The Dilemma For Fox News

The news is not cooperating with Fox News. The major stories of the day are presenting the network with a unique programming dilemma. They can’t report on the biggest stories because they either involve Fox News or are contrary to their ideological bias.

News CorpThe biggest media story in decades concerns Fox’s parent company, News Corp, which is embroiled in a phone hacking and police corruption scandal. They certainly can’t report on that in much detail. They ignored it completely for the first week or two. When they did begin to cover it they downplayed the story and defended their Dear Leader, Rupert Murdoch.

GOP Debt Ceiling VotesThen there is the congressional debt ceiling debate. The most recent developments in that story involve GOP House Speaker John Boehner walking out of the negotiations and getting dressed down by President Obama. The public is fairly unified in opposing the GOP position that favors tax cuts for the wealthy and entitlement cuts for everyone else. That’s gonna be tough for Fox to cover.

Terrorism via Fox NewsThen there is the terrorism in Norway. Even though Fox began coverage of this story by assuming, without evidence, that the suspect was a Muslim with ties to Al Qaeda, it turns out that he is, in fact, a Christian right-winger with anti-Muslim views. Does this mean that Rep. Peter King (R-NY) will chair new hearings into Christian extremism? Would Fox cover that?

It’s so bad for Fox that they can’t even cover the weather. The record-breaking heat wave could be construed by many as proof of Global Warming. At least that’s the same logic Fox used when snowstorms were cited as evidence that Climate Change was a big hoax.

Fox News Heat Wave

What does that leave for Fox to cover. If somebody doesn’t kidnap a pretty white girl soon, Fox may have to go dark. Perhaps that’s what Hannity and Geraldo are planning this weekend. Of course, they could always hack into some famous people’s cell phones and see if there is any news there that doesn’t make the network look bad. Barring that, they could switch to a shopping channel schedule and peddle gold coins and legal services for mesothemiola sufferers.

I can pretty much assure you that Roger Ailes and company are praying for an earthquake in Venezuela or a pornographic Tweet from Barney Frank.


8 thoughts on “The Dilemma For Fox News

  1. One could almost feel sorry for them . . . not.

  2. This proves that Fox not News is not news. They are the PR firm for the republican party that also happens to have a broadcast license.

  3. great article, tho i think it could’ve done without the side-shot at people with mesothemiolia.

  4. “…they could always hack into famous people’s cell phones…”

    All the evidence about that practice points to people who work at News of the World or other tabloid employees. There is no eveidence that shows FNC employees resorting to that.

    “…they can’t even cover the weather…”

    Another lie. They have covering this heat wave extensively. By the way, out here near Portland OR, temperatures have still not hit 90. At all.

    • Hey, thanks for clearing that up, Scott. Now maybe you could work on figuring out who’s on first?

  5. Rebranding time.
    Fox News = the Murdoch channel
    Fox pundits = hired liars
    Anders Breivik = the Norwegian Tea Party killer
    Example: “Those hired liars on the Murdoch channel are afraid to talk about the Norwegian Tea Party killer.”

  6. you are a riot! lulz galore!

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