Karl Rove – Master Disassembler

Rove Understands
For those who think the President has raised prevarication (that means disassembling) to new heights, today we were witness to a lesson from the President’s Guru.

Karl Rove, in a speech to the Conservative Party of New York State, showed what it takes to make a truly repulsive ass of oneself. With the quote featured here, Rove manages to insult all Americans, including the survivors and families of 9/11, yet still demonstrate how much he and his ilk value ignorance.

First, the record should be clear that all Americans were equally outraged and determined to seek justice for the attacks on 9/11. Rove’s remarks are entirely without foundation and were made deliberatly to create a division within our nation. Adding this rhetorical fuel the divisiveness that already burdens our citizens makes it that much more difficult to resolve the problems we face domestically and internationally, including the war on terrorism. It is a kind of treason that seeks to divide, in order to secure a purely political conquest at the expense of our soldiers, families, and global reputation.

Second, putting aside the nausia-inducing insult, the substance of his comments are nothing short of numbingly stupid. They reek of a schoolyard bullyism that seeks only a heated revenge. A lashing out blindly without really caring what you hit. Understanding an enemy does not mean embracing them in a warm and comforting hug. It is a necessity in order to outflank, outsmart, and, ultimately, prevail over them. Understanding an enemy is as aggressive an act as bombing them, and it makes all the other aggressive actions you undertake more effective. Understanding an enemy is the core mission of intelligence gathering.

This administration has proven, once again, that intelligence is not its strong suit. But this time they did it by disparaging a broad swath of America’s populace. This time they demonstrated conclusively that they care more about partisanship than unity. This time Rove goes beyond impugning the motives of his political opponents:

Rove Motives

This is his clear statement that he believes the motives of liberals are to put “America’s men and women in uniform in greater danger.” No more needs to be said about the motives of Karl Rove.

The past week saw a virtual firestorm from the press as it fluttered excitedly about Senator Durbin for having, accurately, recounted FBI reports of torture being inflicted by interragators at Guantanamo. Will the press apply the same standard to the White House? I wish I could say I was optimistic, but…..oh, come on.


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4 thoughts on “Karl Rove – Master Disassembler

  1. Karl Rove came to speak at my school when I was on a UCLA program in Washington DC last term. He was talking about privitization and how every man in Americ deserves to “get his.” He the talked about how we us the youth do not want to worry about money when we are older; however, he said that his children won’t have to worry because they are “his” children and will be rich. Verbatim. He said that. So while he is ranting about getting only 2% and the whole privitization pitch, from my seat in the auditorium, I yelled out “No one believes your lies.” He was shocked. He yelled back, “fine if you want to be living paycheck to paycheck off of money that is running out, then go ahead.” I yelled back, “I’ll take my two percent, thanks.” And he was dumbfounded. He thought he could pitch that shit to a bunch of upper middle class college kids and we would eat it up with a spoon. Fuck no. My peers were shocked that I said something and some even thought I was out of line. I’m not going to be a fucking puppet.

  2. Way to go! I’d love to see a lot more public diplays of dissent. People in power often have a sense of entitlement and can’t believe someone would stand up to them. Good work.

  3. Dear Cathy and Serv,
    How’s this for a 4th celebration? You really need to check into the Michael Moore website (michaelmoore.com) for up-to-date adult rebellious reading, which is where we found this and other Rove disclosures–namely, additional confirmation that his name will be revealed, as we’ve all known from the beginning, as the source of the CIA operative outting.
    Cheers, Janet & Jack

  4. Didn’t anyone else notice his use of the made up word “misunderestimated”??? This was first used by his boss, aka “little caesar “, some time ago. I think Karl is perhaps trying to legitimatize Dubbyas precarious grasp of the english language.

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