Stunned Fox News Anchor’s Hot Mic Swipe at Guest’s Ludicrous Defense of Trump

To everything, there is a season. And apparently this is the season for Fox News to find itself in the confusing position of shielding Donald Trump from any and all criticism (which is their foundational mission), and recognizing a little thing called reality. Surprisingly for Fox News, on Monday reality somehow managed to prevail.

Donald Trump, Fox News

The debate over whether or not Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election exists only on right-wing media. And the leading purveyor of blatantly conservative bias is Fox News. That’s true despite the fact that Fox called the election for Biden on Saturday, as did all the other television news networks. Although Fox made the call last. Which is also where their ratings for the day were.

In the days that followed that demonstrably rational call that was supported by the data, Fox’s primetime hosts smeared their own so-called “hard news” colleagues for what they regarded as caving in to George Soros and the liberal cabal that orchestrated the “hoax” that Biden had won. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson, have all adopted Trump’s delusional insistence that, contrary to the facts (and the votes), he “won by a lot.”

Trump is still filing lawsuits to overturn the election even though they keep getting dismissed in court for lack of merit or any evidence to support his claims. But in some selected circumstances, Fox News isn’t playing along with his fantasies. One of those circumstances occurred during an interview of Republican attorney Cleta Mitchell by Fox anchor Sandra Smith. The exchange included this dramatic hot mic episode:

Mitchell: Just because CNN says – or even Fox News says – that somebody is president doesn’t make them president.
Smith: What? What is happening. Trace, we called it.
Mitchell: I think everyone wants to know that this was done properly and legally and we can trust the results. And I think we have to look into every one of these concerns.

The look on Smith’s face says it all. She is stunned by Mitchell’s pigheaded assertion that there is still some ambiguity about the election’s outcome. But Mitchell is a fully indoctrinated Trump cultist who is only capable of regurgitating the talking points distributed by Trump’s White House Office of Propaganda. There are no credible legal analysts who regard Trump’s claims as valid. And even if they were, there wouldn’t be enough votes affected to change the results in any state.

Despite this obvious example of what some Fox News personnel are thinking, there are scant few examples of them embracing these views on the air. To the contrary, we have far more examples of Fox’s Trump-fluffers slobbering over the “president,” lashing out at his critics, and defending his lies. and that will continue for another couple of months until Trump is evicted from the People’s House. Then it will be on to full time anti-Biden programming at Fox for the next four years.

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3 thoughts on “Stunned Fox News Anchor’s Hot Mic Swipe at Guest’s Ludicrous Defense of Trump

  1. And wingers wonder why so many people hate them…………Not me, I just find them pitiful and sort of Morlock-y.

  2. The thought the fix was in, but they didn’t take into account the historical dem turn out. They did something, because it doesn’t make sense that trumpo got MORE votes than he did in 2016 with all the republican defections and voter that had buyer remorse.

    There was a movement to get young people to vote, 95% of them for Biden, people who were willing to stand in long lines, in the rain, snow and cold (this was by design) until they cast their vote.

    Remember or did you even hear about , ‘Fraction Magic’? It’s a native, hidden app that runs on the GEMS vote tabulation system. We need to go to open source software that can be audited. GEMS is proprietary, and we don’t own our votes afer they have been cast.

  3. “Fraction Magic” should be broadcast on ALL MEDIA OUTLETS!!
    Why isn’t it??!!??

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