Glenn Beck’s Weak On CNN

Glenn Beck may not want you to know what a dismal failure he was when he ventured out from his perch on Headline News to replace Paula Zahn for a week on CNN. But here’s the bad news for Beck:

The bad news for the rest of us was that Beck was on CNN at all. And since his regular gig at HLN continued, he was on for 3 hours daily on CNN networks. What compelled the programmers at CNN to do such a thing is a mystery, but they got what they deserved.

Beck’s HLN program averaged 139,400 viewers in the 25-54 demo the week prior to his CNN stint. Moving to the much more widely viewed CNN, he was only able to increase his audience by 1.7%. Even worse, he under-performed the teetering Paula Zahn by over 23%. Zahn, it should be noted, is rumored to be on the way out because of her lackluster ratings.

What does that tell us about Beck, whose audience on HLN averaged a puny 82,000 demo viewers in the second quarter of 2007? Zahn for the same period averaged 191,000. And what does it tell us about CNN, who not only haven’t canceled this loser, but gave him even more air time to spew his brand of fact-free mental pollution?


68 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Weak On CNN

  1. I have no idea what that no-talent bum was ever doing on tv or radio in the first place. Not only is he a racist and a biggot, but he’s dumb as a rock. I did like seeing Keith Olbermann’s numbers compared to Beck’s. It put a smile on my face all day…

    I really like your blog, btw.

    • My, my, look at all the dick licking libs wringing their collective hands and jerking off in fear of the low rated Beck….who of course still has enough viewers to keep him on the air….be worried faggots, be worried.

      lol…you freaking jerks are way toooooo funny!

      and your boy the failed sports hack Keity Olbermann is still getting his assed kick by O’Reilly by over 2 to 1….simple minded little twits.

      • Thanks for coming by and affirming the 5 year-old mental capacity of Beck’s and O’Reilly’s retarded fans.

        • the world is not seen as only black or white, we live in the grey area most of the time. to say that glen beck listeners have the mentality of a 5 yr old is just showing your own ignorance. he may not always be right but he truly wants to wake people up and to pay attention. black or white, democrat or republican, how about educating yourself. very few people are always right or always wrong. live in the grey area and stop insulting people who may have a different opinion than yours. why is it necessary to say all of glen becks listeners have the mentality of a 5 yr old, what age is your mentality to make such a ignorant comment like that?

        • I must say that I don’t have a lot of respect for people who can take seriously the fact-challenged ravings of folks like Glenn Beck, however, my comment was directed at the mentally stunted Hoot Gibson above. Wouldn’t you agree that he lacks the maturity of a 5 year old?

        • There are no fact challenging statements or ravings ever made by Glen Beck. Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s laughable! He only tells it like it is. Are you sure that you’re not only five years old? Cause all clear thinkers know that Glen Beck has his act totally together.

      • Hoot Gibson – Your closet must be very uncomfortable – you’re obsessed with your homophobia.

      • How can you mention a dumbass like Olberman in the same breath with the real deal, Bill O’reilly?


      • Way to go there Hoot. There is another smart guy out there besides myself.

    • u liberal insane ,he care about border and u say racist… many dumbsucker in this country like all gay sick

      • How about that in English, fat? I’ve heard Mexicans fresh from across the border who are more understandable, certainly more eloquent, than you — & I know next to no spanish.

    • Olberman wouldn’t make a pimple on Beck’s butt. Beck’s a truth teller of the best kind. You’re just too dumb to get it. Six months rom now you’ll never hear about Olberman anymore. But you’ll hear nothing but good positive things about Beck like we all do now. You dumb liberals just don’t get it.

      • Well thanks for trying to set us libruls straight. Now I suppose I can just ignore the fact that Beck has the lowest rated program in its time period while Countdown is the highest rated program on its network (though Maddow is coming on strong).

        It must be fun to be a conservative and not have to pay any attention to facts.

        • Just be patient there liberal. Cause Glen Beck is climbing up and up and up because more and more clear thinkers know he’s the real deal.

        • Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m rolling on the floor laughing at that statement. Conservatives are oozing with nothing but facts there liberal. I was one of you a while back, but I eventually grew out of that idealogical stupidity

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    And thanks.

    • Glen Beck is the strong point on CNN. As a matter of fact to clear thinkers, he’s the only strong point on CNN.

  3. I occasionally sample his radio show on a New Hampshire radio station (a lot of Mitt Romney spots) and I’m amazed at how lame it is. He takes few calls and mostly engages in idle chatter with his minions. This is entertainment? And to think that Stephanie Miller is available during that daypart!

  4. I agree…how the heck is it that his radio show is #3 in the country?

    • Because people hear Beck tell it like it is. That’s why!

  5. Beck Is a waste, Trying to be like the racists at fox news. He is just not credible

    • There are no racists at FOX NEWS. Just smart people who engage in the facts. Why do you think they’re racists? Because everytime a true racist who is normally black comes on they dispel all of their silly liberal BS? Cause that’s what they do! They cut racists to pieces.

  6. Too bad Glenn can’t cut it as a news reporter. His reputation as a smarmy upstart probably caused his doom here, though I’m sure at least a few people are finding irritation in his Romney-friendly programming as of late. Glenn has rejected conservative values for the sake of a psuedo-patriotism and moral superiority. I might like the guy if he wasn’t such a huge hypocrite. He has some redeeming qualities, such as his energy and humor, but he puts these things to bad use. His indignation for the principles of liberty as well as his unwarranted negativity towards Ron Paul leaves me to roll my eyes and turn off the television.

    • Tell you what there fella’ You need to wake up and listen to Glen Beck. You might just learn something. You don’t sound like you know too much.

  7. I seem to not be able to find anyone on these liberal hate sites that has even watched Glen Beck. If you had you would know that for a conservative he leans to the left more than any other newsperson. You find one thing that Glen Beck says and force hate on it not listening to any other thing, especially if you agree with it. Hate is one of your freedoms, but you idiots take it too far! I do not agree with all he says but he is the only one on television that tries to find the truth and doesnt let his ideas sway his judgement. F’N crybabies!!!!

    • I don’t know where you’ve been looking, but I have watched Beck, and I find him repulsive and ignorant.

      Funny – you talk about “liberal hate sites” and then you call us idiots. Then you defend a man who hates victims of both 9/11 and Katrina. Beck on Katrina: “I didn’t think I could hate victims faster than the 9-11 victims.”

      So you keep defending Beck and calling us hateful. I hope you enjoy your dementia (ooh, was that too mean?).

      • There’s nothing to defend there braindead liberal. Beck’s the real deal and you live in fantacy land.

    • I agree with you. Not about him leaning to the left,though. I just don’t think he automatically leans to the right. Glenn Beck tells the truth,and a lot of people don’t like it. And they don’t like him for it. I’ll keep watching.

  8. One evening while scrolling through the channels, I happened to land on Glenn while he was pontificating on economic systems. I had never watched his show so I stopped to listen to what he had to say. He was comparing capitalism to socialism and communism. So far so good except then he went on to say (still apparently on the subject of economic systems) “Fascism, that’s the worst ism of all”. I guess actually knowing what he is talking about or doing a little research on the subject before starting his rant is too much work. Apparently poor simple minded Glenn is unaware that fascism is not an economic system. After this remarkable display of stupidity, if I do happen to come across his show I can only bear to look for a few seconds. It is very much like driving by a gruesome car wreck where you know better but somehow are compelled to take a quick glance.

    • He is monumentally stupid. I watch a lot of these kinds of programs so that I can report on them. Many of the hosts are much worse than Beck as far as disinformation is concerned. But,for some reason, I just can’t watch him. He makes my skin crawl.

      • You need a doctor in a big way. Stop everything you’re doing a go and see one before you turn into a dumbass liberal.

  9. They say that 84.278% of stats are made up on the spot. So, it is safe to say that no one on the left ever listens or watches Glenn Beck, if they did they would know that he is NOT a racist, he is NOT a bigot. He does have a “way out there sense of humor”. With that being said, you can find comments by ANYONE and twist them to appear hateful and racist, I would urge everyone to listen for themselves, get the transcript from the show and think for yourselves. Unless you like drinking the kook aid for your party.

    Just an FYI, I really don’t care what anyone thinks about me. Right, Left or Center. So, the hate filled posts that will come my way will be a waste.

    • Beck’s problem is not that people can find comments of his that are intolerant, or otherwise repulsive, it’s that he says things like that almost daily. I have listened for myself and anyone who does so, and has an open mind, would be disgusted.

      And where do you get the idea that you’re going to be bombarded with “hate filled posts?” You’re not the only one who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about you.

      • Glen Beck should get away from CNN. Nobody watch them anyway. Everyone watches FOX NEWS. The only jerk-off over there is Allan Combs

  10. I was astonished at the absolutely unbelieveable rudeness Glenn Beck showed to two secessionist speakers from New England.

    What they were trying to talk about is the very behavior Glenn Beck demonstrated – arrogance.

    Mr Beck, if you were before me personally I would call you an @#$%&#.


    • Most likely they were ass holes. He has a way of calling that ilk out Ha!

  11. re: Secessionist Guests

    Mr Beck, you are an asshole.

    America IS finished, peabrain. Your kids have NO FUTURE in a place formerly called America. Their economic future has been permanently mortgaged and they will never have what you had. And what you have will soon be what you don’t anymore.

    The constitution HAS been destroyed by the rich and powerful who want nothing less than a two class society: them and people like you.

    Wise up and smell the reality. America is finished. Make your future as best you can, but the dream is OVER.

    And about the secessionist movement, try to remember these wise words: “OF WHAT ONE DOES NOT KNOW ONE MUST BE SILENT.” A truly smart person will largely keep his stupid mouth shut and listen more than he speaks. By that measure you are indeed retarded.

    You owe those gentelmen a public apology. Be a man about it. Failure to do that will confirm my belief that you are a very pathetic “man”.


    • no wonder china becoming our PIMP since clinton and u liberal support clinton pervert to sell this country permanently…clinton bush already selling america and u liberal just destroying no value level and dont many doing drug

    • The only ass holes are people who find any fault with a genuine truth teller like the great Glen Beck. Of which you haven proven to be one. Glen Beck does know and you don’t.

  12. I just got through listening to the local liberal radio station here in Houston, KPFT 90.1 FM and heard 2 songs that show that the left isn’t any better than the funny little stuff that Glenn does. The 2 songs were, “Whitey on the Moon” a totally racist song about the white man keeping the black man down by going to the moon when his (the black man) sister had been bitten by a rat and wouldn’t be able to pay the doctor bills, but whitey is on the moon… (blah blah blah wah wah wah WTF?…) and a little skit about Michael Vick that said “leave them dogs alone!”.

    LOL. It’s all the same on both sides we are both dumbass’s if we ask each other. Glenn is on CNN because they wanted to try to be more “balanced”. That and Glenn probably had some dirt on them and forced them into letting him put his mug on the TV. I love Glenn’s shows, they are great! Don’t say all the BS about Glenn until you actually give him a chance. I listen to lefty and righty shows so I can hear both sides. I have to say, the lefty shows are totally racist, and not factual. I don’t recall Glenn ever being “fact-free”. I say prove it, lets see one of you come up with something that Glenn lied about and prove it. The libs on KPFT lie about the white man all the time, the white man is not keeping the black man down… the black community and the politicians they vote for are keeping the black man down. Nice and dependent on the government… for food, health care, protection etc. All courtesy of “the white man” who makes 250K and up a year! If I was raised and accustomed to getting a check from the government for all my necessities, I wouldn’t know any different and would vote democrat too. I listen to both sides, but sorry, the right is “right”, the left is usually, “wrong”. Sad but true, I used to be a lefty. I woke up when I started making better money and realised what my government was doing with my tax dollars…..

    • You didn’t wake up when you started making better money, you succumbed to your most selfish tendencies.

      I can’t even take your assertion that it’s the left who is racist seriously enough to respond to it.

    • Why would any smart person ever listen to a liberal talk show? What could you possibly learn there? You need to listen to Beck, Hannity, O’reilly, Limbaugh etc. to get the truth. Wow! I thought everyone knew that!

  13. Wow somebody outta tell this guy about the 25 mil contract my man Beck just signed. If he’s so bad at his job why’d they give him a raise? I’d check your numbers again. Maybe Glenn can lend Obermann a few bucks to buy a clue.

    • I noticed you have not provided a link to this “alleged” $25 million dollar contract. I think that’s probably because it doesn’t exist.

      And, btw, they are not MY numbers. They are from Nielsen. Beck is one of the biggest flops on cable news.

      • Beck is one of the great success stories on cable news and he’s only gonna’ get more and more popular. I know of at least 25 smart clear thinking people who have recently discovered Mr. Beck

      • DEFINITION OF A FLOP ON CABLE NEWS; Combs, Olberman, Mathews etc.

  14. Glenn Beck, is so far superior to Olberman that it’s hilarious for some fool to even compare them. Beck tells it like it is and is a future rising star in the eyes of people who wanna’ know the real truth. Thank God for guys like Beck. What’s he doing on CNN? NOBODY WATCHES THEM. Beck tells the truth. It’s just that some of you brain dead liberals are too much of a dumbacrat to know it. Glen, get outta’ there and go over to a real news worthy network like FOX NEWS. The only fool they have over there is Allan Combs

    • I couldn’t agree with you more – that Beck should go to Fox News with the rest of the lying scum that populate that pseudo-news network. He should feel right at home. But Hannity might not like being dropped to the second stupidest person on Fox.

      • You ignorance is only superceeded by your stupidity. The only truth tellers are Hannity, Beck, O’reilly, Limbaugh etc. there dummy. Now we’ll lay out the scum. Olberman, Combs, Mathews, Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Todd, etc. etc. etc.

        • I’m going to have to instruct the bartender to cut off your Kool-Aid and call you cab.

        • Mark, put down your bong and wake up to reality. Where do you live in the village? I used to be like you and then I matured.

      • Oh did I mention that Sarah Palin is gonna’ be the next VP? Because if she ain’t, you better start learning arabic.

        • OK Marty, you’ve made your point. As you can see I permit all viewpoints here, but you are now approaching spam status with over 20 comments so far.

          Thanks for stopping by.

        • ok! say! anymore liberal sites that need education Ha!I’m sure there are. Have a nice day.

  15. Does anyone here know who won the debate last night? If your nose grew everytime you made an unfactual statement like Biden did he’d have birds perched on it. Sarah Palin won 88 to 12. Anyone who saw it any different was born on another planet.

    • Your comment is completely off topic, but just to put it rest…

      CBS poll: Biden 46, Palin 21.
      CNN poll: Biden 51, Palin 36.

      These were actual polls with representative samples of the population, as opposed to the online polls where people click to express their preference.

  16. Biden Lied in the debates with Palin about the Commander in the military which made him look smart and her dumb too bad he was lieing.

    • What are talking about? First of all, Biden never lied in the debate. Second of all, Palin doesn’t need any help to to look dumb.

  17. Liberal, progressive, socialist, there is no difference anymore between these terms. Or the people they represent. It’s a sad day in American history if one is put in the highest office in the land. A very sad day.

    • So when Obama wins next Tuesday it will be a mandate from a majority of Americans for Socialism?

  18. I hope everyone that voted for Obama will be as happy in 6 months he is already screwing up we could have made better history with Palin . Glen tried to tell them where the rest of the media kept quite now we all will pay for there stupid mistake

    • Thanks. I hope everyone will be happy too.

      And before you call others stupid, you should learn to spell and form coherent sentences.

      Oh yeah…Go Palin 2012.

  19. Ifind nothing wrong with the fact that Glenn Beck has helped the Country to see the true meaning of Acorn and their dealings. What is wrong with the fact that someone has come to the aide of the American people? Let me ask you this, what will it take for this country to see that it’s not racist facts that have gotton Acorn hopping it wasn’t even blacks who were possing as a whore and her pimp, they were both white. What happened to the part of Obama that is white? Does he hate his white side so much that now he has a chance to pay the whites back for all they did so long ago to his people? Why do you think we have welfare? Check the #’s on who is getting your tax dollars? I know why don’t we just rename the White House to the Black House. Maybe that will stop the hate. But,i know it wont. Nothing will stop it untill the black rule comes into play. They still feel that we need to be put under their feet. Don’t get me wrong not all blacks think that way only those that feel like we the people owe them. I work hard for a living in this country, i wont to keep my money for what i need to live like food, home, job. These things are important things to the good and hard working people of American. We are all Americans and we still live in a free country. We don’t wont the old hate to come to life because someone called another person a liar.

    • There is so much racism in this comment I can’t even be bothered to respond.

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