Trump Finally Wakes Up Long Enough to Deny that He’s Been Sleeping During His Criminal Trial

One of the most extraordinary occurrences in legal proceedings has played out several times during Donald Trump’s trial for election interference for paying “hush money” to buy porn star Stormy Daniels’ silence. Trump has been observed falling asleep at the hearings that could determine his fate as potentially the first former president becoming a felon.

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Donald Trump

Throughout the proceedings Trump has held impromptu press avails outside of the court to whine about his being persecuted by President Biden (he’s not); the charges being all hoaxes (they’re not); the judge and the prosecutor being corrupt and/or biased (they aren’t); and even the unbearable cold of the courtroom (it isn’t). However, inside the court Trump has been something less than attentive.

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Numerous reports have revealed that Trump has been falling asleep during the trial. They expressly note that he isn’t just resting his eyes, but that his head droops and he is noticeably shaken when roused. There are even reports that his attorneys have employed a variety of tactics to keep him awake.

Needless to say, these reports have surely infuriated the image-obsessed former reality TV game show host. However he has refrained from speaking out publicly about them. Until now. On Thursday morning Trump addressed this matter precisely how one might have expected him to do so. On his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, Trump wrote that…

“Contrary to the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, I don’t fall asleep during the Crooked D.A.’s Witch Hunt, especially not today. I simply close my beautiful blue eyes, sometimes, listen intensely, and take it ALL in!!!”

Predictably, Trump blames the entire controversy on the “FAKE NEWS MEDIA,” despite the fact that even his MAGA media supporters have acknowledged his nodding off and portrayed it is evidence of his greatness. Seth Myers captured some of this cultish veneration in his “Closer Look” segment…

Notice also that Trump can’t simply lie about his humiliating slumbering. He additionally needs to flatter himself with compliments about his shuttered eyes. And considering the obviously unnatural hues of his skin and hair, who knows what color his eyes really are.

Finally, the notion that Trump can “listen intently” to anything that isn’t exalting him is impossible to take seriously. In his courtside analyses he never references anything that actually happened in the trial. He merely repeats his tedious rants about “witch hunts” and “sham justice.” And that he can do without having to go to the trouble of staying awake and paying attention. Then, fully rested, Trump can jet back to his Mar-a-Lago bunker, or to another cult rally where his speeches are so repetitious that he can virtually sleep through them too.


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