electoral oblivion, the more desperate and bizarre he becomes. He’s like the wounded mama bear whose psychotic irrationality is triggered and acts out with sociopathic malice and jealous rage. Or something like that.

Donald Trump, White House

Trump’s behavior is further evidence that he should never have been discharged from the Walter Reed Medical Center. Despite his manic and lie-riddled propaganda video on Monday, Trump has learned nothing from his coronavirus adventure. Not only is he still a potentially deadly COVID-19 Super Spreader, he is mentally distancing from reality. A review of his Tuesday morning Twitter rant is all the proof that any competent psychiatrist would need to involuntarily commit to Trump to an institution for his own safety and that of others. For example…

No will be surprised that Trump is lashing out at the press that he so frequently maligns in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.” But in this instance he is also insulting the American citizens participating in the NBC town hall with Joe Biden. After all, the people in the audience were undecided voters who were asking their own questions. And contrary to Trump’s whining, they were hardly “softballs.” The topics ranged from everything from Biden’s plans for reopening the country and schools to his age and mental health. He was also asked about defunding the police, domestic terrorism, abortion, and accusations that he’s a secret socialist.

What’s more, it’s hysterical that Trump would criticize this independent town hall as a disgraceful use of the “FREE public airwaves” when his own Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) unloads rabidly biased and partisan commentaries 24 hours a day. And for much of those hours Trump himself is on their air to disseminate his lies. That time should be paid for by the RNC. But Trump was just getting started. He also tweeted that…

First of all, fatalities due to common influenza have averaged about 37,000 a year for the past decade. And the ten year high was 61,000. When asked about this tweet, Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicted Trump’s nonsense rambling, saying that COVID-19 is far more lethal than the flu.

It’s insane for Trump to suggest that we “learn to live with” COVID-19. Doesn’t he realize that the families and friends of the 211,000 Americans who have already died can hear him? And while he’s pretending that he has conquered the virus (it’s way to soon for him to say that), and that we shouldn’t be afraid, he also doesn’t get that he has access to medical care that far exceeds that of anyone else in the country.

Trump also tweeted an outright lie about Biden’s position on reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade. Trump falsely claimed that Biden supports late-term abortions. Then he tweeted that he’s looking forward to the next debate with Biden on October 15. Although Trump should not even be allowed in the studio. He and his entourage should be considered highly contagious and a risk to Biden, the press, and everyone else involved in producing the debate. He complained that the media “refuses to discuss how good the Economy” is doing. But the media only refuses to discuss that because the economy is in recession, more than 10 million people are still unemployed, thousands of businesses have gone bankrupt, and tens of thousands of Americans have been evicted or foreclosed on.

Finally, Trump tweeted that he’s terminating discussions with Nancy Pelosi and Congress for a pandemic relief bill until after the election. He claims that Pelosi is negotiating in bad faith, despite the fact that she has already lowered her proposal by a trillion dollars in a compromise with Republicans who want it to go down a trillion more. Trump says that he’ll resume negotiations after he wins the election. So that, presumably, will be never. Those tweets resulted in the stock market taking a nose dive in the last hour of trading.

Unfortunately, we can expect to see more of this aberrant behavior from Trump as election day draws near and his prospects for reelection continue to dwindle. It may even get worse after he loses. The American people and the press are going to have to be vigilant in order prevent further deterioration of our democracy. Trump is dangerously unstable and would like nothing better than to take the country down with him.

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6 thoughts on “Business as Usual? Trump Returns Home to Spread Lies Along with the Coronavirus

  1. Donald, get the fuck out of the people’s house! You don’t belong there you fraud!

    • I agree! Am sure millions more would agree also!

  2. I love ya, News Corpse, but you have some misconceptions in this column. First of all, a rampaging wounded mama bear is acting out of selfless maternal concern, a concept that is totally alien to trump. It’s a disservice to mothers of all species to use that as a metaphor for trump’s behavior. And I, among others, remain extremely skeptical about donnie’s encounter with COVID. We’re supposed to believe this walking blob of comorbidities made the fastest recovery from COVID on record? After acquiring the infection in record incubation time? Sorry, not buying it. donnie and his fake doc pulled off the scam of the year, peddling his fake illness to well-meaning docs that were acting on the precautionary principle. And people can’t understand why Sean Conley and Mark Meadows can’t get their stories straight on symptoms, treatments and timelines? Hahahahahaha!

  3. He is the Face of all Republicans, and now that they are disseminating to try and attempt to change our Nations’ narrative. The Republicans are totally Responsible for the 210,000 Dead Americans, never forget that since it can not be reversed. Ever! It could have been prevented easily. It s still killing this second and is not going to stop. Vote the Scums out.

  4. It is as we expected. Of course, no REAL doctor would have allowed ANYONE to just leave the hospital if they actually DID have Covid. Now he is free to spread his Trump Virus to all within reach.

    And his worshipers will all be convinced that he IS a God, absolutely perfect and wonderful, and that he was right that his “China Virus” was all nonsense.

    Now, someone should get him to walk on water. Preferably filled with sludge and the rest of the slime coming from the Reich House….

  5. Your summations are always straight and powerful.

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